Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have been very behind in the blog world lately. I'm not sure why because we haven't even been too busy around here!

I have a funny video of Mason and Reese dancing to the Wii but I couldn't get it to upload,  I will try tomorrow night. 

We have swam at the pool in Covington a couple of times.  Mason LOVES the kiddie pool there!

Reese jumping in!

We went to a Redbirds game.  Mason had a ton of fun.

And then this past weekend...Mason got a haircut.  =(  My awesome aunt has always cut his hair, but I was scared she was worried he would always associate her and the haircut together (and since it isnt the funnest thing for him these days, that wasn't a good thing).  So we went to a Fun Cuts that is for kids.  Let's just say, he had twice as much hair cut off as the little girl sitting next to him! 

All his pretty hair. 

The pictures don't show how short it is honestly.  I mean it is SHORT!  He really looks so much older. 

We got Mexican last night while a couple was looking at our house.  After dinner my dad sat him on their donkey statue things.  He thought it was funny.

Just watching Fresh Beat Band.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation - The End

These are the last several pictures.  I took a ton, but I'm so glad because Mason had soooo much fun!  I feel like he learned a ton and can say so much more now.  Well, he either learned a lot or we noticed a lot more because we were with him for an entire week.  I haven't done that since maternity leave when he was 1-12 wks old and John has never gotten to spend an entire week with him.  We really enjoyed it and I can't wait until the next time!

Here he is eating a banana popsicle...one of our nightly routines after dinner.  =)

Family photo.  (Mason always makes us look much more dark)  ha

 Mason loved their water system they had at the condo.  Every time someone walked by they would say, "You spent all this money to come to the beach and he wants to play with the sprinkler!"  But it really was a nice little entertainment that was no one minded at all.  

Before dinner at Lambert's.

We had to wait an hour (which actually isn't too bad) so we had to keep him occupied.

He was not into pictures at this point.  =)

Lambert's (Home of the Thrown Rolls) is actually in Foley, AL which is just down the street from Orange Beach/Gulf Shores.  There is also a very large outlet mall too which we love.  They have every store you could imagine!  They also have a million of those little mall rides sitting around.  Since Mason did so well, we let him ride one and he loved it!  Just giggled the entire time. 

 Last day.  =(

His favorite thing is walking into the pool.  He doesn't jump, just does a plank walk. 

 He floated on his own by the end of the trip.  He is definitely a water baby.

At dinner on the marina the last night.  Mason was running circles around John.  ha  I love this picture. 

He had so much fun with his Gami and Pops.

Our little fam. 

We got back this past Friday so we still had the weekend to rest up and get back into the real world.  Mason and I had some fun in the sun with Becca and Reese in Covington while the men played golf.  Of course, Mason and I both ended up sunburned...we were both fine all week long at the beach!  Crazy! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation Part 2

Many more pictures to come.   This was the Fourth of July.  We hung out at the pool, cooked a very good seafood dinner at the condo, and walked on the beach.  We then watched the fireworks on our balcony which turned out to be a perfect view.  The Little Man didnt make that though.  He was out like a light by then.  

Where's Mason???

There he is!

Daddy swimming me around.

Playing in the water.

Daddy's sunglasses.

The beach was pretty crowded this weekend!  Lots of tents!

Our beautiful view.

Seafood dinner.  We also has oysters that aren't in this picture...sooooo good.

Waiting for the elevator.  One of his favorite activities of the trip.

His flag shorts.

Ready to go to the beach the next morning!

He LOVED kicking the beach ball in this grassy area.

The iPhone became entertainment at dinner while waiting.

Who loves Dippin Dots?!?!

Mason does!!

Sooo happy to take a picture...

Almost done with the pictures!  One more post.