Thursday, May 17, 2018

Redbirds Game and Mother's Day

Last Friday night, Brody had a short t-ball practice followed with a pizza party.  It was a beautiful nigh and the kids had a blast. 

Coach and his wife gave all the kids baseballs with their name, number, and team on them. 
Brody kept saying he got a game ball. 

Saturday morning we had a t-ball game at the same time Mason had a soccer game.  Divide and conquer was the name of the game. 

The soccer jamboree was also Saturday.  Brody and I met John and Mason at the fields to play.  Mason also wanted to watch a couple of his friends' games.  They were playing each other. 

We had a little bit of a break and then had to go back up there for a second soccer game.  
It.  Was.  Hot.  

That called for a second snow cone. 

Saturday night, John and Mason went to the Redbirds game with a baseball friend and Dad.  
Mason was pretty excited. 

Brody looks happy here, but he did NOT think going to the grocery store with me was a fair trade off.  He was not happy he missed the game. 

They had awesome seats and both kids caught balls. 

Only thing that made him happy was making cookies and not allowing Mason or Dad to have any.  Ha. 

Sunday was another hot day.  
The kids took off their shirts and had water gun fights with the neighborhood kids. 

We had our family over to cook out for Mother's Day. 
Both boys made me sweet gifts at school.  Mason also made me a second card he was very proud of.  
Such a sweet little guy. 

Brody had his last Tuesday night t-ball game this week.  The coaches decided before the game that if someone hit the ball to the outfield, they got to run the bases for a HR instead of being stuck on 1st base.  Brody loves any type of reward.  He may be a bit lazy, so anything helps.  

He was so excited and ended up getting HRs all three hits.    

Found one of his best friends. 

The kids have had such a fun year.  
We have their World Series on Saturday and then the season will be over. 

Mason had one of his last baseball practices last night.  They ended up the season as regular season champions, so they have a bye tonight in the tournament.

We have been busy, busy, busy but will be sad when the season is over!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring Program and a Wedding

Brody had his spring program last Friday.
He did so well.  He smiled real big and sang real loud. 

He was super proud. 

Grandparents representing. 

These guys are all such good friends.  None of them wanted to go home after the program....they all stayed in class.  They also all play each other in t-ball which is fun to watch. 

Tall pictures last Saturday. 
Brody jumped into that baseball stance immediately.  

John and I headed to the Nashville are for Tayler and Drew's wedding. We had a mini-family reunion at the hotel which was fun. The wedding and the bride were both beautiful.

It was so nice out on Sunday.  Once we got home, we did some yard work and grilled out.
Nothing like eating out on the patio.

Back to reality Monday.
We had another week of baseball.

Mom had lunch with Mason this week. It's the last week you could eat with the kids before school was out.  I've had training at work the last two Fridays, so I was glad she could go!

Nothing like falling asleep from Mickey Mouse's house to our house....not even a 5 minute drive.
Life has been exhausting!

My work had a team building event last night.
Some of us from my office met for dinner before which was fun.

The only problem with a work event during the week is missing a game.  Mom was updating me during the game.  Mason played catcher again for the 2nd time this year.  He ended up tagging THREE kids out at home, which is crazy.  He was so excited.
Of course he also said, "I can't believe Mom wasn't here to see it!"
I mean it was the one game I have ever missed.

But if you were wondering, my team escaped.  Woohoo.  

I have meetings today on a Friday....Boo.
And then games all weekend.  

Friday, May 4, 2018

Big Week of Games

We haven't been doing much besides spending time outdoors and eating.  Really.  

This was a couple of weekends ago.  
I had to document the fact that Brody actually ate Chinese food.  

Mason always eats well and loves to impress....

Last Friday was finally warm and sunny.  
We finally took a turn with the weather, and we were excited!

Early Saturday morning t-ball practice calls for donuts at the end with your teammates. 

Our soccer game was rained out due to wet fields on Saturday, so we were finally able to see the twins' games.  First up was soccer. 

And then we got to see them play t-ball. 
Brody was so excited to watch them play. 

And even better than that, they got to go to Reese's soccer game together, while we had baseball.
They found a ditch and went to town.....

Saturday night, we went to Railgarten with friends.  It is a giant bar/playground for adults and kids.  It was beautiful out and the kids had a BLAST.  We seriously have to do this more often.  

All the kids played while the adults watched/mingled.  We ate burgers and Mempops.  Left by 8pm and were all in bed by 9.  That is my kind of Saturday night!

Sunday morning wearing summer church clothes. 

Then we stopped by Academy.  Mason has been begging for a big barreled baseball bat.  Most of the other kids have them, but he had been hitting fine with his skinny, cheap bat.  He asked on a good day and John turned the car around and bought him one.  

He.  Was.  So.  Excited.  

We came home to practice a bit but then had to get ready for soccer.  
Our soccer game was finally ON for Sunday. 

The look after your team scores in the first minute of the game.  
(we ended up getting killed, so it was short lived)

But he hustled for the ball and never gave up.  

This week has been a busy busy week of sports. 
Due to rainouts, we had baseball Monday-Thursday and a soccer game Thursday. 

Monday night, Mason his two home runs and won the game ball.  
Talk about excitement.  Now to buy another case....
And as you can imagine, he is loving his new bat.

Brody had t-ball Tuesday.  He has been perfecting his slide into home!

And he was so excited Teagan came to cheer him on. 

Wednesday night was a big night.  We played the Cardinals and had split the first two games with them.  Neither team had lost another game.  Whoever won Wednesday should win the regular season (if all goes as planned).  All the parents were nervous which was pretty funny.  Kids were so excited. 

We ended up winning pretty easily.  Our team has improved so much over the season.  Their defense is really good, and every one of them can hit really well.  

Mason chose pizza after the big win. 
He looks tooooo big here!!!!!

Last night was busy.  Mason had a baseball game at 5:45 and then a soccer game at 6:30.
He started the night out with a home run.  They ended up winning easily and the game ended early, so he hardly missed much of soccer.

Brody LOVES going to the games because all of his friends are there!

It was a beautiful night out.
I don't know what it is but this is the second soccer game after baseball.  Maybe he is still high on adrenaline, but the kids runs his little heart out.  He is so quick and does a good job of disrupting the game.  He had a couple of shots on goal that just didn't go in.  He was awesome out there.

Coach wanted him to kick in the penalty kick this game.  

And he scored.
He was pretty pumped.

Im pretty sure I couldn't play two games like that, but it didn't phase him.
It could have been a tough night, but he never once gave less than 100%.
Pretty proud of that energetic 8 year old of mine!