Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful weekend!  After hosting Bunko on Thursday, we worked late on Friday and were exhausted so we decided to go to bed early.  We actually almost forgot to eat dinner.  

Mason had been pretty fussy this week and had felt warm a few times.  Saturday morning was even worse and we were a little worried.  We waited forever to decide, but finally we called the doctor's office to make a last minute weekend appt.  Turns out, one of his molars is beginning to erupt...looks like we will be dealing with this for a few months to come!  How fun! 

We also found out this past week that Mason LOVES doing handstands.   I, being the most random person ever, decided to do a handstand in the kitchen.  Mason thought it was the funniest thing ever.  Once I was done, he walked over to the same spot, laid on the ground, and put his feet and hands in the air.  He was soooo proud of himself and really thought he had done the same thing.  We now do this on a daily basis.  haha

 getting on the ground...

ta-daaa!  (we didnt get a good picture with his feet in the air but you can get the picture)

I walked into the bedroom Saturday morning and this is what I found.  If he sees any shoes, he works real hard to get his feet in them.  

After our very quick and pointless trip to the doctor's office, we decided to go to the zoo since it was 70 degrees outside and sunny!  We didn't stay too long but got to see all kinds of fun animals.  It is so much more fun than last year because he actually notices and points to the animals...esp. the monkeys!  And I'm not gonna lie, I broke into a sweat walking around that place and it was only January!!!!  

My mom came to get Mason that afternoon so John and I could get ready for our date night.  We went to dinner at Flight downtown which was very, very good.  John was able to get some tickets to the Grizzlies game from work.  They were really good seats and we had a really fun time, not to mention the Grizzlies won!

To end the weekend, John got to play golf today and Mason and I went to the grocery store and cooked a very yummy dinner.  

******I did have one picture from the zoo and one from the game but Blogger wouldn't let me upload anymore pictures!!!!!!  It says I have to purchase more space!  I have always wondered how it makes money! (besides the advertisements)  Next post will have more pictures once I buy space!******

Anyways, we had such a fun weekend.  One of the best in a while!
Hope everyone enjoys their week.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Judy!!

First things first...

Mason would like to give a BIG birthday shout out to his very special Grandma Judy!  
(he actually was able to do quite a bit of yelling for her at dinner tonight!)   =)

Cute little fella...

He takes anything and points to either the fan/light or tv and says doooooooo.  It is like he is acting like he is using a remote to turn it on.  Here he is using his BBQ spatula! =)

Just playing with daddy.

Too cool for school.

Finally learned how to make the harmonica make a little noise.  He was very proud of himself.

Here was his cute little outfit he wore today.  Mrs. Connie and Mr. Jimbo got it for him for Christmas.  He looked so adorable!  I thought it would have been cute at dinner tonight also but he decided to mess it up with a nice little present before we left.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

15 Months Old...3 days ago =)

Our "toddler" turned 15 Months on Sunday!  I can't believe it.  It just doesn't sound right.  I really hate that everyone and every email keeps referring to him as a toddler...he is still our baby.  

We went to the doctor today for his check-up.  Another shot experience.  He was fine and laughing the entire appointment, but the moment the nurse came in and we laid him on the table...he knew what time it was.  He got soooo upset.  But once it was over and I picked him up, he was ok.  

Weight: 21.4 lbs
Height: 31.5 inches

So basically, we found out we have a tall, skinny Little Man.  =)  He is almost in the 75th percentile in height but he dropped to the 10th percentile in weight.  Dr. Bubba said it was from his new exercises he does now...running walking.  

We are just so glad to have a healthy happy baby


We haven't been doing too much lately.  Last weekend we hit a milestone I guess...we went to Chucky Cheese's!  It was Mason's first time but Reese was there to show him around! They got to watch their dad's play some games and also play some too.  =)  I have a cute picture on my phone on a ride they were on together but I can't figure out how to upload it?!?

True Story:
We were waiting to be seated so Robert (with Reese) asked John if he wanted to go on and play some games.  John says yes so I handed Mason over to him.  John says, "You can't watch him?  How am I supposed to play the games if I'm holding Mason??"  

I laughed so hard.  He thought he was about to play Robert in some air hockey game that he had already spotted.  Robert explained to him we were there for the kids.  =) 

They say we might get some more snow tomorrow.  I'm officially ready for the summer!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Well once Mason awoke from his nap we ended up getting out in the snow for a minute.  He doesn't have any little boots or anything so I was worried about his feet.  I decided to keep his footed pjs on and put on a pair of Nike's that are still 2 sizes too big.  

It definately worked for his feet staying dry, but in terms of walking in them...not soo much.  It looked like he had bricks on his little feet.  ha

It is hard to tell he is standing in snow since this picture blends in with the background.  I tried to figure out how to make borders around the pictures but it was over my head. =)

"What is this stuff?!?!"

"Ok, get me outta here!!!"

Here were his little shoes.

So we had to store some of his toys in his room after Christmas.  We now shut all the doors to the bedrooms except his room so he can go in there if he wants to play.  Turns out, he can get into a little more than I thought. =) 

He went into his room and I went to put a load of laundry in the washer.  Next thing I know, he pulled out the bins in his closet, dumped them out, then decided to sit on it?!?!?  I don't know but he seemed rather proud.  


When John got home from work, he and Mason had some play time.  John thought it would be a good idea to let him touch the wasn't. 

For the next 30 minutes, Mason would point to the ceiling and say "this".  John's arms will probably be sore tomorrow.  

I think most of the schools are closed tomorrow but I will be working and Mason will be going to daycare. 

Special Day

My actual Special Day was the past Thursday but John had to go out of town for work.  So my parent's came over and brought some yummy dinner for Mason and I.  

After dinner, Dad played with Mason and his tent.  They had soooo much fun.  I honestly haven't heard Mason laugh as hard as he did.  He even bent down and slapped his knees!  It was great.  

By the dad is in the tent in all these pictures.  

Mason decided to get in the tent once my dad got out.  He also decided to stand up and walk around...tent and all.  

Cute outfit with his new haircut.  =)

We celebrated my Special Day on Saturday when John was back in town.  For as long as I can remember, we go to Red Lobster to celebrate.  Don't ask me why, it is just what we do.    I decided it might not be the easiest thing to do this year...14 month old boy and cracking open crab legs just doesn't sound fun at a crowded restaurant. We decided to do it at my parents' house instead.  We had a great time!

John entertaining Mason until the food was ready.

The pretty cake.  =)

Yum Yum!!

Just playing the drums with the spoons waiting patiently on dinner. =)

All eyes on that cake!

I think you can tell from these pictures...the child likes cake.  

Still eating cake.  Just in his bumbo.  It was sitting on the stairs and I guess he thought it looked fun?   =)

I had a wonderful Special Day!  My mom and I are going to see Shrek the Musical at The Orpheum soon!  I am so excited!
PS: two posts in one day?!?!  that's a first! =)

Who Would've Thought...

we actually got fluffy snow instead of ice!!!  Yay!  Our dental office is closed so it is just me and the Little Guy today.  John had to go into work.  They say it will stay below freezing the next couple of days, so who knows when the snow will melt away?!?!

Mason and Daddy checking out the snow last night when it started falling. 

So we had some homemade baked potato soup and went to sleep.

And woke up to this...

So pretty!!  You can't even tell where the patio ends and the yard begins.

Checkin it all out.

Where's Emma????  She won't get too far out there.  She checked it out, but decided it was way too cold.  =)

Mason is down for a nap now, but maybe when he wakes up we can play in the snow. =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year!

 We had a great New Year's Eve with great friends.  We all went to Pete and Sam's and then off to Celtic Crossing to ring in the new year.  It is always so much fun when we get together! 

 John and I after dinner.

Who doesn't have fun with this much confetti?!?!

 Here is our Little Man in his cute new jeans again.  He has the cutest new shirt his Grandma Judy got him for Christmas.  It has a raccoon on it. 

And here is the back of the shirt...

I never posted any pictures of Mason in his new ride.  He has so much fun when he gets on it.  It will be MUCH more fun in the summer when we can ride up and down the sidewalk!  Can't wait!  
Ya think he likes it?!?!

As you can clearly see in these pictures, Mason needed another hair cut desperately!!!  Luckily, his favorite hair dresser was in town this weekend!!!  He looks so cute but also so much older.  I will post some pictures later in the week.  First day back at work for me tomorrow!!