Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Grilling Season!

Mason is already learning to grill salmon!  (actually John carried him outside when he flipped our tasty fish and Mason went for the spatula!!!) 

He is getting so big though!  He grabs for everything, and the other night he wanted the computer real bad...
He actually looks like he is typing on it here.

And here is the Little Man trying to do when he does best...suck on his toes.  Either his toes or his fingers are in his mouth 24/7.

So we had our first baby shower to go to! We were so excited (well Im sure Mason wasn't)  John's cousin Scott and his wife Renea are expecting a baby boy (Tucker).  The shower was so nice, and we had a good time seeing his family!

Here he is before we left sitting in his bumbo.  He is wearing the cutest little outfit Robert and Becca got him for Christmas. 
Here is the smocked part a little up close and personal.  John of course REALLY likes this outfit. =)

Well since it is getting pretty warm and sunny outside, my mom bought him a hat!  He was like "What in the world did you put on my head Mom?!?!"  The doctor told me that April and May are the months that he sees the most severe sunburns so we need to keep him in the shade. 
It does bother me that they have the cutest little bonnets for little girls; but boys...just a baseball cap!  Oh well!

Well we have started working on our backyard!!!  Yay!  We laid the stone for a flower bed in one corner and bought some flowers.  Maybe it will quite raining for a few seconds this weekend and we can get more done!  I will post some pictures later! =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long Day

This morning started off a little weird...
        I took off today so I could have some dental work done and take Mason for his 6 mo appointment.  On my way to the office after dropping Mason off, I was driving down our street and saw this black lab (the office, Mrs. Pats, and our house are all VERY close).  Well he looked JUST like my friend Lyndsey's dog (they live down the street)...even had a red collar!!!!  (well later I saw a little yellow also...oops)  And to make me sound a little less dumb, Tucker HAS gotten out before. 
        I came to a halt, tried to get "Tucker's" attention, and called Lyndsey.  (whom by the way was dead asleep!)  She answered about the time I had gotten out of the car and was trying to figure out how to get this dog in my car.  Well about that time, the owner of the house and apparently this dog comes walking out wondering what in the world I'm doing.  Of course this is the same time I see the yellow on the collar.  Lyndsey then tells me he also should have a shock collar on (also meaning he probably wouldn't get out).  I just hopped back in my car and drove off!!  What a great way to start the morning! 

Anyways, I was at the dental office all morning getting a crown on my front tooth because it was so dark (it died, so it had a root canal a long time ago)  I think it turned out soo good!!!  I took before and after pictures...


It is usually sooo hard to match just one front tooth.  We usually actually recommend doing both of the front teeth, but we were going to try this first.  I'm so excited how it turned out! =)  Thank you, Dr Adams!

I had a little bit of time to spare, so I decided to go to Babies R Us and get a baby shower gift.  I am thinking that maybe I should never go shopping alone again!  Instead of buying ANY baby shower gifts, I bought this...

John and I had just recently had a conversation about really trying to save more money, and only buy things we really NEED.  This was definately something we wanted in the near future but certainly not needed.  It will be so much better for the zoo, our daily walks, etc. 

BUT it was on clearance!!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  It had speakers for your ipod and even a pedometer (like I will be running miles or anything!)  It was less than even the cheapest jogging stroller, so I just couldn't leave it there!  I also was able to use a 20% coupon on top of the John was completely okay with it in the end! =)

Ok...on to the sweet baby!
Here are a couple of 6 mo. pictures I have taken. but I don't really like them too much.  I will probably take more this weekend.

He did well today at his doctor's appointment.  Ashley gave me a HUGE tip and I just carried him in my arms instead of in the carrier; so after the shots, I just picked him up and could leave.  MUCH BETTER!!!  Anyways, I think I'm done lugging his little chuncky self around in that carrier!  But we only cried for a couple of seconds! =)

Weight: 16lbs 12oz  (50%)
Length: 27 inches  (75%)

So basically we have a healthy tall and skinny boy! =)

Here he is when we got home in daddy's arms...

I love love love his outfit!  My mom got it for him last weekend. 
This picture makes me laugh.  He is thinking, "Mom, please stop taking me to get shots and stop taking pictures of me!!!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We haven't been up to much lately...just working and sleeping I feel like!  Last weekend we did go out to dinner for a friend's birthday and hung out for a little while after.  We had a great time!  John also got to play golf last weekend, and I think he really enjoyed it. 

I really just have alot of jumbled up pictures...but I think pictures are the best anyways. =)
Here is my mom and Mason (with his blank face)

And here is the little guy just lounging around!

We did get to see Brinkley this past weekend for a few minutes.  She was asleep when we got there and when she woke up...Mason went to sleep!  But here she is with the cutest little dimple showing! =)

And here is her sweet little foot...I love this picture.

So Mason was on his blanket just playing and I walked away for ONE second!!  I come back to find him all the way to the chair mad because he couldn't get the recliner handle off!  Im sure soon enough we will be running all over the house chasing him or getting him out of trouble. =)

We have been walking around the block everyday after work when it is pretty (which has been almost everyday).  Mason LOVES it!  He just dangles his little legs and looks at everything.  Sometimes it does wear him out though and he falls asleep if he is tired.  Here he is asleep after a long walk.

Well we go tomorrow for our 6 month checkup...I will update after! Have a good Thursday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Camera!!

So our new camera has arrived!!!  I took one picture, and I knew I was in love! =)  It is fabulous...I have it set on automatic because I have NO CLUE how to focus myself but I am hoping to get much better!

Mason was asleep the first night we were messing with Emma was our subject. =)

I cannot believe you can actually see her tongue and teeth so clear.  Her eyes have always been so squinty in all of my other pictures due to the flash, but it actually captures what she really looks like. 
(And I have not edited any pictures yet)
Well I am sure you can tell I am very excited! 

Mason is 6 months old today!!  I CANNOT believe it has been 6 months!  The time really does fly by.  I am going to take his picture with the blocks in the morning when he is in a good mood. =)  I did take a few pictures tonight though in a cute baseball outfit my mom got him back in the summer. 

The Little Man is doing very well.  We are done with the round of antibiotics for the ear infections now.  Sleeping very well at night and eating well still.  All in all...the world would be a much happier place if we were all as happy as Mason is! =)

And here he is eating his yummy veggies. 
(Please disregard the stupid face I am making...)
By the way, my sweet husband had to show me the easiest way to feel him his food tonight (and boy was he right!).  I usually just prop him up on the couch, and he thought I was crazy when I tried it tonight.  He actually has him every Tuesday night when I'm working, and many of the other nights he picks him up after work and is in the process of feeding him when I get home. 
Highchair = much easier!  That is how Mrs. Pat feeds him also, so he is very used to this. 

Well we are planning on having a fun relaxing weekend again!  Hope the weather stays nice and everyone has a good weekend!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brower Family Pictures

This one is of everyone!  I look VERY large...and this is with some editing!!!  =(   I will never wear this shirt again!  But I will now stop complaining...

Mason would not look at the camera because the sun was in his poor little eyes.

Here is our little family. =)

Here is Robert, Becca, and Reese.  (I think this is such a good picture by the way!)

Here is Jon, Lana, Grace, and Carlo!  Look at his cute dimples!  (these are our wonderful relatives, John's sister and family, that we will hopefully be seeing in Italy one day!!)

And all the females.

And the boys.

Ok, so I haven't even showed these to Becca and Robert but I love these pictures of Reese!   I think she looks so pretty. 
Obviously it is hard to take a picture of a five and a half month old in the bright sun  (who was also feeling terrible!) but here he is with his runny nose.
Well we had an uneventful weekend (well Mason and I did).  John got news on Friday that he was going to get to go to the Sunday day of the Masters...lucky guy, I know.  (thanks to his friend Brian)  So of course he hopped into the car on Saturday to go...grinning ear to ear. 
Mason and I really just hung out with my mom shopping and eating!  We went to lunch with Mrs. Connie, Ashley, and Brinkley Saturday.  And we hung out with Grandma (John's mom) on Sunday after a stroll around the neighborhood.
It was the nicest weather this weekend!!!  Im going to soon have to start working on my tan with it getting this warm...not ready for summer clothes yet!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


So I already mentioned John's family took some group pictures, but i don't have them these are all Easter sunday pictures.
(BEWARE: there are alot of pictures)

This was right before we left for church.  His outfit is light blue/white with a chick on the front...and our first pair of white sandals! =)

I think he looks so much older in these pictures!

He opened an Easter basket at his Pops and Gami's...he was all about digging right into it!

He wasn't used to the darkness with the sunglasses so he just stayed real still!!  haha   So we decided to have him look cool and sit them on top of his head! =)

Finally found the good stuff...FOOD!!!

Easter Family Pictures

We have got to remember to start taking pictures of Mason with other people!!!  He is usually by himself, but every once and a while John and I will get in a picture and then of course Brinkley.  We are getting a new camera so I am going to really start working on this!!

Well Miss Brinkley came over to my parents and I took A TON of pictures!  We all just stood around and watched the two of them.  They are always so funny when you put them together!!  I think Mason really liked Brinkley...he tried to eat her! =)

(she looks like she thinks it is funny he is eating her!  I hope this isn't a sign we have a biter on our hands!!)

He is about to attack...

So somehow they stopped moving for one second and I got the SWEETEST picture of them holding hands!!!  I LOVE IT!!

Here is sweet Brinkley...
And one more of The Little Man...

We had a wonderful day!!!  (except Mason being sick...but he did feel MUCH better Sunday than he did on Saturday) 
We are so blessed to have two families that love us very much!!  So glad it was a fun filled family weekend!