Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankgiving 2010 - Part 1

We started Thanksgiving morning off with watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  It is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving and I hope Mason will love it as much as me!  He certainly was getting into it when he was dancing to the music!

We went to my parents' house on Thanksgiving day.  Ashley and Brinkley came over to play.  It was definitely nap time for Mason.  Here is Miss Brinkley in her pretty dress!
 And here is Mr. Mason rolling those big blue eyes! ha 

 fighting over toys!

She was dancing.

And he started falling asleep!!!

Only picture we got and John's eyes are shut. =(

John giving Mason golf fish.

My camera is completely out of focus here.  Darlene, John, Mason, and Tami.

Uncle Wayne and Mamaw

Gina and Uncle Wayne 

Friday morning, I met my Mom at 5:00 am to tackle some fun shopping!  We got some great deals...the best we have done in years!  So excited!  I cannot wait to wrap them and put under the tree! 

I will post our second Thanksgiving tonight!  Have a great day!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We didn't have much planned this past weekend.  It was very relaxing and much needed! 

 Mason has never been much of a t.v. watcher (he didn't get that from me), he would rather play all the time.  I was catching up on Oprah Friday night and the Black Eyed Peas performed.  Mason stopped dead in his tracks and started dancing.  It was priceless.  We laughed the entire time!

 ***he spilled milk on the ground here***

Saturday morning his toy of choice was this nice Bud Light box.  It was very convenient for him to carry it around as well as put all kinds of goodies in it...such as my cell phone, a can of Rotel, jar of peanut butter, all the kitchen rags!  He would put everything in there and then pull it right back out to start the process over again.  I wanted to take it away at first, but once we realized this would be entertainment for a while....we could have cared less that it happened to be a beer box! =)

This is totally random but this is a tree across the street from our house.  This time of year it turns completely gold or yellow.  I had to take pictures of it because probably by tomorrow all the leaves will have fallen to the ground.

I picked up a can of cranberry sauce at the store and decided to see if Mason would like it for part of his dinner.  Turns out, he LOVES it!!!  We had a mess on our hands when he was done though.  

We played this game tonight where we would put his teether on his head and he would slightly move until it fell off.  He thought it was hilarious...whatever we have to do to please him!

Last but not least, this child HATES to wear socks.  He is okay if he has shoes on, but socks alone...hates it.  Well apparently it bothers him when anyone has them on!  Here he is trying to pull mine off (and gets rather upset if he was unsuccessful).  

When I got him from daycare, Mrs. Pat told me Farris (5 months old) wore a sleeper today with the feet in it.  Farris was on his tummy playing and Mason started dragging him by the footies across the floor!!!!!!!!  I thought I was going to die when she told me this!  Of course in his eyes, he was just trying to get his "socks" off.  I never know what this child is going to do each day!

We only have a three day work week! Yipee!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13 Months

Mason was 13 months old yesterday! 
We got his weight Friday at the doctor's office:

  • 21 pounds!!!  (50%)
  • 30 inches long  (75%)
  • we eat all "human" food as I call it.  mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, pizza, any veggie, any fruit, chicken and rice, etc.
  • only takes a bottle morning and before bed
  • we have mastered sippy cups
  • walking everywhere (tried to run tonight and fell down)

Just the past two weeks, John and I really feel like Mason is becoming a little boy instead of a baby.  He is talking sooooo much more, walking...just nothing a "baby" does.  So sad.  Here are some pictures of him growing up before our eyes!

It has gotten cold outside so we need a hat to bundle up!  Someone doesn't look too happy about it though!

Here is our big man getting on and off his Tow Mater all by himself!  He does this all night long now.

Such a happy little fella.

I can even pick up my big truck and take it anywhere!

I chase this little girl all over the house...she runs for her life! =)

I can drink from my sippy cup while walking around!  Two things at once.

And I love to push my lawn mower and tug along my Tow Mater at the same time with my big muscles!

My Gami has been keeping me this week.  I have been having sooo much fun playing ALL day long!  I came home today looking like Alfalfa!

 I cannot imagine our lives without this energetic little dude.  We laugh all the time with him around!  We got a pretty funny video of him tonight giggling.  His little giggle can make anyone smile!


 So this is random but I was proud!  Our grocery store near our house always has homemade pizza dough from their bakery.  I bought some this week with some pizza sauce.  All I did was roll is out onto the pan, put sauce on the dough, then cheese, then added whatever ingredients (we used pepperonis, peppers, onions, and mushrooms.  Much cheaper than Memphis Pizza Cafe and sooo good and very cheap!  Here is the before and after!

From this post, you can tell our little baby is now our sweet little boy and John and I do not eat very healthy! =)  Hope everyone is having a great week!  Turkey Day is just a week away!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Knoxville Trip

Last time I blogged we were leaving for Knoxville Friday morning.  Well of course plans don't usually go that smooth...we ended up taking Mason to the doctor Friday morning before we left because of a red toe.  Yep, I said red toe.  I know that is strange (only us) but I had been watching it for a few days and it was spreading.  Turns out the Little Man has Cellulitis on his toe so we needed strong antibiotics.  He seems to be acting like it doesn't bother him, and the medicine appears to be working! =)
After that, off to Knoxville we went!!!!  We rode with Becca and Robert.  Of course we got into a little traffic from a dump truck that had gone off the road (John and I have had BAD trips to Knoxville in the past), but this was the best trip by far!!
We were able to get dinner Friday night at a great sushi place called Nama (I'm pretty sure).  This is the first time EVER that we have done anything on the first night were got there because of the longer drive, so I had to take pictures to prove it!  Ha

Here is Becca and Blake at Downtown Grill and Brewery after dinner.


Catey and Will

We didn't stay out much after dinner because we had a LONG day on Saturday.  
Us, Becca and Robert, Jake and Blake, Will and Catey all stayed at the same hotel so it made it much easier.  

Saturday morning was gameday!  We all got up and out the hotel doors by 9:00!  The game started at noon.  We headed over to the parking lot for the tailgating to begin! 
John and Robert (obviously not too excited about picture time)

Robert and Beckdad

I'm sorry UT people but I must post this...just your average UT fan dressed in all that annoying orange! =)

Catey, Will, Blake, and Jake

 John and I.  Turns out, it is a little hard to tell with some reds if it is red or orange???  Mine and Catey's shirts could've gone either way.  Oops
 Jake and Blake with the pretty view in the background.

Blake, me, and Becka

Will was able to get sky box tickets for him and Catey, Brian and Clair, and John and I and let me just say...AMAZING!!  They had a huge buffet sat up with all kinds of good food from hot dogs to shrimp and grits to a dessert bar including any type of ice cream you have ever had.  (not to mention a fully stocked bar)  =)  Never had tickets like that and probably won't ever again!!!!!  The game did not at all turn out like we had hoped, but at least it was a good time! 

The view.

I didn't take my big camera in the game so these were all the pictures.  I forgot to get a picture of John and I, but here is one of Brian and Clair.

After watching the entire game where our team gave such poor effort (I will say UT played a good game but this will be the only time I mention that =)    ), we all went back to Vol Navy where Brian and friend's were on an awesome houseboat! 

The top deck.

We had such a good weekend!  I can't say it enough.  Hate the we lost, but so worth the trip. 

I promise I will post some pictures of my main squeeze tomorrow!  Mason has been having a good time lately (minus the medicine).  He walks EVERYWHERE, no more crawling.  Has a total of 6 teeth (2 are only partially erupted though).  He is exploring everything since he can walk so well.  Hopefully I can loose some weight since we are chasing him!