Tuesday, August 14, 2018

We are Texans (and we have internet)

We left bright and early the Sunday before last.  
Said our goodbyes and loaded up the circus. 

 Everyone did really well on the ride...including Emma. 

 Finally started to see signs to Dallas. 

We got to the house and showed Mom and the boys, but furniture didn't arrive until Monday.  We spent the night in a hotel the first night. 

Spoiler alert : Emma slept in the hotel and no one knew.  
She didn't make a peep. 

John took the boys swimming while Mom and I bought paint.

Monday was long with the movers.  A bit overwhelming with all the boxes and a completely different house.  Like there is no attic...I had lots in our attic in Collierville.  It is taking time, but we are getting it put away!  I like everything done right away, so this stuff is never fun for me!

John tried to take the kids to the neighborhood swimming pool after a long day of unpacking Tuesday.  Of course we had no key at this point, so couldn't get in.  We decided to take the boys on the trails in the neighborhood instead. 

Learned our lesson and got the pool key the next morning.  After another long day, we took the kids down there.  There is a pool and a playground right there together. 

And I guess since it is August and 100 degrees out, no one was out.  
We had it all to ourselves. 

Mason took this picture of Brody and the house.  
Was very proud of himself. 

The living room alone had about 6 colors of dark paint.  It was rough.  These TX houses all have textured walls too....it has been a joy to paint.  Lol. 

Well we finally had somewhere to go Thursday.  It was Meet the Teacher.  The school was great in getting all of our information via email so the boys would be assigned to a teacher by this night. 
They were nervous, but did great. 

It is a little bit smaller of a school than TOES (it also only goes to 4th grade).  They both seem to have gotten really good teachers and we felt so good about it walking out of there.  It could not have gone better.  

After meet the teacher, we rode bikes in the cove. 

Mom and I had decided to get the boys' school supplies Friday.  Plus, they needed to have a fun day outside of the house.  Unpacking/painting/no internet is NOT a good combo for kids.  Unfortunately I couldn't order a box because of timing.  And let me tell you, I would never do that again unless of course we can't.  I had to order two items on Amazon after searching several stores.  

We ventured out past Keller and saw a few other areas.  You can drive around for ten minutes and end up in about 4-5 different burbs.  Kids wanted Cici's, so we got Cici's.  

They say it never rains here and we are going to melt.  And I will tell you....that sun is HOT.  If it comes through your windows in the house, you are in trouble.  It is HOT.  But starting Friday it began raining....and it hasn't stopped.  All the people around here are so excited for all this rain, but we are not around here.  Ha.  It looks like it will dry up today. 

Friday night we all went to Hard 8 BBQ.  I had several patients recommend it.  It was really good.  You pick your meat off the big smoker and then go inside to pick sides.  Really different.  

It was in Roanoke which has the cutest little main street.  We stopped in the ice-cream/soda shop after for a treat. 

We had planned to put up the paintbrushes/boxes and get sucked into every tourist trap in Fort Worth. 
We started at the Stockyards.  They do the cattle thing everyday at 11:30 and 4pm, so we went that morning.  It had been raining and would drizzle off and on.  It was about 80 degrees.  Crazy.  We would rather have that than 115 degree weather. 

It was worth the $5. 

They have a gun show after the cattle come through....it was loud. 

John had been to Joe T. Garcia's before and said we had to go since we were down there.  It is basically all outdoors, so unfortunate if it starts raining like it did.....we all got pretty wet, but it was still good. That place is HUGE and been around since the 30's!

Eating in the rain. 

We walked around downtown a bit after the rain let up.  They have these beautiful water gardens right in the middle of downtown.  They were gorgeous.  

The kids couldn't believe it. 

We also say the JFK tribute. 

 Saturday night, John found an arcade in Keller with $15 all you can play.....probably shouldnt have gone there the first week we were here.....my kids love a good arcade. 

 We have had a great first week and a half here.  Mom and I have done TONS of work around the house.  We wake up and start.  But I think we have painted as much as we can for now....this is the tallest house and there are several walls we could only reach if we were on stilts on a ladder.  I hired someone yesterday to finish up the job.  

School starts tomorrow.  
They have 7:55am start time, so these kids are about to have a RUDE awakening!  

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Lots of Farewells

We had a family get together on my side to say our goodbyes.  It was at my parents and the kids just played the whole time.  They had a blast. 

 Ashley and I took about 10,000 photos.  =)

It was so nice to see everyone.  We should really do it more often. 

These two get along so well. 
Brinkley has promised she will make sure her Mom and them plan a trip.  HA.  

 They got us a balloon send off.  Just kidding.  
It was a beautiful night and the Cville hot air balloon happened to fly right over the backyard. 

No goodbyes to this one yet....she is driving down with us!

Thankful for the years and years and secrets and talks.  Thankfully, with all this technology (as old people like us would say), we can Marco Polo and FaceTime how ever often we need!

These two are trouble.  Ha.  JK 
They are just the babies of the familes!

We have had a week of eating out to say goodbye to friends.  I have gained at least ten lbs.  We started the week at Hueys with my best friend/coworker and her family.  Ethan and the boys had fun together. 

 My last day of work was Wednesday.  They catered in Swankys and invited the spouses to join after work.  It was actually a great time.  I have been there for 8 fun years.  It is a small office and we are all friends. It was a sad goodbye, but I will visit when back in town.  I can only hope my next office will be the same.  I am officially unemployed. 

I'm not a hugger, but I was okay with it. 

Leann and I have become such great friends.  We just clicked from day one.  We watch a ridiculous amount of Bravo TV and discuss each day at work. I have demanded that they come to TX and visit so they have to now.  =)

 We had a Brower dinner Thursday night.  All five kiddos picked Chilis....they have gaming tablets on the tables if you are wondering why Chilis.   Ha.  I should have taken a picture but forgot.  We got to give some farewell hugs to Grandma Reba. 

Friday night was Memphis Pizza Cafe with Ben, Melissa, and Wells. We had a good dinner and then hit up Baskin Robbins.  I took pictures and my kids did the same thing in all of them.....

But I do love this picture of Wells.  He looks so stinkin' cute. 

We leave Sunday morning to head West.  I think it is finally sinking in that we are leaving.  We are definitely sad, but are looking forward to the new memories and adventure.  There is something to be said about moving to a big city you know nothing about.  I am excited to explore and learn all about it.  We really know nothing.  We have this big house that needs paint and love.  I think we are ready to get settled and make this house a home. 

Speaking of being sad.....this came up on my timehop.  
Cue the tears.  Where has the time gone.  I also look back on this picture and think how upset I was that day.  Mason had NO desire to take a picture with that baby and Brody pooped all over the place.  I was upset and shed lots of hormonal tears.  

I look back and only see this sweet picture.  What was once a big deal and to me (I thought the world was ending) was really nothing.  Funny how that happens.  

I'm hoping we can look back on this chapter of our life and think the same.  It is always going to be a life-changing moment in our lives.....but I hope it will just become a stepping stone to another wonderful chapter.  It isn't the end of the world....just a start to a new, fun world.