Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting so Big

So they are working on my will probably take a while. =(  But John did get his old laptop that he had in college from his parents house.  Hopefully later tonight I can upload some pictures. 

Mason has been doing so much lately!!  He just started rolling from back to tummy the last couple of days several times!  So now he just rolls everywhere! =)

So we had a moment last week where we realized how much Mason has to be at Mrs. Pat's house.  John went to pick him up on Friday, and he was sitting in the bouncy seat PLAYING with all the toys hanging from it and making them play music by pulling them down!!!  He asked Mrs. Pat if he had just begun doing this.  She then went on to say, "Not too long.  Just a couple of WEEKS!!!"  Since we get him so late during the week, we just hold him, feed him, give him a bath, and put to bed.  We had no idea he was grabbing at these toys because we haven't really given him a chance to show us.  =(  Sad.

The last couple of days he keeps blowing bubbles in his mouth and making noises with it.  He continues to do this for hours!!!  I took a video of it so hopefully I can put it up tonight.

He started to do much better with the rice cereal, so we gave him green beans!  He likes them!  We gave them to him last night and tonight.  He is getting better and better at each feeding.    I thought tonight when I picked him up that he is really starting to put on some weight!  He is getting a little heavy! =)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Computer Problems

So our computer crashed! =(  I haven't had the time yet to call Costco to see if there is anything we can do.  I'm really bummed.  Reguardless...we have lost the pictures! =(  I am so mad at myself for not putting them on a flash drive.  I still have the sim card but they were all edited. 
I am using John's work computer, but he has let me know I am NOT allowed to download pictures! =)  Hopefully we can get this fixed ASAP.

But...Mason was four months old on the 16th!!!  I cannot believe it has been four months!  Hopefully I can update with pictures soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a fun-filled weekend.  Sophie came in (the giraffe teething toy), and I couldn't wait to open it!  It is the number one baby item on Amazon and EVERYONE says it is a must have. is pretty much just a replica of a dog chew toy??? (but much more expensive)  He does like it...but so does Emma (especially when it squeaks! =)  )  It might cause us more problems than help! =)

Mason got to hang out with his cousin Brinkley, and he was sooo excited!  It had been long overdue!  It was definately entertainment for us though.  He kept trying to roll on her (throwing his legs up in the air), she was trying to take his paci out of his mouth so she could have it (she can put it in her mouth by herself!!!!)...but her fingers were so close that Mason was trying to suck on them!  It was hilarious!

And here is sweet

Well we did put up the highchair.
Mason was not too fond of it just
yet...I think the bib, highchair, and cereal were too much at once!  He doesn't look like he minds it much here...
But as you can see unhappy little dude! =(
(I wish you could read his bib.  It says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my Dad.")

We then switched to the bumbo and it was MUCH better.  Still not very fond of the whole idea, but he is catching on!

Well of course Valentine's Day was yesterday, but it was also Grandma Reba's birthday!!! Mason really wanted to go see her because it had been so long and he used to see her every Thursday! 

Grandma Reba set the table with a pretty red cloth, a flashing red bear so Mason could watch, and some Reese's Pieces (in honor or Reese since she couldn't be there).  I thought it was so cute!

Well sorry this post ended up being so long!!  But just two more pictures...

Here is Mason in that cute outfit our friends Dave and Jenna got him (that he wore Superbowl).  I just love it, so he has already worn it again! =)

And last but not least.  We had just gotten home from somewhere (?), and Emma immediately crawled into Mason's carseat with him in it!  So, I think we have had SOME improvement with the two of them! =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Year Ago Today...

we found out we were pregnant!!!!  And I was sick as a dog with the stomach flu!  I cannot believe it has been an entire year!  I'm pretty sure me nor John will ever forget that day!!  We had a TON of emotions going through our minds!  But we could not be more happy...we are sooo blessed! 

We went from this...

to this...

What a perfect and healthy little boy! =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So yesterday we went for our follow up appt. to check the ear infections and went ahead and did the 4 month check up! (shots included...sad face)  It was a week early, but as long as the shots from 2 mo. and 4 month are 6 wks apart it is okay.  His ears are not infected anymore!  They did still have some fluid around the drums, but Dr. Bubba said that should go away on their own...unless he catches another cold within the next two wks and then he will probably end up with ear infections again! 

Here he is after we were weighed.  I had to take his picture in the mirror because John couldn't make the appointment.  He had already missed quie a bit of work the day before due to the snow.  You can see, he was in a VERY good mood!

He weighed 14 lbs 2 oz. and was 25 inches long!  He has started to finally put back on some weight since all this sickness!  We just upped his intake to 5 oz. at most of his feedings.  He is in the 75% in height and 50% in head and weight.  He is such a healthy little boy.

I tried to get a picture of the both of us but it didn't turn out so well! 

Well we can now start trying the rice cereal.  I bought a bowl and spoons but haven't bought the cereal yet.  I might try to get some tonight after dinner.  We also need to put together the highchair I it might be a couple of days! =)

He did get a fever after this set of shots.  He still had some fever today also, hopefully we won't tomorrow.  I really think he did better this time though, he wasn't as clingy and still smiled all day.

He LOVES this orange toy that is shaped like a dog.  He tries to grab it all the time.  I just thought this picture was cute!  He's like "Why are you making me reach for my friend Mommy?"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another SNOW DAY!!!

                                So last night, the news did not say much about the weather except to expect rain and possible a "dusting" of snow in the afternoon.  Well, we woke up to this...

And it was STILL snowing!!!  Talk about surprise!!! 
My boss called at 6:15am, and I could not figure out why in the world he would be calling.  I answered about the same time I looked out the window, and the first thing I said was "Holy crap!"  He knew I must have just looked out the window fortunately!  haha  So I didn't have work today, and John went in pretty late.

They say it is supossed to rain some today while the temperature  is above freezing, and then snow again tonight...but who knows?!?!?

We did take some pictures though...

Busy, Busy Weekend

Friday night John went with his dad to the Grizzlies game, so Mason and I went to my parents' house to eat dinner and just hang out.  We had a great time visiting, and Mrs. Connie came over!

Saturday, we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned all morning!! =)  This was VERY much needed!  I also went ahead and did my weekly grocery store shopping and added the things I needed for the Super Bowl.  So John and Mason got to spend some good quality time together all day! =)

Saturday night was girls night.  My good friend Lyndsey cooked a VERY good dinner for us girls, and we had a great time just hanging out.  Mason came along and had so much fun!  He loves attention, and he definately got plenty!  So I guess it was a girls plus one cute little guy night. =)  John got to spend some time with the guys eating wings and watching the UFC fights.

Mason didn't really go to sleep very easily Saturday night; he really wanted to suck on those fingers now that he is teething.  They say that your baby will tell you when they are ready to be unswaddled, and I guess he did.  We decided to try it Saturday and last night and he has slept perfectly.  I had been a little worried about the transition, but it worked great!  So no more swaddling!

Sunday we went back to church!!!  We haven't been since Mason arrived!  I cannot believe it has been that long.  It was very nice.  We didn't put him in the nursery so all the people we sit with could see him.  I think they were so happy to see him, but it was VERY hard to pay attention because I was so worred he was going to cry during the sermon.  (he never made a peep)  We will either try to nursery this coming Sunday or the next.  Here we are before we left.   (he looks thrilled   haha)

After church, we went to Humdingers!!!!  It is sooo good...not too expensive and pretty healthy!  It is a little spicy though.  Definately our new favorite place.

Sunday night was of course the Super Bowl!!! I'm actually not that big a fan of the big game because I never end up watching the game!  Our friends Kevin and Jessica had a party, and we had a great time with good friends and way too much food!  Mason got to go to his SECOND party of the weekend!  He wore the cutest little outfit that our friends Dave and Jenna bought him, but when I started taking pictures he was already in his jammies! =(

Someone took
this picture far
away so it's blurry.
Mason was asleep
here in Will's

Here is Jake holding the little dude.

This is when Mason was getting VERY sleepy!  Sherene was trying to rock him to sleep! =)

So needless to say, Masom is exhausted today!  With such an eventful weekend on top of teething = very tired little boy.  His teeth are sooo close to popping through.  I ordered this teething toy called a Sophie Giraffe...I cannot wait until it gets here!  It is the number one baby item being sold on right now, and all the reviews say the babies love them.  We have been trying different things.  Mrs. Connie told us to try a cold, wet wash cloth...

 And we have been using the teething ring his Aunt Becca, Uncle Robert, and Reese game him because it fits in his little mouth!

So I didn't intend to write such a long post!  Sorry!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 10

So I just had to post a couple of more pictures of the ice we got. I know we all hate the ice and rather have snow, but Sunday with the sun shining it was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I caught myself passing my parents' house just to see more. This is part of a tree in their backyard.

This was the was solid ice!

Ok...on to Mason!

We haven't had much of an eventful week...THANK GOODNESS! Just finally getting back to normal...except for the sleeping through the night issue! I would have thought I would feel so much more exhausted waking up in the middle of the night EVERY night for two (almost three) weeks, but it really hasn't been that bad. I guess your body knows you really don't have time to be tired with crazy work all day and a 3 1/2 month old waiting for you
when you get home! =)

We have been trying to use some of Mason's toys. Here he is with his glow worm he got for Christmas from John's sister Cheryl and her kids Elizabeth and Josh! It plays music and the face lights up...he loves it! =) But I am now going to be waiting on a phone call from my Dad now that I have posted this. I can already hear him, "You are giving him a DOLL?!?!?!" (he likes him to have "manly" things) haha

Here is the little guy taking a bath (while sucking on his fingers). We decided to give him a mohawk! Right after this picture was taken, he then proceded to poo in the tub! eww This is due to the Amoxicillin we are still taking, and I am proud to say this is day 10 of the meds!! Yay! No more!! =) He is probably just as excited as I am!

Our First Big Milestone

Well they were saying we were going to get about 6 inches of snow yesterday, but we ended up with mostly ice and a little snow! (of course) I didn't have to go to work, and John left work at one so we had a nice relaxing Friday! I went to the store in the morning to get food just in case we were stuck in the house for a while. =)
I'm so glad we cut the trees down in the backyard...I would be scared to see what that would've looked like this morning if we hadn't. Every branch on the tree in the front yard is frozen!

Well we haven't been doing much this weekend because of the weather and it is just so cold. I know babies are not supposed to watch t.v., but it is sooo hard sometimes to get his attention away from it! He was watching basketball with daddy here. =)

We are almost back to normal! Appetite is slowly coming back, but we are now in the habit of waking up during the night again since all of this sickness. I am really hoping we can get this back to normal VERY soon! The Amoxicillin does mess with his tummy a little bit though. =(

I know it is early and the doctor said probably not, but he wont get his little fingers out of his mouth! I'm just wondering if he is maybe trying to get some teeth in. Mrs. Pat noticed his lower gums are swollen and you can feel the little teeth, but who knows?

This morning we were playing on his mat and I was trying to get a picture because he has gotten sooo much better with tummy time since they have been working with him at daycare. (I guess I just didn't have the touch??) But the little booger rolled over for the first time!!!! Yay!! But we have hardwood floors on one side and a wooden coffee table on the other! I had to catch his little head so he wouldn't get a concussion!!
(You can see in this picture he is about to go!)

So we had to get out the new fun mat we got for Christmas! (thank you Grandma Reba) It is a circle that is bigger and has all kinds of fun things hooked to Emma thinks it is hers! I got a video of it on my digital camera so I could download it on this computer. Please excuse our voices on it! (mine is a very high pitched baby voice and you will get to experience how worried John is about EVERY move Mason makes!!!) =)

That was about the fourth time he rolled over! I just can't believe he is growing so fast!!!