Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ice Cream

Just enjoying some ice cream last weekend.

He loved it! We are feeling MUCH better now and back at daycare! Thank goodness!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sick Boy and Our House

John took Mason this morning to the doctor.  I'm telling you, this fever is hard to break!  He had Motrin in him for at least 45 minutes and he still had a high fever at the doctor!  They said, "Oh wow, he is sick."   He did get a good nights sleep last night which he desperately needed though.  They thought it was going to be strep but fortunately it turned out that means just a terrible virus.  His mouth is pretty red and raw.  After hopefully just one more day at home tomorrow,  he will be back to normal.  

I was going to post some pictures of our house we took this weekend.  It was some exhausting housework so I'm at least going to show off our hard work!  

Here is the front of the house

The kitchen

 Laundry room. (we only took this picture because a lot of houses over here do not have them)

Guest bathroom

Mason's room. =)

Our bedroom.

Our bath.


Backyard!  Look at all that grass!!! =)

So now we just have to keep it clean!  Hopefully we can get the sign up by next weekend!  We just have to tell our neighbors which I am very much dreading!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend did not turn out as planned!  John and I got a toooon of housework done Friday and Saturday.  But Saturday afternoon I realized Mason was pretty warm.  We had just been to the doctor and we talked about all the new teeth he was working in, so we assumed that was all that was wrong.  (especially since the last couple of random doctor visits we were fooled by those darn teeth!)

We had a pretty rough night and the Little Dude is definitely sick.   Of course every doctor office was closed today.  So we made it through the day with Tylenol and Ibuprofen.  We will be heading to Dr. Bubba early in the morning.  

So our Easter didn't go exactly as planned.  We had bought stuff to dye eggs but Mason wasn't feeling it,  so John and I dyed them by ourselves. 

 Our finished products!

 The Easter Bunny came.

Since we couldn't go to church this morning because he was sick, we at least got some plastic eggs and had Mason hunt them.  We put animal crackers in them.  =)

Emma was very interested in the animal crackers.  

Mason at my parents.  (he was at least able to wear one of his Easter outfits!)
 He does look happy here, but this might have been his only smile today.  

Brinkley came to visit in her pretty dress!

 My parents dyed eggs as well so my mom let them play with a couple...bad idea!  They thought they were balls.  Ha.  Mason threw his and it cracked into little pieces.

Mamaw with Uncle Wayne and Gina who always come in town from Cleveland, OH. 

Darlene hid the Easter eggs and the plan was for Mason to hunt them.  He was not into it AT ALL and was just not feeling well.  I was pretty much hunting eggs.

I got one!
He finally realized you put them in your basket.  

We did get a lot done this weekend but it didn't end well.  I can't wait for Mason to start feeling better.  John and I de-cluttered out house and it feels soooo much better!  We took some pictures for the website when we put our house on the market.  We are going to put it up for three months and see if it sells.  If not, no big deal.  =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

18 Months

We just got back from Mason's eighteen month check-up. He did great! (that sucker Dr. Bubba gave him really helped)

The only thing he told us was that he was a little worried about one tooth that is not close to coming in and it should have been in a while ago. He said he could refer us to a pediatric dentist (before he realized I was a hygienist). The only reason I am mentioning this is so anyone who is listening can know: do NOT send an 18 month old to the dentist!!! (unless of course it is an emergency). If Mason is missing a big deal. It is not like we could do anything to it now anyways.

So enough lecturing for today!!!

Here is our big boy's stats:
Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz. (10 percent)
Height: 32 inches. (50 percent)

We are so blessed to have such a sweet, healthy baby! (who LOVES suckers now!). :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are Loving the Weather!

We have had some nice pretty days lately (unless it rains and storms) but we are loving it being warmer. We have been playing in the backyard about EVERY day when we get home until dinner, bath, and bedtime.

Here we are playing in the flower beds. 

Here he is in his cute t-shirt and sandals.

Before church wearing his cute firetruck jon-jon.  (he took the "girlie" blouse, as John would call it, off when it warmed up that day)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Little Guy

I haven't put many pictures of Mason lately so here are a couple!  He recently had ANOTHER hair cut (thanks to Mrs. Peggy!) and it looks so cute.   He hasn't been up to much...just playing, playing, throwing many tantrums, and more playing.  

Hey Mr. Blue Eyes

Notice the food he is throwing at Emma.  That is THE ONLY reason she is near him!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warning: Picture Overload!!!

Two trips in three weeks makes it a tad hard to blog!  Once again, I have the best husband and daddy in the world.  Him and Mason made it through my New York trip.  We had SUCH a good time!!!!  I had never been to New York and it was everything I thought it would be...but I was excited to see my little family when we got back.    Here are some pictures:

Neither one of us had been to NYC before!

 First breakfast

Central Park

The big piano

In front of the skating rink!

First subway ride!!!

The church next to the Twin Towers that was unharmed.  All of the firemen and volunteers came here to rest and pray during 9/11.  It is now a memorial until the large one will be complete.  You could hear a pin drop in there.  Here is the pew they would sit on and there is a fireman suit there.

 Here is the bull on Wall Street.  You are supposed to rub those two things hanging down for good luck.  =)
(notice the Asian man in the picture part of the pic! ha)

The Staten Island ferry so we could see the Statue of Liberty

Lyndsey and I before dinner

trying to get a cab

The BEST brunch ever!  It was on an amazing rooftop!
 Magnolia Bakery.  Waited in line to get a cupcake.
 Dinner at the Mexican restaurant.  I'm still dreaming of the shrimp quesidilla

Being tourists
 Times Square!!!!

 We all went to see Mary Poppins!  It was sooooo good!  Loved it!

All of us on Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge

Had such a good time!  Love love these girls and can't wait until the next trip! = )

So I know that is a million pictures no one probably cares about!  I promise now that our lives are going to be a little less hectic to keep blogging.  I will post pictures of my main man tomorrow night!  =)