Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

Mason wishes you a happy new year!!!

(he kind of looks like a Buddha baby here)  ha

This was the box that the tree sat on and he played on it forever when we took the tree down!

Here is a couple of other pictures of our little dude:

**in his cute new Levi jeans**

***who doesn't love McDonald's french fries?!?!"

Apparently Mason has been having a growing spurt or either just LOVES Fruit Loops.  Every night this week after dinner he has been getting into the pantry and bringing out this box of cereal.  It is pretty funny watching him stick his entire body in the box.  John said last night, "This kid already has bad eating habits."  Haha

Playing with his BBQ grill.  

We hope everyone has a wonderful new year!  2010 was just amazing watching Mason grow.  He has become a little boy instead of a baby.  I cannot wait to see what the new year has in store for us! =)

Last Christmas Post!

Last but not least we went to my Mamaw's house for Christmas on Sunday.  She had been sick so we were glad we were able to have it then!  Here are some pictures:

Mason had skipped his afternoon nap three days in a row!!  That's right...I said three days!  It took a lot by Sunday to entertain this little fella  Here he is playing with a coin counter. 

Sooooo many presents.  

Almost time to open presents!

The boys opening up their stuff. 

They were stuck on the couch.  The presents were taking over.

Of course he took off his shoes and socks. 

As long as I can remember, Darlene and Sean have always gotten each other gag gifts for Christmas.  Everyone sits around watching and they are the last presents opened.  It is always very hard to get to the actual gift.  They are taped well in box after box after box.  Its a tradition!

Throwing a classic tantrum.

Love love this picture.  Three important men in my life!

Darlene, Mrs. Peggy, and my mom. 


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas #2 (Part 2)

Told ya we were busy this Christmas...

After lunch at my parents' house, off we went to The McGriff's to visit and exchange gifts.  This has become an annual event.  After we are done with our Christmas and they are done with theirs, we head on over to visit.  (and of course nibble on more food)

Playing together.

Brinkley had just woken up from a nap.

Helping unwrap gifts.

Playing with the cozy coup.

This is the only picture I got of all four of is terrible! haha  But I'm pretty sure Ashley got some good pictures.  

Ashley, Rachel, and me

She is preggers!! So excited.  I can't believe all of our kids will be so close together in age!

All the girls.  

Us with our sweet babies.

We always have such a good time just sitting around and talking.  There's nothing better!  Mason did very well considering he did not have his afternoon nap!  Turns out that was the theme of the weekend for him! =)  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day : Christmas #2 (Part 1)

 Santa came early Christmas morning and here is what he left for our good boy this year!

Look at all those presents under the tree!

He wouldn't let go of those two little basketballs that go with his sports center that Santa brought.  He was not enjoying the reindeer ears too much though...

Checking it all out

After we did our own Christmas morning, we then went to my parents to open presents in our Christmas jammies. =)  He loves his new busy box!  (and so does his mommy and daddy since it keeps him entertained for a while)

My first football!

Dad got a Texan Ranger's hat.  

Working real hard to figure out his new harmonica.  We still need a little more practice.  

Opening presents makes you tired. =)

 We all went home, took naps and showers, then came back over for lunch!  It was the first year ever that it was just me, John, Mason, my mom, and my dad.  Mamaw is not feeling too well and since we are doing our big family Christmas today, they all decided to stay home.  
It snowed all day!  It didn't stick but it was so pretty!

His cute toy soldier outfit. 

"Mom, could you stop putting these things on me?!?!"

It is funny when Pops has them on his head though.

Like mother, like son...getting the mashed potatoes off those thingies.  (I can't remember what they are called)
 Drinking some sugar-free, decaf tea.  Yum
 Family picture.
 Gami and Mason.

After lunch we went to Ashley and David's house to see everyone.  I will post those later today!