Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Us

John had to go out of town for work this week and left Mason and I home alone!  He was so sad to head off to Las Vegas.  Ha

Mason has decided to wake up at least 30 minutes early the last two mornings...what a nice treat for me! =)  But I did notice today that his upper front teeth are finally coming in, so maybe they are bothering him.

After work/daycare, Mason and I have been coming home, eating dinner, and just playing, playing, and more playing.  He had a slight problem with his new race car track and I had to get some pictures.  He was a little confused at first I think...

He decided to sit in the track.  The inside of it actually spins around but his weight wouldn't let it move.  I really think he was more worried about it not spinning than him sitting on it. 

 "What in the world Mom?!?!"

I, of course, was laughing, so he took it that he was being funny.

Finally figured out how to slide on out of there.  

 Here he is this morning.  I loved his cute sweater!  He looked like a little man.

 Eating Cheerios

We are definitely ready for Daddy to be home, but we are having good quality Mommy/Mason time.  Tomorrow night he gets to go to Bunko!!!  (although it will start at his bedtime, but it is at Gami's house so we have a place to sleep)

P.S.  We also hope Daddy hits the jackpot!!! =)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys!

We have an overload of toys!  Now that we have had Mason's birthday party at our house and his birthday party at daycare, we could possibly have enough toys to share with every kid in Memphis.  I'm. Not. Kidding.  We have many of them still in their boxes in his room.  We are trying to open them one at a time so he has something new and fun all the time to entertain him.  I cannot say enough how blessed we are with our friends and family!

Here he is just chillin' on the side of his Cozy Coup.  (don't worry about his safety...his dad is always there to catch him in case he falls!)

 "Move outta my way Mom! I'm comin through!"

Playing with his race track.  He has figured out how to make it spin all by himself!

I love love love this shirt!  

This kid LOVES cars!

Just walkin...

Practicing mowing the lawn for the spring.

We were going to head to a pumpkin patch today, but it is raining.  It hasn't rained in a very long time so we were glad.  But of all days!

***Notice all of the toys on the ground!***

He does not enjoy staying still for a picture these days. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Boy!!!!

We ended up being sick ALL week!  Attempted to go back to daycare Wednesday, but I got a call from Mrs. Pat at noon that he had a fever again along with a rash all over his body!  Mason finally went back on Friday and had a great day.  I thought we were going to have to cancel his big birthday party!

Well our sweet little baby boy turned ONE on Saturday!  I cannot believe a year had already flown by.  I don't think a year and nine months ago I could have even imagined having a baby, and today I can't imagine our lives without him!  He has just brought so much joy and happiness to our whole family!

We did a sock monkey themed birthday party and the colors were red and blue.  We originally thought maybe the Ole Miss game would be on during the party but it was much later.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Mason did sooooo well!  I had been very worried about this because of his regular nap schedule, but we changed it up a little and it worked out well.  

Since our house is smaller, we decided to order some tables and chairs for the backyard so people could actually sit somewhere.  The only thing I wasn't thinking about was the sun...and boy was it bright!  It wasn't until about 4:00 until we got some shade.  

I took a million pictures (as well as Lyndsey) so I won't post them all!  Here are the pictures from the fun day! =)

We had peanuts on all the tables!  Yum

Cozy Coup!  Yay!

Reese pulling Mason in his shiny new wagon!  

The spread.

 Blake, Brittany, and Becca (and the sun)

Reese.   I love this picture of her!

Poor kid...his pants were too long!

Mason and Brinkley eating ham sandwiches!  Who knew they could eat them???  They are sooo big! =(

Melissa, Blake, Emily, Stephanie, Brittany, Jessica (with baby Jacks), and Lyndsey.
Thanks so much for coming! =)

Present Time!
He just started digging right in!
 Cars, cars, cars

My dad wanted to get him a jack in the box.  His reaction was priceless when it popped up!  (it kind of scared me a little too and I knew it was coming)  John and I both forgot to get the camcorder to video, it was charged and everything!

Cake Time!

"Yummy...Are they just going to let me keep eating?!?!"
"Help me!!  It is EVERYWHERE!!!"
 ****We had a bath immediately following this picture!

Payton and Reese had a good time together.
They kept screaming, "Wee!"

The only family picture we took.  Mason isn't even in his original bday outfit!

Grandma Reba and Grandpa James with the tiger they got Mrs. Judy on her first birthday.  (Mason got a tiger for his present too!)

Funniest picture of the day!
The girls were in the tent my dad got Mason and Grandma Reba was trying to get them.   They were all screaming.  It was hilarious!

 Robert and Becca
So glad they are back in town!

I found this on my camera and have no idea what they are doing but I love it! =)

Look at those sweet, blue eyes. 

Reese had her arm around Mason, so sweet. 

Reese eating hot wings!

Lyndsey took this picture and I think it is awesome.  My mom and Mason were playing with the jack-in-the-box.  

Lyndsey throwing Mason in the air.  Him loving it.

Standing in his wagon.  What a cutie.

The guys watching football.

"What did these girls put on my head?!?!?"

"It's my birthday!"

All these toys and what are we playing with...the boxes!

We had a wonderful day if I haven't said that a million times by now.  I do wish we had taken more pictures of the people who were there to share the day with him.  

Our Little Man is just growing up too fast!