Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Guess I forgot About the Blog!!!

So it has been a while!!!  We really have just been very busy lately.  I just feel like we have been going to work, then getting Mason fed and ready for bed, then we do our workout video.  Let me tell you a little about these workout dvds...it is called Insanity and it is INSANE!!!!  Fortunatly John and I are doing them together but they are really just plain awful...I have never sweat this much working out in my life!!  So lets hope it works!!! =)

Last weekend John and I headed to Nashville for Will's birthday!  We stayed with our friend Brian and had a really good time!!!!!!!!  We got to get out on the boat Saturday...I could get used to that!

Here is Mason before work on Friday, he was so sad to have to say bye to us.  (but excited to have fun with his grandparents)
(my hair looks short and funny here)

I will backtrack to Thursday first:
We had his doctor's appointment for his 9 month check up!

Weight: 18.8 lbs  (25%)
Height:  28 inches  (50%)

We officially have a skinny, tall little boy! =)  While we were there, he started doing the weirdest thing with his mouth!  But it was sooo funny, my mom and I couldn't stop laughing.  (I didn't think I could get off and John had meetings so my mom took him, but my last pt. cancelled and I got to go!!!!)

*****As you can see here, he moves non-stop!!!  And I am not sure why he is making out with himself in the mirror! =)***********

The doctor did also notice fluid in his ears and was a little concerned, so he was nice enough to give us a prescription JUST IN CASE.  Well wouldn't ya know...the moment we headed out of town he starts running a fever!!!  So we are currently on antibiotics for another ear infection!

Here are some pictures from the trip to Nashville.
Ran into my dental hygiene friend Karen!

John and I on the boat in "Party Cove"

He won't ever take a picture with me!  haha   =)

Me with all the skinny girls.  haha

All the boys

John and Will on the tube

John and Will about to fall off the tube.  =)

The pretty sunset!

Almost finished....

And here is the cute little clean dude tonight!

And here is the evil culprit...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! =)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

9 Months!

On Friday, the Little Man was NINE months old!!!  I mean, in three months I will be posting blogs about his first birthday party!  (which I am already buying things for)

Here he is on Friday morning!

He would not stay still!!!
(I will upload the block pictures tomorrow.)

9 Month Stats:
Weight: maybe 19 lbs??
Height:  Long!  haha

*Crawls (finally real crawling after army crawling forever!)
*Pulls up on anything
*Walks around the coffee table
*Thinks you can let go, but instantly falls down!!!  (we have to watch you like a hawk!)
*Says da-da, and finally saying ma-ma
*waves bye-bye (backwards)
*Takes 4 5oz. bottles of formula
*Eats cereal for breakfast, veggie/fruit for lunch, veggie/yogurt for dinner
*Snacks on any of the puffs, etc.
*Quite possibly the sweetest, cutest little boy ever =)

Here he is playing with his toys this weekend.  We had a very relaxing couple of day...lots of playing and eating I feel like!  Look at these sweet little hands...

Today, Mason and I went to one of my good friend Julie's baby shower.  They are having another sweet little girl and Payton is gonna have so much fun with her baby sister when she arrives!  I picked my mom up before we headed over there and snapped a quick picture with my parents.

He did so well at the shower, especially since it started about nap time!

And here he is when he woke up from his nap after the shower...
Sleepy little boy with bed head!!!

I didn't take a single picture at the shower!  Im so mad at myself because he got to hang out with my friends and friends' moms and had such a good time!  We also went to Corky's tonight with John's parents and again didn't take a single picture...I am going to have to hire someone at the rate
im going!

Last tidbit...
Last Saturday when my parents had Mason while we were in Illinois, my mom and Mrs. Connie took Brinkley and Mason to have their pictures taken!  I was so surprised and so happy!  They are so cute!! 

 Aren't they too cute?!?!?!

Monday, July 12, 2010

All About Mason

Hello!!!  I am getting so big and I make all kinds of faces and sounds! =)

I love this picture, it is so funny!

He loves taking off John's glasses...

But he does not like wearing them! =)

"Mom, the flash is waaaaay to bright!!"

"Okay, much better!"
I just think he is the cutest, orange nosed little boy ever! =)

He has been doing so good lately.  Just learning new things daily!  Today, Mrs. Pat said he stood all day!  He wouldn't sit, crawl, or play...just stood at the couch and walked the length of it back and forth all day!  I think he might just be the most active little boy in the world!!!  He makes me tired just watching him!

Wedding Weekend

John and I both took off last Friday and headed to Illinois for our friend Jeff's wedding!  We had never been to Carbondale (and all the little towns around it) and I wasn't sure what to think.  Well it is beautiful!!! 

Friday night we went to the rehersal dinner which was at a local winery.  Turns out they have like 12 or so wineries there. I had never been to one.  Our view was sooo pretty!

This is an awful picture...I was slouching because my heels made me quite a bit taller than John. 

Here is Ben and Melissa (our cabin mates)

All the boys:
(John, Ben, Brian, Jeff "The Groom", Will)
All of the guys pretty much were roomates throughout college.

All of us minus Brian's girlfriend Clair who couldn't make it. 

Ok, well I didn't get the picture I wanted (should've just brought the good camera out) but there were bats flying around EVERYWHERE!!!  I think they like the grapes??  I don't know, but I had never seen any before!  (you can't see any in this picture either)

Saturday morning, the guys (9 of them) played golf on the course that our cabins were on which was pretty neat.  Us girls went to eat breakfast at the lodge in the state park and then decided to lay out at the pool there where I got fried!!!!  The cabins were pretty cool where we stayed so I took some pictures...

There was a tower by the lodge that we ate at and we decided to walk to the top of it.
***I thought this picture of the tower was pretty cool***

Here was the view...

So I guess this is a long post because we are only at the actual wedding now!!  Here is John and I at the reception.

Brian and Will

Ben and Melissa and us

The female singer in the band singing to Brian.  haha

So the guys were all in the same fraternity at Ole Miss.  Each year when they had a new pledge class after rush, they had to all take a picture on a firetruck.  (i think it was a symbol of Pike or something?)  Well, there was a firetruck in front of the reception place and Will got all sentimental on us and made them all take a picture.  =)
It was dark and the pictures did not turn out well.

This is the only picture of the bride and groom I got!!!  I know...terrible. 

John, Brian, Will, Catey

All in all, we had a GREAT time celebrating two wonderful people and hanging out with great friends!  It was so good to see everyone!  Jeff is one of the nicest guys I know and he and Jenna are perfect for each other.  We are so happy for them.  Its about time she became a Dusch!!!  (yes, you pronounce the name just as it looks!)  They own the name though...just before group pictures were taken Jenna said, "On the count of three, everyone say Dusch's!!!!!"  It was hilarious!

But I also wanted to say, if anyone ever needed a place to go with someone special where you just wanted a close, relaxing trip...this would be the place!  They have small lakes with beaches, cute cabins and lodges everywhere, and these wine trails I was talking about earlier.  You can take a tour of several wineries!  It really would've been really fun to do!  And it is only three to three and a half hours away!

 I will post a couple of pictures of the Little Dude in a minute on a seperate post!