Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Daily Routine

I thought this picture was cute but I completely forgot to post it the other day...

just watching some tv!!!   =)

So when we get home from work (or on the weekends), we feed Mason his dinner and then the fun begins!!!  He does like his walker and jumparoo but he LOVES being free on the ground!  I thought I would share with you Mason's everyday adventures! =)

Well we have many fun toys to choose from...

Found my star so off to my mat to play!!! to the blinking cable box!!!!  Looks much more fun!

Man...Daddy put me back on my mat away from the fun cable box!!!  Well then I will make it hard on my daddy and not sit down, I will stand!

Okay then, I will try to stand up on my toy and get VERY mad that for some reason it just doesn't ever work!!!

Okay then, off to the spinning coffee table that my parents OBVIOUSLY weren't thinking about me when they purchased it!!!  It is not kid-friendly at all!!! 

After my mean mom picked me up and decided to change my diaper (which I hate by the way) she let me run naked for a while!!! =)   So my next mission...pulling up and standing on my walker...that moves!!!
***look at Emma just running!!!!  she is always trying to get out of the way when The Little Man is on the move!***

As you can see, we are constantly moving him from one place to another!  He's always getting into things, but he is certainly worth it!!  =)  He is so sweet and just laughs and giggles all the time!  We love him so much!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bath Time!

Gami got Mason some bath toys!  He loves them and makes bath time even MORE enjoyable!  Thanks Gami! =)

We have been a little fussy the last two days and have some not fun poop diapers but we are hangin in there!  I never posted his eight month pictures but I completely agree with Ashley... it is getting MUCH harder to take these and honestly, I didn't really get one.  haha

I think this is is sad but for some reason I kinda like it. =)  He wanted that block sooooo bad! 

This past weekend was pretty much yardwork and party fun!  We (actually I should probably say John) laid more sod Friday after work...aka sweat his bottom off due to the 100 degree weather.  John got to enjoy a game of golf Saturday while Mason and I ran some errands.

  Saturday night we had a going away party for Mica, one of my dental hygiene friends. (she ended up getting sick so she didn't make it)  It was at my friend Stephanie and her husband John's house down the street and we got to take Mason!  He was soooo excited so he took a bath, he picked out his new cute outfit, and by the time we got there...he was EXHAUSTED!!  Not happy and ready for bed!  We kept him up for a few minutes to say hello to everyone and then popped up his pack and play and off the sleep he went while we all ate dinner.
Megan, me, Tara, Brittany, and Stephanie

John and I

Stephanie and John (hostess/host)

Brittany and Brett

Tara and Rusty

For some reason I don't have a picture of Mark and Megan! =(  But here she is with their child Tokey...

We took a group picture but it really didn't turn out that well!!

Sunday, we both did a ton of yardwork!!!!  Oh my goodness!!  I don't know if I've ever sweat so much!!  When will it be fall?!?!?!  Sunday afternoon we all three went to a friend and coworker's 30th birthday party!  It was at Katie's inlaws house and everyone swam, except of course for us because I didn't bring our swimsuits!!!  I don't know why...not very smart when was 100 degrees outside!  But we still had a good time and glad to celebrate the big 3-0 with her!

Well today was Monday but it was a good Monday because I just love my new job! =)  I am just so much less stressed and feel like I can enjoy my wonderful life with my sweet little boy and my awesome husband so much more! =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our First Injury

When I walked in to pick up Mason today, Mrs. Pat immediately said "we had a little accident".  The Little Man decided to pull up on the end table, then fell, and hit his little cheek on the corner of the table. He has a little bruise and Im sure we have PLENTY more to come!!
***note:  We have repeatedly tried to get rid of this orange nose...only green ball peas and green beans for a week now!!!!  It must be permanently orange!***

John has a new little activity he has decided to do everyday when he gets home from work (especially since I pretty much pick up Mason every afternoon now that Im so much closer...he used to feed him his dinner every night and now I do it).
They read one of his books!  Mason pays pretty good attention too...I think he loves it. =)

And here he is...

standing up!!!  Crazy! 

 He can pretty much pull himself up on anything now.  Tonight he tried taking a couple of steps closer to me (while holding onto the coffee table) but I was so worried that I had my hands around his waist!  I know I say this often but he really is growing up too fast!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soooo Behind!!

We have been busy, busy, busy lately which makes us sleepy, sleepy, sleepy!
 The Little Man has a whole new look on his jumparoo...he loves it again!  He bounces until he falls asleep.

We have been pretty busy, so I haven't updated in a while. 
Last Friday night we went out to eat for my friend Brittany's birthday dinner at Swanky's.  Yum!  The new Swanky's closer to our house is a tad different than the others.  You sit down and order from a menu and the salad was soooo good!  We then got a good night sleep and Mason got some time with his Gami and Pops. 

Saturday morning we went to Reese's 2nd birthday party!  It was Mason's nap time when we left to head to Covington and he slept the entire way!  (it was also nap time on the way home!!)  He had a fun time and did pretty good.  He hates being held for a long time .  We held him as long as he could and then just let him loose! =)

Here is the birthday girl!!  (notice her wings she had put on)

Here she is with the high heels in her dress-up treasure box she got!  She's starting early! =)

Opening up more gifts

John and Robert with their mini-mes! 
***notice she just wants to blow her bubbles and he only wants to play with his new ball***

John, Mason, and Great Grandpa James

As you can see here, Mason was worn out by the end of the party!  Here, Reese is waving goodbye to him because we were about to leave!  So sweet.

Here is Grandma Judy, Reese, and Mason 

We had such a good time at the party!  It was a brunch with some yummy food and we had a fun time seeing everyone and celebrating the beautiful Reese!  I think she had a ton of fun!  Mason couldn't keep his eyes off of her and her cousin Cabe playing together.  He wanted down with them sooooo bad!  When he finally got down, he was trying to eat Cabe's shoes...which Cabe thought was funny and Reese kept saying "no, no, no" and shaking her little finger back and forth!  It was priceless.

 Well Sunday was Father's Day!!  Mason got up early and gave John some stuff for his grill (and an IOU for an Ole Miss navy blue game polo that they are currently out of his size!)  I made HOMEMADE (no Bisquick here) waffles, sausage, and eggs. 

This is the only picture I got of Mason and John...I'm a horrible mother!  I can't believe I forgot!! 

Here is John trying to sit the Little Man back down...he is now pulling up to his feet!!!!  Yes I said feet! 

Playing on his mat...trying to find something to get into

We then went to see Grandpa Larry.  He had to go to work soon, so we just hung out for a bit. (and again, I forgot to get a picture of Mason and Grandpa Larry) 

Then we went to Pops house to visit. 
Im so thankful for my awesome dad!  He loves and supports me (and my family) so much and that's all I could ever ask for! =) 
I think Mason looks so cute here. 

This kid just will not sit still anymore!

We had a great weekend and Father's Day. 
 Words cannot express how much I love and appreciate my husband!  He is the best father anyone could every wish for, and I am certain Mason already realizes this. 

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!  (the new job is GREAT and I love it!!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So it has begun...

We are constantly running after Mason now!  He is into everything and anything.  This morning I laid him down on his mat in the middle of the floor with his toys, and two minutes later this is what I saw...

I got up, put him back on the mat, and ONE minute later...
***note:  yes, that is dust on the coffee table***

The Little Man is 8 months old today!!!!  Crazy!!  I just can't believe it.  So I am going to follow the trend and do one of those monthly stats:

*still has 5oz formula every 3 hours (when awake)
*cereal in the morning
*vegetables for lunch/dinner
*either a yogurt or a half jar of cereal before bed
*army crawling EVERYWHERE
*pulling up on knees
*sitting (and this morning got into the sitting position all by his self)
*weighs probably about 18 lbs now!

Well a little update on our yardwork!!!

This is the Summer Flock we got from Grandma Reba.  I wasn't sure what it would look like when bloomed but it is gorgeous!!!!  I love it!  It has many more blooms popping up!

Here is a different color of the Lillies that has bloomed!

And our newest purchase, this umbrella to cover our patio furniture from Target. (alot of their summer stuff is on sale now!)  I love the pattern and it will look great at his first birthday party theme!!! =)

I will take some 8 month pictures either tonight or in the morning and post them.  This morning is yardwork time and this afternoon I have to go into my new job!  Have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend!  Saturday, Mason and I got a TON of things done while Daddy had to go into work for a couple of hours (and go to the golf tournament for several hours!).  We cleaned, did all the laundry, and put alot of junk up!  Of course, you can't really tell tonight because I think everything is back where it doesn't belong!

I took a couple of pictures this week of Mason in his walker with one of his favorite things to play with...a star from his toy that you stack things.  He loves it for some reason!
**we are working on getting rid of his little orange nose!**

Well we had a slight problem this weekend...Mason is pulling up onto his knees with the side of his bed and then looking over the rails!!!  I think I have said this before but we now HAVE to lower his matress in his crib! 
***he is a little upset because I had to go and get my camera...oops***

Here is was today...all up on his noise machine!

He has been pulling up on his knees now on just about, furniture, you name it!  I feel like we have just chased him all weekend! haha

Here is was this morning before we took him to his Grandma and Grandpa's house while John and I went the golf tournament.  His eyes are HUGE in this picture. 

John and I had a good time at the St. Jude Classic.  But we did walk a hundred miles (it feels like), got a tad burnt, and literally sweated the ENTIRE time!!!  Fortunately we had some club passes where we could at least get cooled off.  It turned out to be a great ending though!  They had to play four extra holes because of a three-way tie!  Exciting, but I am exhausted now and ready for bed!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!  This is my last week at my current M-Th job and I start my new job next Monday! =)