Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Fun!!

Well we had a relaxing weekend and ready for this short week so we can enjoy a long weekend! We are looking forward to it especially because John's whole family will be in town! John's sister Lana and her family, who are living in Italy now, are coming in town this week; and Robert, Becca, and Reese will also be here! Mason is excited to meet Lana, Jon, Grace, and Carlo and looking forward to watching everything his cousin Reese does!! =)

I love taking pictures of Mason while he sleeps!!!  He seems to always end up in the cutest positions! =)  Here he is with his arms over his head.  (I know they are supossed to sleep on their backs, but it is impossible now...)

Since The Little Man has found A TON of interest in Emma, I can't stop taking pictures of them.  It really is just so funny...John and I laugh almost as much as Mason!!!  (Emma of course...not so funny)

Found the tail!!!

We went to The LaPlante's house for a crawfish party Saturday afternoon!  We had a lot of fun and the weather was so nice!!  Mason did very well...he of course had Emily, Lyndsey, and Blake entertaining him! 
I decided to put him in something other than onesies since we were going to a party.  He has this trendy little Ed Hardy shirt and we found some cute pants to go along with it!  (I know, I know...Ed Hardy???  Yeah, John doesn't even have one of those!!!)

As I was writing this post, I went in to check on Mason while he was napping and this is what I found...
Again, I love these pictures but his little mouth was open and he was sleeping so hard!!  So sweet! =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

False Alarm

So Mason has had a bad runny nose for the last few days.  Sunday, he started crying during most of his bottles and not finishing them as well as waking up at some point in the middle of the night.  Last time this happened = ear infections.  So just to be on the safe side, we went to the doctor this morning.  But false alarm, just have an unhappy congested little boy.  The doctor really thought he was going to have ear infections though, but fortunately not!  He was still not eating very well today and who knows about tonight??  We shall see. 

He had such a good time playing on the table and watching himself in the mirror!!  He could not stop laughing!  Again, I had to have my hands ready because you never know when he is going to roll over!!  He will hardly stay on his back anymore!!

He weighed 15lbs 14 oz!

Well we haven't been doing too much these days.  The weather has been so nice, so we get to go for some afternoon strolls!!  It is so funny how you never see your neighbors in the winter and then the first sunny day everyone is out!

I love his big blue eyes! =)

Well it is getting a little harder to take pictures of him because he is grabbing and reaching for EVERYTHING so it is a little hard to get him to pose!!  He really wanted my camera here so I took a picture.  He did get the strings...

Here is him playing in his bouncy chair!  He loves grabbing the toys and making them play music

Peek a Boo!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 Months!!!

I cannot believe he is already FIVE months old!!!  It does not seem like he should be that old yet!! =(  Well we took this picture this didn't turn out very well so we are going to try again tomorrow.  I had the stomach bug yesterday, so I was pretty exhausted this morning!! 

*Well I'm not sure how much he weighs??  Last time we checked I think it was about 15.5 lbs but I bet he is closer to 16 now. 
*He eats a jar of veggies everyday, he loves them all!
*Eating some rice cereal before his bedtime bottle (with a little bit of fruit added to it)
*He is a rolly polly...if you turn away for a split second you might loose him!
*He goes to sleep at 7:30pm and wakes up when we get him up for the morning  (as happy as can be)
*He talks all day long to the other kids at daycare...Mrs. Pat says sometimes the kids scream back at him! =)
*Loves him boucey seat, jumparoo, and just laying on the ground!!
*Wearing size 2 diapers
*Can still wear 3-6 month clothes, but just started this week wearing some 6 months Little Man is growing up!!

We got all dressed up this morning for St. Patrick's day!  (this was actually taken tonight after he ate his dinner and spit up on his outfit! haha)  The cutest part of his little outfit was on his back...
(look at his swirlie on the back of his head! =)  )

So I wasn't sure which picture to post, so I decided on both of them.  Mason has REALLY started noticing Emma.  He has for a while now, but it is like he really wants her to come and play with him.  He completely stops whatever he is doing when he spots her!  I think we are going to have to start protecting her a little bit more!  He would not stop trying to grab her Monday!  He got her once and squeezed her skin...she yelped.= (  

This one he is going in with both hands!!!!

P.S.  Look at this crazy hair!!!  But we are finally starting to grow more in where we rubbed it off! =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Been A While

Well the computer is still not working...we recieved the system restore cds in the mail and of course, it still didn't help.  So we will be calling them after work tomorrow!  Again, I downloaded these on John's computer and I'm not able to edit them very well here but oh well!

We have been busy the last couple of weeks!  Here is a picture of Mason sitting in his bumbo laughing at Major (my parents' dog)...Major will have to run from Mason before we know it!!

Mason loves his talking/singing dog that Santa got him at Christmas.  It has a heart that lights up too...he stares at it forever!

The weekend before last my good friend Brittany got married!  The wedding was beautiful and we had such a good time seeing all of my friends!  The picture of all of us girls is horrible but here is one of John and I.

Here is me with The Little Man.  We are trying to get him into liking his Lamb just as much as he likes his burp cloths!!  Haha  (in the background is my workout mat that is all rolled you can see, I need to get that out! :) )

Ok, so The Little Man has some crazy hair some days to say the least!  It is sooo long on the top but he has rubbed alot on the sides off. He had just woken up one morning and I had to get a picture.  He again is grabbing his feet and doing the best he can to roll over.  We have to be VERY careful to not take our eyes off of him now!
Bath Time

So I think this is the sweetest picture ever!  As soon as you lay Mason down to sleep now he rolls right over on his tummy.  I love this picture because he has his cute little butt up in the air and his mouth open. 

Side Note:  I promise I wash his crib sheets, but this particular day he had just spit up ALOT.

John and I got back this afternoon from Las Vegas.  We went for our 3 year anniversary that was on Wed. March 10th.  We had a WONDERFUL time, but very exhausted today! (and I'm sure will be tomorrow at work)  We were very excited to still be up money on our last day...but we quickly learned it can disappear VERY fast!  haha 

John's boss and some salesmen gave John some things to show their appreciation for the work he does for them for our trip. They got us tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show The Beatles Love! It was AWESOME!!! It really was very good and I would highly recommend it.

The show was at The Mirage. When that was over we went over to the Mandalay Bay to go up to The Fountain Room (another treat from John's coworkers). They had placed our names on the list. The hotel/casino is at the end of the strip, the Fountain Room is on the top floor and has THE BEST view of the strip. My camera is not very good with bright lights in the dark but here is a blurry picture anyways.

John's coworkers were sooo nice to do that for us!  I just kept saying that is was the nicest thing ever!  It definately made our trip that much better!!!
It is never good to take a huge college sports fan to a city where it is legal to bet on games...especially the wkend before the NCAA tourney so conference games are on! haha But I do have to say it was very fun to experience. I thought it was so strange that older men and their dazzled up wives would stop by to catch the end of a game to see if they would cover before going to an expensive dinner! I guess you can only do things like that in Vegas though! =)

Oh yeah...I did try to bet on a couple of horses and failed miserably (just betting the minimum of 5 bucks though)! I think we realized on this trip that I might possibly be THE WORST gambler of all time! =)

I did take a picture of the place that litteraly took the money I brought to gamble with within like one lie!! haha 

Last thing about Vegas, I still think it is crazy that there is a hotel names The Wynn (after Steve Wynn), but I have never met another Wynn before!

So we were very excited to get home to The Little Man!!!  And I think he was excited to see us! =)  I took this picture tonight of him eating...he LOVES baby food and will now eat the rice cereal if a little bit of peaches or pears are in it! (thanks Becca for the good advice...worked like a charm!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hijacked John's Computer! =)

Well I just think after all of my complaining about not being able to blog, John gave in and told me to download pictures, transfer to the flash drive, and then ERASE! =)  Hopefully my computer will be fixed next Wednesday (keep you fingers crossed).  I just have a few pictures from the past couple of weeks...

I never posted Mason's four month picture with the blocks.  (it is the same pose as his 3 month...oops)

We have been doing alot lately!!!  We LOVE vegetables!!!  So far we have tried, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  He loves them all!  He really likes the orange category so far...he ate a little too many sweet potatoes and we probably stained everything that came within two feet of us! =)  We are trying the veggies just once a day at dinner and he is eating half of the jar.  (well except for the sweet potato day...entire jar...oops, we are both learning!)  He does not really care for the rice cereal much?  We are working on it! =)

He loves loves loves the bouncy seat (well the toys hanging down) and the jumparoo.  He of course isn't jumping yet but loves just sitting and playing with the fun toys that make music!  We learned from Mrs. Pat that the jumparoo works better with small pillows or a small towel stuffed in with him too since he is so small still!

So several days ago, I was folding some laundry and asked John a question from the other room.  He wouldn't answer and I was getting frustrated thinking he wasn't listening.  I walked in and this is what I found...

I thought it was so cute!  (John even has spit up on his shirt! haha)
He just looks like a Dad here! =)

My friend Brittany from hygiene school and her fiance (will be husband in four days!) got Mason a pair of New Balance shoes for Christmas!  They are soooo cute, and he loves them. =)  They are slightly big which is good so he can wear them alot more!

Speaking of feet...Mason has found his!!!  And let me tell you, he is the squirmiest (if that is a word) kid in the world when I am trying to change his diaper!!!  Goodness!!  Im sure it will only get worse!  He loves them though!

I can't remember if I have already talked about this, but he is now also rolling from his back to tummy.  You lay him down...he rolls EVERYWHERE!  In one second he can roll halfway across the HARDWOOD floor! 

Sorry for the long post, but it has been a while and our little man is growing so much so fast!!  He is still as happy as can be!  He is just the best little baby (and it isn't just us that thinks this...Mrs. Pat is constantly telling us he is the best she's ever had!!!)  But don't tell anyone...the other mothers would not be happy! =)

Here is one last picture...I just liked it.
(you can see the ducky towel in front of just gives him much needed extra support)