Tuesday, October 16, 2018

TCU and Mason turns NINE!

It is still raining in Texas....supposedly this "never happens" but it has only NOT rained one weekend since we've been here!  We pulled out Aggravation and have had some fierce family games. 

 John's boss back in Memphis gave him tickets to the TCU/Texas Tech Thursday night game.  The tickets included lots of food, so I was definitely in. 

It was a big night for our kids as well.....they had NEVER had a babysitter.  We found a girl in our neighborhood that everyone seems to use.  She was so sweet and the boys did great.  Sounds like she was more fun than I am!

*Notice that TCU polo on JB....*

The touchdown club was the way to go. 

It was a great night for football.  

 The stadium is beautiful.  It is smaller, but very nice.  It was no SEC game....it was very tame.  Ha.  But we had a great night out together watching something we both enjoy. 

Mason started to get packages/mail for his birthday....they LOVE any mail. 

The grandparents packages arrived on Friday....he just couldn't wait.  
So we let him open up.  

 Got a catcher's mitt from Grandma and Grandpa. 

And got laser tag guns from Mickey Mouse and Pops. 

Mason picked Freddy's for dinner.  Talk about a ton of fries!

Since, you guessed it, it downpoured all weekend; baseball was cancelled yet again.  When it rains here....it floods.  They aren't used to much rain and have very few drains.  And it has been POURING!  

We had thought of taking Mason and a couple of friends to Six Flags after his morning game, but had to change plans.  He invited a few friends to the trampoline park and then BWW for lunch to celebrate the big birthday.  They play football here indoors, so the ones playing that couldn't make it. 

You know Brody thought he was BIG. 


Brody was abit braver this trip. 

BWW for wings and football.

And yellow cheese dip....which is all they have in TX.  No white cheese dip allowed here....super sad about that. 

It was such a nasty day so we asked the parents if the kids could come over after lunch.  They ended up playing all day long.  Even got out on the wet trampoline. We had all the garage toys out once the rain let up.  They had a blast. 

John would tell you the best news about Saturday was my letter of approved TX license came in the mail.  It specifically states I can begin working NOW.  Guess its time to look for a job!
I actually set up a temp service interview this week.  I will probably just temp for the rest of this year. 

We got haircuts and new shoes after church on Sunday.  I also had to look for a couple of pairs of pants for Mason.  It was 80 degrees on Sunday and a cold front came through that night...and brought tons of rain.  It was 39 degrees during the DAY yesterday.  It only got up to 44.  Today has been a little better.  Rain and 46 is the high.  The weather has been insane!

Last night as an 8 year old.
A silly 8 year old at that!

Since our school begins so early, there is hardly time for opening gifts and making some gourmet breakfast.  Brody was dying for Mason to open up his gift, so we did do that this morning. 

Cannot believe he is NINE. 

Not only was it cold and rainy today....it was also picture day at school.  
That is not his idea of a fun birthday surprise. 

We are so proud of our nine year old.  I honestly do not know where the time has gone.  We were so worried about him and this big move, but he took it like a champ.  Sure, he misses his family at times, but he has never complained and has embraced living in Texas.  He is friends with all the kids at school and on his baseball team.  He is loving life, and I was really worried it would be the opposite.  He is the kindest person I know, and I pray he stays that way!

Lunch with the big kid. 

I brought cookies for the class.  They all sang him Happy Birthday and then gave him compliments.  He got to pass out the cookies to his class, and deliver extra ones to his Cocurr (art, PE, library, etc) teachers. I love how they made it such a special day at school.  

Mason had choir after school and Brody rode the bus home with his friend for a playdate. I think they had a great time (especially the bus part).  I picked up the big brothers from choir as a trade off.
Look how excited he was stepping off that big bus!

While waiting on Dad to come home for birthday festivities, they played the game Brody picked out for Mason's birthday.

We had bad luck with dinner tonight.  Mason wanted Spring Creek BBQ but being a Tuesday night, they had another school fundraiser going on.  So we headed to McDonalds....where there was another school fundraiser!  I guess Tuesday nights are bad for fundraisers when their are 22 elementary schools in town.

We stuck it out at McDonalds and they played with all the kids there.

 Mason does not like icing....hence the half icing-free cake.
We went fancy over here.

Making his birthday wish....

Mason said this is the first birthday where he actually felt older!  Ha.
He is excited to be NINE!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall Baseball and Short Break

I was able to help Brody's teacher in the classroom this past Friday.  I helped the kiddos paint on these wooden blocks for a fun fall project.  They had fun and Brody loved that I was there. 

I decided to tackle these kitchen cabinets.  
I have no clue why they "antiqued" like this, but it is awful.  

Mason had his first baseball games this weekend.  Friday and Saturday night.  The games are much longer (1:45-2 hrs) so I'm thankful Brody has a friend to play with. 

I was a nervous wreck.  Didn't get any good pictures.  Mason was the pitcher for the first game.  He doesn't throw hard, but he throws strikes which is all you need.  And he did great.  It is a VERY slow game.  Such a difference from coach pitch to kid pitch.  

Mason pitched in two innings (they only get maybe three in), and he struck out several kiddos.  He also got a double. 
They lost but it was close.  He got the game ball. 

So we celebrated with wings for a late dinner. 

Saturday was a big day....Costco finally got their mums in.  

Brody had a game Saturday afternoon.  It was HOT.  
He did very well.  Got some hits and got someone out at first.  
He gave a double fist pump after he got the out....

(I didn't get any pictures at his game either....they were short coaches and I had to help....fun times)

 Saturday night, Mason was up again.  He got to catch in the first inning. 

And then moved to first base in the second inning.  He got a double play at first and then the third out also.  He was so excited after that double play.  In the third inning, he had to come in as the relief pitcher.  He did really well pitching again.  Struck out one and caught a pop up.  He liked playing first of course. 

We had a fun brunch on Sunday.  Tic tac toe on the table. 

 Such a giant rainbow. 

The kids were out of school Monday for Columbus Day and then Tuesday for teacher inservice day.  They don't get a "fall break", but I called it fall break!

John had to work Monday, so I decided to take the kids to Six Flags with the rest of the world.  We met one of Mason's friends there also. 

 Brody and his terrified faces on roller coasters.  Of course this was a tiny one.  Ha. 

It ended up pouring which shut most of the rides down.  And we had a problem with our dining passes.....but we still managed to have a good time.  Once the kids got their ice cream and Gatorade, we were all happy!

 We had no plans on Tuesday and knew it was going to rain.  (and poor John got the stomach bug!) We decided to meet friends at the movies to see Smallfoot early that morning.  They have Moviehouse Eateries here and man are they nice.  You push a button for your waiter and he arrives to take your order.  The menu was amazing.  And the popcorn and drinks (icees included) were refillable.  The kids loved it. 

 They also have free photo booths. 

It has been a fun little break.  Hate John didn't get to join in on any of the fun.
It was back to school today!