Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have been busy and I have made no time for the blog!  
John and I went to the game last weekend....WE WON!  Couldn't believe it!  Mason had a fun time at his Gami and Pop's house.  

Here are just some randoms from the week...

Here we are working on the whole milk.  It is good as long as it isn't too cold!

 Here he is for gameday!  He wasn't at the game but he sure was cheering for the Rebels!  I bought this outfit a while ago but had my mom put his initials on them!  I think it turned out so good!

Always messing with Emma's kennel...

The Little Man with his sock monkey.

Well it has gotten much cooler here...thank goodness!!!  Fall has finally arrived.  We had to get some new clothes out to cover this little guy up!  Here he is looking cute in a long-sleeved and pants outfit.  I don't think he was too sure about it at first!  
He is always grabbing the remotes when we turn our heads and scooting them around like they are cars.  He loves anything cars!!!  That is actually going to be his little birthday party theme at daycare!
 ****note:  he did wear socks this day!***

"Pick me up, Mommy!!!!!"

So he found a whole new room the other night...the guest bedroom.  He was so excited!  Then he found John's football.  At that point, I'm not too sure who was more excited, John or Mason!  

The football was about as big as he was but he was determined to pick it up and throw it!  He had a ton of fun. 

Here he is just hanging out with his toys standing up.  He hasn't been taking many steps lately, but he can sure stand up all by himself without pulling up on anything. He does it ALL day long!  Sit, Stand, Sit, Stand.  It must be exhausting!

  It was Mamaw's (my grandmother) 91st birthday today!  After work, we went to her house with the family and ate dinner.  We love Mamaw sooooo much and wish her a very happy birthday! 

I will post pictures either tomorrow or Friday from the bday dinner and Mason in his cute new shoes and jeans! =)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gameday looks like it is going to be a VERY long season for us Ole Miss fans.  We weren't supposed to do much this year, but we had hope when we got a transfer quarterback that is very talented.  But one man can't do it all (and I can't imagine how bad we would be without him)!!!  Oh well, we will still cheer them on loud and proud!

I was going to take pictures of what gameday in Oxford is like and I even charged my camera, but for some reason it didn't take the charge and it was dead. =(  I will do it next week! 

We had a tough decision all week if we were going to bring Mason along for his first game.  We left him home last weekend and didn't bring him to the first game.  At the beginning of the week, it didn't look like it was going to be too hot but as the days went on the forecast was getting hotter and hotter.  Last minute we asked Grandma Judyand Grandpa Larry to babysit (and we thank yall soooooo much!).  Turns out this was probably the best decision we have ever made!  I have not been that hot in a while, and we all got VERY sunburnt!  We looked like we had been to the beach, and are still feeling it today.  Ouch!

I did buy Mason an Ole Miss jersey but all they had was a 2T.  I decided to go ahead a get it, he can wear it this year with just a diaper or shorts and will probably be perfect for next year!  And although he wasn't with us, he was still reppin the jersey!

#9 was just the generic jersey.  I can't wait to get him one with Brower on the back and him in the grove throwing around a football with his daddy. 

Before going to Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

And after...he was so sad and confused as to why we lost!  haha j/k

Please take a moment to look at how red John is!!!  That is no editing was that bad outside!  Again, we are soooooo glad we did not take him!!!

Me and my Little Man! 
(I have some pretty bad tan lines now)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our First Steps!

Yes, that's right...Mason took his first steps today.  I was off today and dropped him off at Mrs. Pat's today for a couple of hours.  When I came back in they were waiting for me to walk in the door because they were so excited to tell me he had walked!  He took three steps from one toy to another!  We got him to show me there and he took four steps walking to me before falling down.  He has done it a couple of times since we have been home this afternoon!  We are on our way to walking!

We were 11 months yesterday!  Next month we will be talking about his first party...just doesn't seem right! 

Well we are headed to Oxford tomorrow for the Ole Miss game.  We haven't decided if Mason is going since it is going to be pretty hot and sunny.  I have a jersey and an outfit that he will wear either way!  I will post pictures later.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I just had several pictures to post.

These are from our trip to New Orleans.  I didn't really take many pictures though.  =(
(some are stolen from Mrs. Terry's facebook page!!!)

just us the first night!  so much fun!  and yes, we auto set the camera to take this picture =)

Beneighs from Cafe Du Monde Saturday 6:30 am  (of course we still wake up that early even in New Orleans!!)

The square/river downtown after breakfast.  So pretty. 

John and I eating lunch at Desire on Bourbon Saturday afternoon.  Yum!
***John's eyes always half shut with this camera!***

Ben, John, me, Mr. Sandy, and Melissa at lunch

John, me, Mrs. Terry, Melissa, and Ben at Razzoo on Bourbon!


The Superdome!!!  So apparently Tulane has NO fans...I mean none!  But Ole Miss brought a ton!!!  It was almost like a home game!

We snuck down to Ben and Melissa's front row seats!
So close to the field!

Jenna and I after the game at The Beach on Bourbon...she will kill me for putting this up here if she happens to see it!!! 

Bourbon late night.  So many Ole Miss people!  


On to the Little Man!!!

Here is the big boy before his surgery...

And here he is after!

Barbara and Dan, who work with my mom, got Mason the cutest stuffed animal!!!  Its is Eeyore and he LOVES it!  He had it at the hospital and he is still dragging it around with him.

Here he is drinking out of a big boy cup.

I never posted a picture of Mason's new shoes.  He did pretty well with them on too!  Not to mention how cute he looks in them! =)

Mason did very well today at daycare.  They actually said, "We thought he wouldn't scream so loud since he should be able to hear better, but he yelled just as loud!"  haha     He is always just screaming for absolutely no reason.  What a crazy kid!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Surgery Day

We had tubes placed and adenoids removed this morning.

We had to be at the surgery center at 6:00 and of course Mason couldn't have anything to eat or drink since midnight.  We got ready and got him up right before we left.  I was a little worried about how fussy he would be without his morning bottle when he woke up, but he did great!!!!  We had to be in pre-op for almost an hour, but they put on Finding Nemo (which John and I are going to have to buy so we can see what happens in the end!!!) and I think Mason liked the colors in the move so it kept him occupied. 

The anesthesiologist and doctor both came in to explain the procedures, and then our Little Man was gone....for about 20 minutes.  Our doctor told us the surgery went well, but he had so much thick fluid behind his ear drums that it was even hard for the suction to remove!  He said they call it "glue ears".  Since they were so bad, he said that Mason would be able to hear AT LEAST 35% better!!!!!  Poor thing!  We thought he could hear just fine.  He even said it could help with his balance.  We are very glad we had the procedure done though! 

Mason did really well after.  He cried pretty hard when he was waking up, but about an hour later he was really starting to become more like himself.  We were pretty lazy the rest of the day.  He was just fussy and pretty clingy.  I think he will be just fine in the morning! =)

Very glad he is okay and very, very glad it is over and no more worrying about it! =) 

Side Note:
He weighed 19.6 lbs and was 29.5 inches long! 


John and I went to New Orleans last weekend for the football game.  We had a great time!!  I will post some pictures later on this week.  I will also post pictures of Mason from today.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast...

Mason is growing up way too fast these days!  We are getting much, much better with the sippy cup (he is really good with the cup that has a straw).  I think this picture with his cup makes him look like a little toddler.  =(

It was even sadder when he ate ALL of his dinner last night.  It was the first time for us to try this particular type of food (pretty much just an expensive Chef Boyardee), and John and I both said he probably wouldn't be able to finish it all...

All gone!!!!  He loved it. 

He gets very bored these days with regular baby food, so I guess we are onto big boy foods only now.  He so far has been pretty fond of everything we have given him!

We absolutely LOVE our brush.  Always have.  He recently has put two and two together and realized it is for brushing his hair.  Now he usually is holding it backwards but still...pretty smart little guy.  This will entertain him for a while these days. =)

He also loves bath time.  He is splashing much bigger now...I certainly cannot have my work clothes on if we do this in the mornings.  =)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Like Mother Like Son

I noticed yesterday afternoon when Mason was having a snack that he kept putting his sticky cheese puff hands up to his ears.  Now I don't think he intentionally shoved them into his ears (like his not-so-bright mommy did when she was a little girl) but I did manage to get a picture of some remaining debris and was also successful with removing it all.   = )

We also have a couple of teeth coming in at the top (I think by the end of this weekend it could possibly be four!).  I do believe this is the cause of Mr. Grumpy that decided to make an appearance this week. 

Well it is time for football!!!!!!!  We are headed to the Ole Miss game tomorrow to watch our new quarterback (who finally got cleared today...THANK GOODNESS!!!!).   Can't wait to take Mason to a game this year! Hotty Toddy!