Monday, September 11, 2017

And so it Begins...

Football Friday again for these guys. 

Friday afternoon speech with my little guy.  

And bonus was we got to see Mason's class in the hallway before the speech teacher grabbed him.  Once he left for speech, I headed into Mason's classroom to scrape stickers off the arms can't handle longer than an hour of that manual labor!!!  Brody gets dropped back into Mason's class until the bell rings.  He and Mason LOVE it. 

Friday afternoon fun.  
This balloon lets off at the school, so the man will say hello and we can talk back. 

Saturday started our fall fun.  
It was a little hectic but we managed.  Just had to pack a cooler of lunches, split up, and follow the game plan. Looks like next weekend will be just as much fun.  

Mason had baseball practice from 9-10:30.
Brody had soccer practice/game 10:30-12:15. 
Mason had a soccer game from 12:15-1:45.

This little guy was SUPER excited about getting to put on a jersey and having people watch HIM play a sport.  

They have changed it up a bit since we last played soccer.  They have always practiced 30 minutes before the game at this age but now they practice with the other team and with Lobos coaches (not our own coach).  He did pretty good for the practice.  

So the last 45 minutes, they play a game with the other team.  Its 4 on 4 and they rotate the whole time.  Super low-key.  Problem is by now, our stubborn child was not really into it much.  He certainly didn't want to sit with his team, he wanted to sit with us.  And if you don't know, he does what he wants to do.  =)

And he really wasn't much into it.  

And then he threw a fit.  So I would definitely say it didn't go too well.  Ha.
Although, now he is asking when his next game we shall see.  

Now poor Mason.  He has been under the weather for a week but so looking forward to starting his soccer and baseball games.  Problem is, he is either allergic to this ointment we have been using (for years) or had a reaction to the sun/virus.  By the time he was done with baseball, he was itching so bad.  Once I got him into the shade, I noticed a rash all over his face and body.  He calmed down though, and was able to play.  He had been so looking forward to this game.  

They are the Minutemen and their coach is awesome.  This is the first time he has ever played a legit, real soccer game on a giant field.  They call offsides and have positions, etc.   Since they only had one practice due to weather and he is by far one of the youngest on the team since he is playing U10, I was nervous for him.  But he did soooooo well.  He hustled the whole time. They won 5-1.  He had two assists and even got three kicks at the goal, but didn't score.  

He got to play against one of his good friends from school. 

Now the thing about soccer is it is smack dab in the middle of football.
When Mason was out, John had the game on....

Brothers wearing matching jerseys.  
It was a fun day even if we had a meltdown and allergic reaction!

We were lazy on Sunday.
We got some Christmas gifts out to entertain and keep us out of the sun for at least the morning. 

Mason woke up with a swollen eye and more itching.  We kept him inside as much as possible.  He had his first baseball game at 4pm and John was coaching since our main coach was out of town.

We are the Rockies this fall. 

I think John secretly liked being the head coach.  
He is also going to be the coach who helps catch this year. 

Mason had taken allergy medicine and was seriously completely zonked out.  I mean no emotion whatsoever.  He got two hits, scored twice, and made an awesome throw to first.  No emotion.  

All the while this kid was on a sugar high. 

Looks like he will be playing short stop or second a lot this fall. 
Oddly enough, thats what his Daddy played.  

Dad wanted his picture taken. =)

We have a bunch of really good kids on our team.  They've all played baseball before and get along well.  It was fun.  We won 13-3.  Coach John got to give the fun meeting after the game.   

And Mason had a great fan club.  

Mind of his own. =)

We are so proud of Mason.  He did NOT feel well at all this weekend, and he was a trooper.  He was super busy and had to be out in the sun the whole time.  No one would have EVER known it.  
He is such a sweet kiddo. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

We loved our long weekend.  Even better, we really had NO plans.  The boys were honestly so excited to have three "stay home days".   

For some reason, Brody thought that meant we got to go to Anderson and Griff's house for three days.  Kid you not....every single morning that child would wake up and ask me to text Aunt Becca.  

But one of the best things about Labor Day weekend is it is the start of football season.  At least thats what John says.   Our game was Saturday night.  After an afternoon spent at our cousins' house, we got ready to head to Ben and Melissa's house for the Ole Miss game.  Since none of us are tailgating or bought tickets, we plan to watch games together when possible.  

The boys played some serious hide and go seek.  Around 10pm, Mason was DONE.  That child needs his sleep.  

Sunday was obviously bright out!  Ha.  
Our church had sno cone trucks set up and the boys ruined their lunch with some sugar.  Thankfully, they ended up not ruining their shirts!

Sunday afternoon we went back to Robert and Beccas.  The weather was perfect and the kids played and played.  The adults may have gotten a serious game of badminton going....and my arm may have been sore the next day.  

We ended the night with a fun dinner at a Mexican restaurant and were allllll exhausted!  

Monday was more outside playing and then lunch/dinner at Mrs. Peggy's.  

Sean smoked ribs and we all ate way too much. 

The weekend was so relaxing and fun, I hardly took pictures!

Tuesday night, John had a work dinner so Brody and I took Mason to his baseball practice.  

It cooled off so much, I was a bit cold.  I hate to say that, but its true!  I needed a jacket!

Brody brought a soccer ball and played the entire hour and a half.  

This weekend we have soccer and baseball time for college football!   Ha.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Football Fridays

We were excited we made it to Friday last week.  Mason wanted to wear his Cville Dragons shirt since it was football Friday. 

Brody's speech is on Friday afternoons this year.  Since I am the one taking him, I will be helping Mason's teacher for about an hour each week during that time.  Brody's speech lasts about 30 minutes and then he gets to come into the class.  It is the end of the week, so she is just reading during that time.  Brody was so excited to be in Mason's class, but was super embarrassed.  Mason was thrilled.  

We did a ton of yard work and ran errands all last weekend.  It ended up being busy.   We had to get more soccer and baseball gear at Academy, Mason asked when he could play football...

I'm not sure what we were thinking but JOHN said it was okay to sign him up for fall baseball and soccer.  Brody signed up for soccer.  The baseball is very laid back since its off season.  Mason really wanted to do both, so he is.  More to come on that but we are going to be BUSY for the next couple of months. 

Brody has had a tough transition into the no nap thing.  He was tough this weekend and super exhausted.  No matter how early we put him to bed, it isn't early enough!  

Mason had baseball Sunday afternoon, and it was hot.  He and I played on the playground and at the splash pad which is in the same complex.  

We caught the last 30 minutes of practice.  Mason had a great time.  There is definitely a difference between spring and fall.  The kids have all played at least once now and know whats going on. 

It was HOT but he said it was awesome. 

I can't say enough how awesome Mason's teacher is.  When the curriculum gets hard for them, she tries to make it fun.  Two step math problems are easier when working in groups.

 Thursday was wet around here.  We got just a small part of Hurricane Harvey which hit Houston, TX this week.  It was still a tropical depression when it got here and had so much rain.  Thankful for all these retention ponds in Collierville.

It was a long drive home and Mom and the boys got soaked during school pickups.  All I could think was, if it was bad here....I just can't imagine all the rain they got in Houston.  Just awful!

Football Fridays are back starting this weekend.
No matter the black cloud surrounding our program, we will still cheer loud and proud!

I volunteered for cafeteria duty today.  It was my first time.  Man oh man.  It was exhausting!  It lasted two hours and fifteen minutes and we never stopped.  Im not sure how many napkins, straws, sporks, and ketchup I handed out.  And all the milk and packages that needed opening!  Surely, they can come up with a better way to put milk in a carton!  And it was LOUD in there.

Mason doesn't look too happy, but he was pretty excited I was there.
(it was pj day fyi)

This sweet guy hasn't pulled a clip one time this school year yet.
He's growing up!

Here's to a long weekend!