Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet Little Boy

So John and I really thought things were looking up Sunday night.  Well Monday afternoon, Mrs. Pat (the babysitter) called to let me know Mason had a low fever and asked if I wanted her to give him Infant Tylenol (which of course I did).  I went ahead and left work to get him expecting him to be fussy, but he was all smiles when I got there!  He really hadn't eaten much at all though .  Fortunately we already had an appt. scheduled the next morning with Dr. Bubba. 

This morning he was still acting like he felt a little better (but still NO appetite) when we went to the doctor.  No fever and the eyes cleared up!!!!  Yay =)  But double ear infection! Boo =(  Which is the reason for not eating and also waking up twice last night in the wee hours! (which he hasnt done since he was 8 wks old)
Dr. Bubba said his right ear was actually pretty infected, and he couldn't believe he was still acting so good.  He really has been so sweet and the fussiness has been so little. I felt so bad for him.  It has to be hard not to be able to communicate what hurts.

(Oh yeah, he weighed 13 lbs 10 oz - so his weight is right on track!)

Well hopefully this will be the end of all of this sickness! (for now)  We are on Amoxicillin...let's pray he isn't allergic like me, and should start feeling better in a couple of days! I am so ready for him to play on his playmat, "talk" to us, and smile  A TON!  We really are blessed with such a sweet little boy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Better...

So our eyes are OPEN!!!  Today we did a little better, not as fussy.  We are still needing the paci quite often (which is new since the eye incident).  I am hoping that this too shall pass.  It has been such a challange to get him to eat much...we are still trying to get over that cold we had the weekend before. Poor little guy can't catch a break!  We go to the doctor Tuesday for an eye checkup, and I am going to make sure Dr. Bubba thinks he is taking in enough ounces. 
John and I are hoping Mason gets better soon.  We are ready for him to be back to his normal cute and energetic self!!!

P.S.  Mason is in one of his cute new 3-6 month outfits John's mom just got him!

Friday, January 22, 2010

First Late Night Dr.'s Visit...check

Our poor baby boy was laying on his play mat while John was getting his bottle ready last night. He was fussy because he was getting hungry, but all of a sudden he started SCREAMING! He NEVER cries, let alone screams. He wouldn't take the bottle and wouldn't stop screaming unless he went to sleep, but would whine while sleeping. It was very obvious to us that something was not right, the screaming went on for a while. We took him to the after hours doctors office, and all I could say was he was screaming and not taking his bottle when he should be hungry. We also had realized he hadn't opened his eyes once since all his began. No fever either. Well after a very patient doctor (who we were so glad didnt think he was just a 3 mo old crying) and a couple of hours there, they ran a test with drops in his eyes (he absolutely hated it) and we found out he scratched the corneas of BOTH of his little eyes! She said it isn't uncommon in babies this age but very rare for it to happen to both eyes and it is definitely painful but shouldn't cause any problems later. She fortunately had an antibiotic ointment there that we could have that we have to apply 3 x a day. It instantly gave him some relief and he looked up at me and smiled WITH HIS EYES OPEN! It was a great feeling for him to finally get some relief from the pain. He did okay sleeping last night, but has had a rough day today. He is asleep now so we are praying for a better day tomorrow! He has to have a follow up appt on Monday.  We were finally getting over his cold and now this!  Poor guy was mad at us for messing with his nose and now we wont leave his eyes alone! =(

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Good Week

So this week has definately been MUCH easier!  It is also nice only to work late on Tuesdays!  It is just much harder because I only get to hang out with him for 30 minutes AT THE MOST!  I get home and John has him ready for bed. =(  

Well I personally think we are getting too big too fast!  We are pretty much out of 0-3 month clothes and now in 3 months...I refuse to do 3-6 month right now, but I am pretty sure they would fit just fine!  3-6 just seems sooo big, and I'm not ready for him to be that big! =(  There is a little girl Anna Belle at his daycare that is 2 months older than him...you really can't tell a difference in their size (but I say she's just petite =) )

I layed him on his playmat that he LOVES to hang out on, walked away for a second.  When I came back he was on his side.  He is trying very hard to roll over.  I'm sure he is thinking to himself, "Mom, get that coffee table out of my way so I can roll over!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chunky Little Boy

Here is one with the blocks...I'm planning to eventually use these in a scrapbook of his first year.  Well we tried to weigh him on the scale...never sure how well that works but it said he was 14.5 pounds!!!  He is getting rolls everywhere!!!

He seems to be feeling MUCH better today and not as congested.  Mrs. Pat said he had a really good day today!

I think this week is going to be much less stressful.  We seem to have figured out our routine (hopefully).  It wasnt so frantic this morning!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

3 Months...Sick Little Boy

Yesterday, We were exactly 3 months old!  We have been congested the last couple of days but yesterday become much worse! =(  He cannot breathe through his little nose and he is now coughing and sneezing very frequently.  We got a humidifier, nasal solution, and some Vicks vapor rub (had to get some help from Ashley who has already been through this with Miss Brinkley)...so hopefully we will get better soon! 

We had already scheduled an appt. for 3 month pictures so we went ahead and had them taken yesterday.  He did very well considering he was tired and sick! 

So I got the funniest picture of him the other night!  John was holding him, and he grinned so big.  We laughed for a while after we saw the picture.

I also tried to get one
with Emma, but she
would only turn her
back to him! =(

He looks quite confused as to why she wont hang out with him! =)

We are going to take the 3 month picture with the blocks later today.  I also have a video I took of him "talking".  He gets so loud sometimes!  He also figured out how to squeal, it is pretty funny.  The videos won't download onto my computer right now, so I will have to put it on my parents and then I can put it on here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday is Almost Here!!

Well I started back working full time this week!  I really have enjoyed work, but am soo ready for Friday night to get here!  We are not used to getting up to get ourselves ready, Mason fed, changed, and dropped off at Mrs. Pat's (the babysitters) before work.  It has been slightly challenging.  Sunday, we made a plan for who would take and pick up our man. That has definately not been followed!  (poor John...he has been getting to work later than usual this week)  I'm sure it will get better as each day passes!

 They did change my schedule at my Monday - Thursday job!  I used to work from 11:00am - 8:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (most of the time not getting home until about 9:00pm)  But a really sweet hygienist volunteered to work one of my late days, so I only have to do Tuesday late nights!  And I am so thankful after this past Tuesday...I had less than 30 minutes with Mason before he went to bed!

He has done well this week at Mrs. Pat's.  He had a harder time taking naps at the beginning of the week, I'm sure just getting adjusted, but today she said he slept very well! 

He is getting bigger by the day.  I noticed Sunday night when I changed him into a sleeper that it was getting rather small, his shoulders were beginning to show because his feet were pulling it down. But being a bad mother, I left him in it just thinking to myself that it would be the last time for him to wear it.  ( he has another layer with the swaddle outfit so he shouldn't get too cold)

Well John went to get him out of his crib the next morning and asked me if I had put clothes on him because he looked like this...

He was able to get out of the sleeper and the swaddle me!  If something is too small next time...we won't be wearing it!  He was very happy naked though!

Well Emma is doing well, still not sure what this "thing" is in her house.  We would be very happy if she stopped walking on him as if he doesn't exist though! 
John joked tonight that Emma cried much much more when she was a puppy than Mason ever has!  (hence the reason she is in the bed with us!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brr...Its Cold Outside

So of course we didn't get much snow, but we did get a little!  But definately too cold to get a picture with Mason out there.  This was what our backyard looked like...Emma wouldnt even walk out there hardly!

So it was my Special Day
on the 6th (the day I was
adopted) and we went out
to dinner with my parents
to celebrate.  I was
 glad we got a family
 picture! =) He is in his
football outfit Blake
and Jake got him!  It
has ears on the hoodie. =)

So sometimes Mason gets a tad fussy right before bedtime.  Blake's dad (Mr. Voss) holds his grandaughter Sarah Blake like this and it calms her down so John tried it.  I thought he looked so cute like this so I had to get a picture!   (and it did calm him down...weird)

So I promise Im not trying to copy Ashley's last blog, but I guess since they are so close in age they are at he same stages so we are taking the same types of pictures! =)
But here is the little man in his bumbo...we couldn't keep him in it too long because his little head was getting tired. 

And here he is doing his tummy time!  He is not that big of a fan of tummy time but he tries.  haha

So John is out of town for a couple of days for work, so it has been just Mason and I.  I now REALLY appreciate John being home at night because he usually takes Mason anytime he is fussy, hungry, or needs changing then.  He is such a great husband and dad!  So lets just say...Mason went to sleep a little early last night!! haha  But John's work comferences did not come at a very good time because today was his first day at the babysitters, so I had to take him by myself! I actually don't have to go into work until 12:30 due to people freaking out about  the cold weather, but she was expecting him so I went ahead and took him early.  When we got there, he was still in his carseat when I was telling Mrs. Pat his usual daily rouine...well he kept talking and smiling at me the whole time I was talking to her! So it made it a little more difficult to leave him, but I know he is okay. =)  (I am counting down the hours until I get to pick him up though)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010: A Year of Firsts

We have a lot of new things to look forward to in 2010, Mason sitting up, crawling, walking, first birthday!  All kinds of big steps ahead!  I can't say enough how good Mason is!  He is such a happy baby, he hardly cries and he loves to sleep!!  He is sleeping from 9:00 pm to around 7:00 am straight!  I go back to work next week so we will have to start actually waking up the little man to go to the babysitter's house.  =(

Well John and I went with some of our friend to see Ole Miss play in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas this year so we were there for New Years (we left him for the first time ever and it was 4 days!!! We had a good time but were glad to see him when we got back!)   Mason stayed with his Gami and Pops a couple days and then his Grandma and Grandpa a couple days.  I think they all enjoyed it! 

Here is John and I in
front of the new Cowboys
Stadium!!!  It was
awesome!  The nicest
place ever!

Here is Mason with some                    
of the other new babies in
the Stark family (John's
Mom's side).  They got to
go to the Family Christmas
in Watervalley, MS while
we were out of town.

Well I am so sad this is my last week off with Mason.  I know he will be fine but it is so hard to trust someone with your child!  I am very fortunate we were able for me to take 12 weeks off.  We aren't doing much this week, just hanging out the two of us! =)  We did have to go to the grocery store yesterday and had to bundle up...it is FREEZING outside!  They say it is going to snow Thursday! =)  But here is a picture with his cute hat on before we layered up.