Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Almost Summer

Another week of baseball. 

Brody was happy to run on the field when it was over. 

Brody didn't want to take that preschool grad cape off. 

We ended our baseball season last week.  The boys played well in the tournament but came up short.  Mason got an out the inning he played shortstop, went 3 for 3, and got a home run.  I know I'm his Mom and all, but those hits were all really big hits.  It was hard for him to be excited because he was so sad the season was over. 

They have had a ton of fun together. 

Mom and I got to working on her fireplace.  

So much better!

Our neighbors and friends moved away last Friday.  Mason was pretty sad about it.  He made him a beyblade out of Legos and they said their goodbyes.  It was pretty sad.  

John and I went to BBQ Fest Friday night.  It was a low-key casual night, and we had a great time. 

Especially with these people there...

My cousin and his family came in town for BBQ Fest.  We had dinner at our house Saturday night and played some games. 

Brody told everyone what their card was.  He would say "I hope you don't say...."  
 It was hilarious. 

A little Hueys on the patio. 

It is the last week of school for both boys.  Brody will still go throughout the summer, but it is much more fun.  Mason has a million camps all summer long.

For the last week of Brody's school, they are having dress up days.  

Mom and Dad's kitchen is getting closer to done!

Mason had Field Day.  I was so thankful Mom was able to go since John and I weren't.  

Just being Spiderman...

There were no other pjs that the kid would wear.....and I realize it is May. 

Last week of school until SUMMER!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

PreK Graduation Part 1

Brody had his preschool graduation from CCA on Monday.  He has such a late July birthday that we are actually not sending him on to Kindergarten next year.  But he had worked so hard with his class and was very excited about the ceremony.  

Big brother was proud of him too and begged us to let him go.....sooooo since he has not missed one day of school this year, we decided to let him go and get to school about two hours late.  

It was a superhero theme. 

The sweet little slideshow they put together. 

Brobro can get quite shy sometimes and will always put his tongue on the inside of his cheek. 

But he got happy pretty quick. 

This kid knew all the words and hand motions.  He was belting out the songs. 

Mrs. Jackie giving him his diploma.

And then he got super silly.

Sweet boy was so excited big brother was there.

Nothing like cupcakes at 10am.

He has done so well this year in 4k.  He can recognize numbers well, and getting better each day with the letters.  He can write his first and last name.  

I think that this extra year is going to help him grow so much and be even more prepared in Kindergarten.  We are so proud of you Brody and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend around here.

Brody started off the weekend with this classy, airbrushed shirt.
He was pretty proud. 

Friday night fun = using our gift cards at Toys R Us.  
Free entertainment for Mom and Dad. 

I think they picked out what they wanted in about three minutes.  
It has to be a world record. 

Friday night also means getting to "spend the night" with Mason as Brody says. 

There is a new breakfast restaurant in Collierville I have been wanting to try, so we started off the Mother's Day celebrations Saturday morning.  

It did not disappoint and had the best breakfasts for kids. 

We did some stuff around the house and played outside since it was so beautiful.....Emma was not happy to be left alone inside. 

We got tickets for the Redbirds game Saturday night.  
It was absolutely beautiful out. 

We sat on the third base line, so Mason brought his glove. 

Brody looks way too old wearing that hat. 

Time needs to slow down....

We had a great time.  It just showed us how old they are getting.  We actually sat and watched most of the game.  Did Brody want to play games?!  Of course he did.  But he did just fine watching the game and sitting in his seat until it was time.  

Only $15 worth of ice cream right there. 

There were no bounce houses or normal games there, only a video truck. 

And can't forget the fireworks. 

Sunday morning, the boys surprised me with all kinds of homemade gifts and some flowers to plant. 

We got dressed and headed to church. 

And then had our parents over for a late lunch. 

We definitely got lucky in the family department. 

He's the best. 

Brody was about done with pictures at this point.  
But really, who wouldn't be?!

It was a great weekend with these crazy boys.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.