Saturday, February 24, 2018

Birthday and Some Spring Fun

Mom's birthday was last Friday, and I surprised her with a cooking class at Sur La Table. 

It was the Chinese New Year, so we cooked a traditional Chinese Lunar meal. 

 Made her cook on own birthday lunch.  Ha. 
But it was really fun!  So glad we got to go. 

Sunday morning the sun was OUT!  I mean it was a miracle.  
Sun and church does a body good. 

Since it wasn't raining (although it was still wet outside), we decided to make it an afternoon of outdoor fun.  Started with basketball. 

 Ran over to the softball field at the school and played baseball.  
After about an hour, Mason's friend came out to play (his house backs up to the school). 
Mason got to stay and play with him for about another hour.  I just love living around the school. 

Although the sun was only out for a couple of hours....pasty white skin will still get sunburned.  Ha. 

Sunday night birthday dinner for Mom. 

Can't have a birthday without cake. 

Hard to believe this was 5 years ago.....

From then to now....
at his art show Thursday night.  

 Proud little brother. 

Spring class picture day.  
He ran around saying "Nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up".  Whoops. 

Checked this kid out early Friday afternoon.  

Friday, February 16, 2018

My Valentines

Mason had his first sleepover with friends for a birthday party.  He was SO excited.  He had spent the night with Reese a lot, but never a school friend.  There were four of them total and they had so much fun.  They have a pretty awesome playroom....anyone's dream really.   Mason said, "Mom, do you see how awesome this playroom is?!  It has everything!"  right in front of the parents. 

Brody was an only child for the night and picked Huey's for dinner. 
He asked at least 100 times when we would pick up Mason. 

I went to lunch with Mom, Mrs, Peggy, and Darlene to celebrate Darlene's birthday.
We had a great time. 

Around 5:30pm, Mason was out like a light.  They only got about four hours of sleep at the slumber party and this kid needs his sleep. 

Getting ready for t-ball. 
When the junior helmet is too small....

We made Valentine's cupcakes Sunday night. 

And worked on our Valentine's and finished the boxes. 
Brody addressed his himself this year too.  He was very proud. 

He did this box last year but since he is at a new school this year, he wanted to do it again. 
As always, it was a hit!

Mason is a pro at addressing Valentines now. 

Monday night was the semifinals in basketball.  The game before us was awesome and went into overtime.  All our kids were really into the game.  

We ended up losing....I won't be that Mom who talks about the awful refs.  But we had such a great season and loved every minute of it....well besides the last game.  Favorite team so far for sure. 

He learned sooooo much this year.  
Cant wait until basketball next winter!

We had a few treats for them Valentine's Day. 

And I made some heart Paleo pancakes (they had no clue they were healthy). 

Mason's box was finally done once the hoop came in the mail. 
He LOVED his box but I'm pretty sure his teacher didn't after hearing they played with it all day....

I do really love this age.  
It is just fun. 

Couldn't wait to show his classmates. 

And then Timehop got me with my fav Vday picture ever.....

We ordered steaks and lobster tails through our local butcher shop to cook that night. 

Mason ended up with two lobster tails and ate every ounce of his food....he is very much a surf and turf kinda guy.  

Valentine's Day hangover.
He woke up like this...

It was a good week!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ready for Spring

Made an entire blog post and forgot to post it.  Whoops. 

We went to Claire's birthday party and had a blast.  
She may be the cutest little 2 year old ever. 

We went to Get Air on a rainy Saturday after lunch at Booyas.  Mason got to pick out both for all As, perfect attendance, and all Es.  He plays dodgeball the entire time.  Ha

Brody was back to jumping off that big cliff.  
John and I just sit there and do nothing...

John and I grabbed sushi together on a Saturday night.  

Had to give the dog a bath......ha

We went to the park on a sunny, sunny day. 

And Mason has been playing one on one basketball with Lucy down the street.  
They battle in soccer and basketball every week. 

Mason's school had Pastries for Parents. 
His class was performing for the parents. 

The classes were split up each day, so only two classes sang together. 
It was super cute, and he did so well. 

Brody had picture day.  
Its monumental he didn't wear a hoodie. 

Mason's basketball team's little brothers.  
All the kids sit up top and play each game. 

Friday night cook off. 
John used the air fryer and hot wing sauce, I used the grill and a peach/jalepeno recipe.  
Mason was the judge. 

I won, but only because I think the wing sauce was strong.  Mason cannot wait until we have another cook off.  I'm thinking steaks are next!

Not much went on last weekend.
John and I did get another date night.   We had good talks, great food, and were still in bed before 8:45.  That is my kind of date night.

Super Bowl Sunday.
We just cooked food at home and laid low.  It was perfect.

We had our first round of playoffs for basketball Monday night.  We won which means we won't play again until next Monday.  It has been a really fun season.  I hate for it to be over!

Brobro caught a cold.  No flu thank goodness, but lots of upper respiratory junk.
He bounced back quick!

Ready for another rainy weekend.  Yuck!