Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

We have been very busy!!  We had a wonderful first Christmas with our families! We started on Christmas Eve at my Grandmother's house, then Christmas morning we opened our stockings Santa left us, spent Christmas day at my parents, then the day after Christmas with John's family at his parents house!  We were worn out by the end but had such a good time!

I wanted to get his picture in front of the tree but this was the best I could get!

We forgot to take a good family picture!  Im really sad but this one will have to do...
Poor kid...Darlene put this bow around his head!  But he seemed to really like it, haha...this will be one of those pictures he hates when he is older! =)

We took pictures and a video when we woke him up Christmas morning.  We swaddle him now when he sleeps at night (it looks like a straight jacket) but it works well!  When we take it off he always stretches very big!  He is wearing his new Christmas pjs...my mom always gets us pjs that we open up on Christmas eve and wear them that night!

Here he is with some of his toys!!  He got alot of presents!!!  I did not realize a 10 wk old baby would get this many presents at Christmas!!!  But he is loved by lots! =)
(he looks a little shocked here! haha)

Here he is in his nice Christmas outfit.
It was actually one of those outfits

you wear the little knee socks
with, but we did not realize
that until the afternoon!

But these are the shoes Mrs.
Connie got him!  They are
so cute!!!

Brinkley and Mason got to hang out
again, this time Mason was awake!
I can't wait until next year...it is
hard to believe they will be
running around then and will be
able to open their own presents! =)

This is the day after Christmas, we were about to leave for his Grandma and Grandpa (John's parents) house.  This is one of the cute outfits his Gami got him for Christmas...and the shoes again from Mrs. Connie (they matched perfect!)


Mason got to hang out with his cousin Reese!!  Becca, Robert, and Reese came in town for Christmas.  I have a feeling soon he will be wanting to do everything she is doing!  It was REALLY hard to get a picture of them together! =)

On Sunday, we did alot of relaxing!  We were all very tired, but had such a great Christmas!  We are very blessed and have a whole lot to be thankful for!  I can't wait for the years to come. =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2 Months Today

So today was actually the 2 month mark!  So many changes each month...we smile all the time, loves to just lay on his mat and kick his arms and legs, he's following you with his eyes when you walk in or out of the room, and he is sleeping longer and longer through the night.  Last night we slept 9 hours!  But it is usually anywhere from 6-8 hrs. (which is certainly nothing to complain about!

Here is his 2 month picture with the blocks.  He is in one of his new Christmas (well it is just red I guess) outfits.  I think he looks so old in it...but I think its because all of that hair!!!!
  I liked this picture because it shows his cute little rolls on his arms! =)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shots = No good...But All Smiles Today!!

We had our 2 month doctor's appointment yesterday.  We were in a great mood, smiling at Dr. Bubba until it was shot time!  He did not like that at all!  John told him he was a big boy b/c he didnt even cry...he just screamed.  haha   I had to hold him all day b/c he wouldnt let me put him down without crying.  =(  But he finally got some sleep and woke up this morning like this...

He weighed 12lbs 7oz and was 23in long!!!!  We have grown!  He is in the 75th percentile for weight, height, and his head.  We haven't missed too many meals!

Our sweet Emma, who USED to rule the roost, is not too fond of Mason.  She doesn't mind him, but I'm pretty sure she would rather him gone! haha   She does tend to walk over him like he does not exist (and scratch his little face) but sometimes we catch her trying to give him kisses.  We are still working on this issue. =) 

New Beginnings!!!

Our Little Man made his grand appearance October 16, 2009 at 2:53 pm. He was 7lbs 3oz and 21 in. long. We were blessed with no complications and a healthy baby boy!!

My mom, Gami, took off that first week and helped with EVERYTHING!!!  We were so lucky and I couldnt have imagined that week without her!!!

He has been a great baby from the start...eats well, does not cry much at all, and has been a pretty good sleeper!  We are very fortunate!

2 months has just flown by and I will soon hve to go back to work! =(    I cant believe he has changed so much in that short length of time! 

We had Halloween!!  This was John and I's first time to hang out with adults after having Mason.  We went to Jake and Blake's for a Halloween party for a couple of hours and left the little man with his Gami.

I wanted to see how much he has grown each month, so if I remember, I am going to take a picture using the blocks each month.  He really wasn't too fond of it though! =)

Mason's great Grandma Reba comes over on Thursday mornings and watches him to let me run some quick errands.  It has been a HUGE help and I find I can get alot of things done then!  And I think they both like the time to hang out with each other!

We had Thanksgiving with both of our families and it was very nice...but this was the only picture I took!  oops  We had family that was in town that had not seen Mr. Mason yet.  Im sure he really enjoyed it...he didn't have to be put down much because there was always someone willing to hold him! =)

He has gotten to hang out with his cousin Brinkley a few times.  She loves to try to get his hair! =)  He is usually asleep for some reason, but I made sure he was awake this day!  They are only one week apart and Im sure will be just as close as Ashley and I were!