Tuesday, August 15, 2017

5 Year Stats and Lots of Livin'

We got the first week of school under our belt.  We already started homework this week....

Brody only went that one day last week.  Mom let him wear his spiderman costume to pick Mason up one afternoon.  Just a kid trying to save the world. 

Tuesday night we had a little girls night since Jessica was in town.  
Nothing like pizza and girl talk after a work day. 
We.  Look.  Hot.      ha

Brody said he loved staying with Mickey Mouse for the week because they got to do "what he wanted to do".....

Our first Friday of the school year.  

I love walking him to school. 

Brody and I had plans for Friday.  It was time for his five year checkup.  Our normal doc is out of the office on Fridays, so we decided to see Dr. Irwin so I wouldn't have to take off work.  We love him too.  Five year checkup means blood pressure check:

Ear check. 

And those dreaded five year shots.  They have combined them so there are actually only two shots total now.  Brody had been looking forward to them since all of his friends in his last class had already gotten them.  I didn't even say shots and Brody said "Oh, I will get to get my Kindergarten shots".  He was super pumped.  

5 Year Stats:

Weight: 38lbs (29%
Height: 43in (52%)  

So he is basically perfect like we've always known...

Mason had his five year checkup a couple of months late but they were very similar.
Mason was one inch shorter and two lbs lighter.  
(seems like a lifetime ago!)

Turns out, Brody didn't shed one tear.  He did let out a nervous giggle but thats all.  Then he sat up and said "that didn't even hurt one bit".  Ha. 

(unfortunately, he didn't get to put his handprint on the wall since it wasn't with Dr. Bubba, but he didn't care one bit)

Big 5 year old right here. 

Of course it started pouring when it was time to pick up Mason. 

We had gotten cupcakes and ice cream from Smallcakes after Brody's appt.  Mason was proud of his little brother but more excited to get ice cream!

Saturday we had no plans.  NONE.  First time in a while.  

After yard work, we sat around complaining of being bored.  I had seen online that the town was having a train day on the square, so we jumped up and headed there. 

The boys thought the trains were so cool.  I had never been on an old train like that.  

After exploring, we went to Dyers to grab Mason a burger (he was starved) and everyone else a milkshake. 

Then we returned home to this.  Fell asleep in the car.  
This no nap thing is gonna be hard for this one. 

Sunday was a busy day. 
We went to church, did more yard work, and then went to Miller's first bday party. 
The boys were excited to swim as always. 

 And play with water balloons.
Here are Brody and Davis waiting patiently for a balloon.

Didn't make a mess at all...

Sunday night, Highpoint had a back to school block party.  There were water slides, water balloons, bounce houses, food trucks, and supposed to be hot air balloon rides.  Unfortunately, right before the party, it started raining. It still went on but no hot air balloon rides.

As you can see, they had a blast.

My tennis shoes were absolutely soaked!!!!

So fun.

This one water slide was massive.  It was the big hit and longest line.

Mason went backwards down that huge slide right before we left.
He isn't scared of a thing!

Brody started his first full week of school this week.  We had an All About Brody assignment to work on over the weekend.  He was a tiny bit apprehensive about school Monday morning, but did great at drop off.  He had a fun day and loves Faith Lutheran.

The weather has been so nice.  We went to check on the progress of my parents house a couple of nights ago, and let the windows down.  Brody said "it feels so good!"   They thought it was the best ride ever.

Speaking of Mason, he has been asking when he can walk to school alone.  We are only one street over from the school and he knows his way to the school.  I told him next year he would maybe be old enough, but Body will be walking also and too young.

So we compromised (I hate to not allow him to be independent if he wants to).  We will now walk him to the corner, and stop before he crosses the street.  Officer Lambert is there directing traffic and Mason always listens for him to tell him when to cross (and we would be standing there also).  Then he gets to walk the rest of the way without his embarrassing Grandmother and Mother.  Ha.  He was pretty excited.

Friday, August 11, 2017

First Day of School

Ready or not, school is back!

Mason started 2nd grade at Tara Oaks with Mrs. Funes.  We are thrilled with our teacher.  She seems so fun and super nice already.  Mason loves her so far.  He also loves the fact that he is in a class with six of his good friends.  Hope that doesn't mean trouble!!!  Ha.

Like I said earlier, we decided to give Brody one more year of preschool. He had a staggered start Monday and then stayed with Mom all week.  He LOVED his school. He had such a great day and wanted to go back Tuesday.  

He actually knows one little boy from CCA in his same class.  We had been reminding him daily that Jack would be there.  (of course we had been worried about the new school thing)   Well Jack didn't have the same staggered start, but Brody still loved it.  Success.  

New morning routine will be Brody and Mickey Mouse (me on Fridays) walking Mason to school.  Brody's school doesn't start until 9:15.  

Thankfully, I was able to take the day off and get both boys where they needed to be the first day. 

Tara Oaks new theme. 

Most of his supplies were already in the classroom, but she had a few other things for us to pick up.  I wanted to help Mason bring them into the school, but he told me at least fifteen times that the bags were light and he didn't need my help.  He finally admitted it would be "embarrassing" for me to walk him in.....

After school, he told me that the teacher had asked where I was!!!  All the other Moms walked their kids in.  He also happened to see a few friends' moms who all told him he was "so strong" for carrying his supplies......great. 

After Mason's drop off, it is Brody's turn.  

He really was such a big kid.  He was definitely nervous, but was so brave.  It looked like he could have teared up but didn't.  He walked right on in, gave me a hug,  and got in line to wash his hands.  
So big. 

After school, he couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had learning.  
He even sounded like a big kid.  

First Day = Success.  
Praying this year is a wonderful year for both!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Annual Brower Lake Trip

Can't believe I'm already talking about the school year.  Summer has flown by.  

  We usually take an annual Fourth of July lake trip, but since we were in San Fran, we moved it to the last weekend before school started.  One last summer fun before getting back in the grind of things.  

Last Tuesday, Mason had registration at Tara Oaks.  He got a great teacher.  He was so excited....especially since SIX of his good friends are in the class!

The school has a "theme" each year that they unveil at the end of the year before.  This year is it a pirate theme.  There is a giant wooden pirate ship at the entrance of the school.  Mason did NOT want me to take this picture, but finally obliged.  

Brody got to hang with Mickey Mouse all week.  
She wore him out.  They went swimming, to lunch, all kinds of fun. 

So much fun that he couldn't handle it any longer.  Here he was at Costco. 

We left for the lake after work Thursday.  Since school was starting Monday, we decided to do the lake days on Friday and Saturday, so we could head home early Sunday and get ready for the week.  

The moment this child woke up Thursday, he was ready to go to the lake.  Got home from work, he brought his bags, towels, etc. downstairs so we could leave. 

I think this may have been our best trip yet.  

For August, the weather was amazing.  We were actually able to sit out on the balcony at night without sweating.  It looked like it may rain Friday but never did.  It was a bit overcast during the morning, but sunshine that afternoon.  Saturday was all sun.  

Early morning wakeup call after a late bedtime for these three. 

Pure happiness riding on the boat. 

Nothing says family lake trip like taking pictures right away. 

Brower eyes. 

Who doesn't love a good self-timer?!

As always, I took way too many pictures.

Time to jump in. 

Lunch break. 

I am not kidding.  We had the lake to ourselves on Friday.  

Brody tubed a lot this day.  Reese and Mason of course tube a ton every year.  Brody likes to be in the middle so he never falls off.  And if he did fall off, he would have probably had a serious word with the captain....

He tried to "win" every time.  In his eyes, winning meant not falling off. 

But these two tubed all day both days.  I had no idea how they could even lift their arms each night.  I mean they should have been so exhausted!  One tube ride knocks out adults!

She looks like she would be really good at the pommel horse in gymnastics.

That face. 
 I swear she loves it.  

Love that toothless smile. 

Gotta love those faces.

John's head is in the background under water....Mason wins.  Ha

Next up : R. Brower family


Anderson got out there for just a minute.  He wasn't too sure about it.  They did fall off last year and totally remember it.  But that cute kid got out there and tried it!

And they are gone.

Now this I call success.  After a long day on the water, we just drove the boat around for a few minutes and all five kids passed out.  Cheers. 

The Captain 

We headed back home.  The kids woke up and played.  We made an enormous amount of Mexican food.  We ate.  Then we played spoons.  

Day 2 = more pictures.
No 4th of July but it was the 4th of August.

Love these people.

We started the day fishing.  We all brought rocket fishing poles that are MUCH safer for kids.  So easy to use and the kids love them.  Only problem was, we had worms and apparently the fish in this lake....they don't like worms.

Unfortunately, we caught not a one fish.  We even found an area where those things were jumping all out of the water.  We got close enough to put the hooks right on top of them.  One even came up to John's worm, checked it out, and then swam away.  Ugh.  Maybe next year.

Griff tried out the tube this day.  He wasn't too sure about it either but did so good.

He was happy when it was over and said how much fun it was.

John and Robert got out there.  They got thrown off pretty hard.  The video is amazing.  Best part is the kids cheering loudly when they got thrown.  Ha.

The moms got out there right after John and Robert got tossed off like rag dolls....they were not easy on us.  I swear we could hardly hold on!

Brody didn't tube as much this day.  There was a dead catfish out there and he did not like that.  Reese and Mason even tubed by themselves some.  Mason couldn't move his arms at the end of the day!

Sweet cousins.

I took this picture to get the pretty purple sky, but it didn't turn out.
The weather was so so nice.  We sat outside for hours Saturday night while we waited on dinner.

These three were in a trance.
That is three tired boys right there.

We had to leave Sunday morning to get ready for school Monday.
Its always sad to leave.

I think this is our kids' favorite weekend of the year.  They have SOOOOO much fun.
Its hard to believe we have taken that trip four years in a row.

Unfortunately, the house we have been staying at had a For Sale sign up.
Looks like we may have to find a different house to rent next year.