Friday, October 21, 2016

Days 3 & 4

Day 3 we rested all morning.  We ate breakfast at the resort and hung out for a bit watching cartoons. We did Hollywood again that afternoon.  We used our fast passes and then watched their nighttime show, Fantasmic.  

Brody wasn't too happy here. =)

In front of Tower of Terror. 

This was the first "big" roller coaster Mason did on the trip.  It is very fast, dark, and goes upside down.  You can see in this picture that he wasn't too sure about it at all.  It scared him a tad, but he did great.
(**side note: the woman next to John told him she pukes on roller coasters right before it took off...) 

We survived Aerosmith's Rock N Roller Coaster. 

The toy solider from Toy Story. 

Best buds. 

 Every meal came with a giant dessert. 
We may have walked a ton, but we also ate a ton. 

Brody built his own droid and Mason wanted to build his own light saber in the Star Wars store. 

They have been playing with their sabers every since. 

Mason 100% did not like Tower of Terror.
He didn't like it one bit and is still talking about it. 

Halloween caramel apples while we waited on the show. 

He was pretty over it this afternoon.
But honestly, it was really the only time we had any meltdowns, etc.
Both boys did great.

Waited all afternoon and then it rained.  But it only lasted about 10-15 minutes and the show went on.  This was the only rain the entire trip.

Mom LOVED sitting in the rain.  =)

Rain gone and the show was awesome.


Day 4 was busy!

We start out at Animal Kingdom.  I had never been here and was super excited about it.  We began this morning with a breakfast also.  They have pretty fun food and a specialty juice.  Super tasty.

We had been told the first ride you should do in Animal Kingdom was the safari.  The animals are up in the morning so you can see much more.  You ride in a jeep with a guide.  It was awesome.

The alligators were fighting.

 Just walking right by us.

The Lion King show is a must also.
Brody is still singing "Hakuna Matada".

We rode Kali River Rapids.  Brody was out once he saw us putting on our ponchos.  You can get pretty wet, so ponchos are recommended if you don't want to be wearing wet clothes the rest of the day.  He was adamant about not going and Mom didn't want to get her hair wet care if she rode it or not, so they got off.

Mason, on the other hand, didn't even wear his poncho because he wanted to get "soaked".

And he did.

The boys in front of the Tree of Life with their matching shirts.

All morning long these two were on a mission to find face paint.

The good thing about fast passes is you just walk right up and ride the ride.  No waiting. It was pretty easy to take Mason on the big rides and Mom and Dad hang with Brody because we weren't gone long at all.  I think all in all, we took Mason on four big rides.  Brody rode all the others.

This is right before Expedition Everest.

Love this picture of Mason.
So serious.

Everest was his favorite ride of the trip.

We headed back to the carnival-like games in the dinosaur area.  Thanks to their very talented Mom, they were each able to win these giant sea turtles (which we did fit back on the plane).  We won two games in a row.  Who knew I was so good at aiming water at a bullseye?!

After lunch, we hopped on the shuttles and went to Epcot.
Those buses made him fall asleep every time.

And him. =)

The child was clearly tired.
He slept for a good bit in the stroller.

 We met up with one of Mason's good friends from school.  They play on the playground just about every day after school.  We had known we would be down there at the same time and planned to meet up.  Epcot isn't the most thrilling park for kids, but they had a great time walking around with friends.

After walking around the countries, we ended up hanging at the aquarium for a bit.

We had reservations at Coral Reef which was fun because it was inside the aquarium.  They had a chart of the different fish for you to find in the tank.  The food was wonderful and the tank provided entertainment.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel.
I'm certain we were all asleep the moment our heads hit the pillow. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Disney Day 2

Every night we came home to a fun surprise on the boys' bed. 

 Brody also slept on top of Mason every night.  

Waiting on the bus to take us to Hollywood Studios day 2. 

Also known as Star Wars central. 

We had a character breakfast reservation at 8am.  
We had heard from a lot of people that if you wanted to sign up for the Jedi Training Acadamy, you needed to be at the park very early.  Our plan was to eat at 8 in the park (park opens at 9), and then take the boys over to the signup before the rush of people.  

The characters were all Disney Jr.  
It was a little young but totally worth it.  

I walked out of the restaurant with the boys around 8:35 and turned to my right to see a crowd of people sprinting and yelling.  It was insane.  I told the boys to run!  Ha.  The sign up was to our left, so we basically jumped right in front of the crowd and made it just in time.

Ready for another day of fun. 

First up, Mason's favorite.  Kilo Ren.
He doesn't sign autographs and he is definitely not the friendliest.

He scared Brody just a bit, but Mason was in heaven.

Now Brody loves Chewbacca or Chewy as he calls him.

They have a very LOUD show every hour on the main stage.
Storm troopers march from the entrance to the stage.

Hanging out with Tinkerbell.

We headed back to the Jedi Training Academy to get their robes and find out what they would be doing.  They were pumped.

The two smallest kiddos got to lead the jedi.

They do a show on stage and are great with the kids.

Using the force.

Then they even got to fight Darth Vadar and one of his friends. (no clue who it was)

He was very serious about this.

After fighting all the bad guys, we had reservations for lunch at the Sci-Fi restaurant.  It was pretty cool.  We sat in a car.  It was dark in there so it felt like we were in a drive-in movie theater.  They played sic-fi movies and my Dad LOVED it.  He laughed the whole time.  Mason does not share the same humor.  He thought the movies were "creepy" since they hardly spoke.

We got milkshakes, our meal, and ice cream sundaes.  I mean who wouldn't like that?!!

After lunch John and I took the boys on the Star Tours ride.  Its a simulator and really fun.  Brody did great....better than John.

After a long morning/afternoon at Hollywood, we all headed back to the hotel.  After a short rest, Mom came over to watch the boys while John and I went to check out Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival.  They only do it a couple of weeks out of the year, so we were lucky to be there at the same time.

Mom and the boys had a picnic in the bedroom.

They had some amazing food there.  I ate until I couldn't eat anymore!

This was my favorite in France.

Although we had a great time, we were exhausted!
I think we were back in our room by 9:00 and ready for bed.