Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday night we went to the Foo Fighters concert with Jake and Blake. We had a good time and they put on a great show!

Saturday morning Mason and I went to my friend Stephanie's baby shower.'s a lot of work taking Little Dude places alone. He was CRAZY! I believe we are getting to "that age". But the shower was so nice and I loved hanging out with everyone!

Today it was rainy and a good day to lay around. After all of our chores were done of course. :)  But Mason wasnt just "laying around" of course.

Here he is with crazy hair after a nap.

Here he is trying to get into his BBQ grill...wasn't happening!   (Please excuse his sagging pants, they are new, 12 months, and huge!! He is never gonna fit into his clothes!)

And here he is trying to be Daddy.
So stinking cute! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend and Mother's Day

We had a wonderful weekend.  Friday night after work we went to Pete and Sam's for dinner to celebrate Mrs. Judy and Grandma Reba for Mother's Day.  Mason and Reese did really well and we all had a good time! It is always better when Mason behaves!   I hate that I didn't get any pictures though.

Saturday we had a ton of things to do and felt great once we knocked them off the list!  Saturday night John and I had a couples shower to go to for our friends Michael and Sherene who are getting married in a couple of weeks in MEXICO!!!  I sooooo wish we were going!  The shower was amazing and we took quite a few pictures but I will post them later this week.  

Here is John and Mason Saturday dressed like twinkies! =)  I love this picture.

Sunday we had Mother's Day at our house for my mom.  We grilled out some steaks and just enjoyed the nice afternoon.  Very relaxing!  

 It is that time of year again!  And I am LOVING my flowers in bloom!  All of my plants from Grandma Reba's gardens last year have come back much much bigger!  I am just so excited our yard finally looks good after all that hard work!

This is a terrible picture of me with no makeup but it was my only picture from Mother's Day with the sweetest Little Man ever.  =)


So tonight John and I were grilling out and Mason was just playing.  He absolutely LOVES playing outside and gets VERY angry when it is time to come inside!  Some of his biggest tantrums.  But we looked over and saw Mason crawling UP his slide.  He always stands there and looks at us like "Are yall gonna help me up this thing?" but I guess we didn't come fast enough.  He was determined to do it alone!  (we of course sprinted over there as soon as he made his first step up the slide)

I then got my camera to record it because he seriously was FLYING up the slide and looked like a little monkey! Of course John called it "athletic".

At the end when he is a very very common thing for him to do in public.  =)