Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Nice Weekend!

I actually didn't have to work this past Friday, so we scheduled a doctor's appointment for Mason to see the ENT.  His infections should had been cleared up at this point since it was his last day of antibiotics, but of course he had quite a bit of pressure and fluid still in both ears.  The doctor really doesn't think all of these infections have been getting cleared and then two weeks later we need antibiotics again.  He recommended we go ahead and get tubes and his adnoids taken out (which will hopefully help with all that congestion).  He said Mason was a textbook example of someone who needed tubes.  =(  But hopefully this will help and we can stop taking all of these medications!!!  I just hate that our Little Man is going to have to be sedated! So sad, but I know he will do so good and probably won't even phase him!  We will schedule it tomorrow when the office calls.


Mrs. Pat let us take home Mason's newest favorite toy for the weekend.  He has learned how to push this little car.  He got sooooo excited when he pushed it, so of course we just had to go out a buy him one of his very own!  His new one is Tow-Mater! We got a video of him with Mrs. Pat's from Friday night. 

We woke up Saturday morning and had eggs and french toast.  Mason got to eat breakfast with us at the table and he LOVED it! =)

I mean what kid doesn't love syrup all over his food?!?!  =)

Since the weather has been so nice lately (well not a hundred degrees outside) we decided to do something outdoors.  We went and checked out the Memphis Farmer's Market downtown and I was impressed!  We just strolled around and looked at all the fun stuff.  They had fresh flowers, produce, meat, and everything else.  I definitly want to go again when I remember to bring cash!!!! 

We had a fun weekend with our Little Man.  He is learning so many new things these days!  He did a couple of things this weekend and John and I both said how fast he is growing up.  He will probably be walking before we know it, he started drinking from big boy cups (I could probably switch all together from bottles but I'm gonna wait a tad longer...that just means he isn't a little baby anymore!!!), he is eating ANYTHING we put in front of him, and last but not least...he is learning how to throw some pretty good tantrums.  I mean throws his full body on the ground screaming and two seconds later smiling.  Here he is right after one....

and then he threw another little fit because John picked him up!  haha   But look at those big blue eyes...ya gotta love him! =)

That is all for now!!!  Everyone football starts this week!!! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Haircut!!!!!!

The Little Man's hair had gotten a tad too long...we had a mullet in the back!  Fortunately for him, he has a Great Aunt who has some hair cutting skills up her sleeve and who loves him so much to come from Nashville to snip that mess on top of his head! =)

We had a small audience and a pretty cooperative little boy.  It did take several people to make this happen though. =)  But do not worry...we took millions of pictures to capture the event!

We put him in his highchair and also had new blocks for entertaiment. 

"What is going on here, Mom?"

I love this picture!   =)

I love, love this picture!!! 
"I see those scissors Mrs. Peggy!!!"

Just chillaxing.

"I'm not too sure about this..."

Okay, so this is when it turned into a team effort as well as overstuffing a 10 month old.  We had to take him out of his highchair to cut off the mullet.  To do this John had to hold him and I constantly fed him puffs.  (about half of a canister!)

"I see you!!!!!"

"When will this be over?????"

These two started giving him even more puffs!!!

They even let him stick his entire arm in the canister!

The final product!!!!
***we got a bin for all of his toys instead of them laying all over the house...he really likes it! (as well as me!!!!!)***

Well we had a big weekend!  Mason did soooo well with the haircut and Mrs. Peggy was awesome!!!! We appreciated it soooo much!  Although he does look so grown up now!!! =(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ewww, what is that?!?!

Well I got a call from Mrs. Pat this morning and Mason had drainage just pouring out of his left ear.  Gross I know but that also meant he definitly had an ear infection.  He had been acting a little fussy and sleeping restlessly but not tooooo bad, so I honestly had no clue! =(
John took him to the doctor this afternoon and sure enough he has double ear infections.  His right ear actually is probably hurting worse because he got all that pressure off of his left ear when it started draining.  Another round of antibiotics and a list of ENTs is what John and The Little Man came home with.  He is already sleeping alot better tonight!!!
When I got home and saw this "drainage"... ewww!!!  Let me tell you, it was more like leakage!!!  His little shirt even had that mess on it!     I felt so bad for him because we didn't even know!! =(
We will schedule an appt. with an ENT once we decide who we will go to.
Last but not least:
the Little Man weighed in at....drumroll please....
19 lbs and 1 oz!!!!!!!!! 
  (such a sweet, LITTLE boy)

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Little Man is...

10 Months Old today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I say this every month, but I cannot believe he is this old!  He is learning something new everyday.  He has the best little personality and is the most loveable little guy ever. And personally, I think he's just the cutest! =) 
***the remote makes him sooooo happy***

This picture is from Saturday morning.  He is chowing down on some eggs and biscuits.  I think he is going to love food as much as his mommy! =)

Here is the little guy playing with Emma's kennel.

I really did think he was going to hop on in but he didn't!!

"Am I gonna get in trouble?!?!"

"Okay, here goes nothing!"

So...we had a slight problem with his shorts today.  Mom noticed an outfit she had bought him a while back that was still in his closet with the tags on it.  She wanted me to go ahead and have him wear it since it was a 6-9 month outfit (and he did turn 10 months today!!!!!).

I put him in it this morning.  He is pretty hard to get clothes on and off, so by the time I saw his shorts were too was kind of too late.  I warned Mrs. Pat when I dropped him off at daycare and just assummed he would be running around in his diaper when I picked him up this afternoon. 

Here they are all rolled up!  Haha.  I can't believe they aren't even close to fitting!!! 

When I walked in to get him, Mrs. Pat told me that he had them on for a little while today.  But when she picked him to change his diaper at some point, toys just started dropping out of his shorts!  I guess his shorts were so big that he didn't quite know what to do so he thought "hey, why don't I just store all of my favorite toys?!?!?"  I laughed sooooo hard!

Anyways, I started looking through his closet tonight to see if any shorts would fit him and I found these...

They fit pretty well...but they are THREE months!!!!  Yes, that's right, three months.  As you will recall, we are TEN months.  Guess we have a little guy on our hands! =)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finding New Things Everyday!

I found out I can sit under the coffee table!!! Yay!

*** notice BOTH of the remote controlls***

  I have been working hard on letting Mason know he cannot play with our remotes.  This morning John had already taken away my magazine (which Mason did not like) so he thought this was a compromise to play with the remotes?!?!?  A compromise????  haha 
Looks like I'm going to have to be the "tuff one"!

Last night my parents came over for a minute to see Mason.  John was working late again so I was glad to have company.  We took a few pictures in his cute outfit.

Mason LOVES to try to pull all my dad's pens and things out of his shirt pockets.

And apparently he loves to eat his face...

Well we have a pretty lazy weekend ahead of us!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some New Moves!

We have just been in our same good ole routine lately. 

Here is Mason and Daddy just catching up on our daily fix of the Ole Miss Rivals website.

And then, Mason got a little bored...

"Mommy, help me!!!  Daddy is OBSESSED with Ole Miss football!!!"  =)
****just kidding John!***

Well we have learned a couple of new things lately...

1.  temper tantrums

They are over anything such as computers, remote controls, cell phones, etc.

2. Crawling/Standing. 

This child will start crawling and then straighten up his legs like he can just stand on up???  Im afraid standing up by him self is soon to come!

Here are a couple of cute pictures of him taunting Emma from inside...she was not very happy about this AT ALL!!!

That's all for now!