Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Saturday Ole Miss played Georgia.  Here are the players walking through the Walk of Champions.

My personal favorite : the band playing in the Grove.

The Grove.

We had a good time in Oxford (minus the loss) which made for a lazy Sunday. After a yummy breakfast from Blue Plate Cafe, Mason was ready for Cars. I don't know how many times we have watched this movie but I cannot believe the DVD is still working. We sat him up a pallet in the bedroom so we didn't have to watch it for a SECOND time today. He was pretty quiet in there and when we went to check on him, this is what we found...

I might not have my shoes perfectly organized but I am a little OCD about it. I had a lot of work to do once we pulled him out of the closet!

After all that work, he needed to be lazy too. So we all (including Mickey Mouse) sat on the couch and put our feet back.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football Weekend

We have had a great weekend.  We started off Friday night with the Cooper Young 4 Mile Run.  Some of my friends and I ran in the race and then met the guys after for dinner.  It was just as much fun as I thought it would be!  

Saturday was a day of football.  Ole Miss was playing Vandy in Nashville and UT was playing Florida.  John and I wanted to watch the game with Mason since we will be in Oxford so many Saturdays this fall so we decided to have friends over.  Both of our teams lost but we still had fun.  I cannot even talk about how bad Ole Miss is this year.

Mason had on his jersey and Reese wearing her cheerleader uniform.  =)   So cute.  Reese even knows the V-O-L-S cheer.  

Playing hide and go seek with Mr. Jake.  

What does everyone keep getting out of here?!?!

The boys kept throwing the football over the fence.  

Reese and her daddy.

"Check this out Reese!  So much ice in here to eat!"  


Mason was laughing so hard when his Aunt Becca was throwing him up in the air.

So sad this picture is out of focus....Reese with her hands on her hips and Mason holding the football. 

Boys will be boys.

Mason sprinting to little Emma.

Mrs. Jessica kept cooking "stew" with the kiddos.   They had sooo much fun with her.

Reese playing football.

Today, we are just being lazy.  We have already done the laundry and been to the grocery store so it looks like we will have another day of football! =)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Weekend Behind

Last weekend was just me and Mason. John had a fun guys weekend in Las Vegas! He had a good time and brought home a little more money than he left with!  That is always important!

Mason and I went with my mom to the Germantown festival Saturday morning. They had so many fun things to buy and we just strolled around. Later that night I had a fun couple's shower for our friends Dave and Jenna to go to so my mom watched Mason.

Here he is eating his very first Pronto Pup. Yummy!!!

Sunday, me, Mason, Becca, Robert, and Reese went back to the Germantown festival. This time we started out riding all the fun rides and letting the kids play. It was hot but they had a great time.

Reese looks so small here in this huge slide!

Mason doesn't look too happy here but he was having fun. He was clinging onto his Aunt Becca the whole time!

Riding in the airplanes.

Mini carousel.

Reese on the swings.

We had a good weekend but we were excited for John to be home!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend started off with the Ole Miss BYU football game.  We had a great time except the outcome of the game...story of our life!  I'm kind of sick of saying that but that is a whole other post! Haha  Who wouldn't love this???

The game.

Sunday we recovered from Saturday and took a loooooong nap. Once Mason woke up he headed over to Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Linda's house for a Labor Day get together. It was rainy outside but the temperatures dropped and it felt great outside. We just sat on their porch chatting and two favorite things. Mason of course would have rather been playing in the rain puddles...

Pops is the bad influence. 


Monday morning I labored and cooked Pioneer Woman's pancakes.  They are made with cake flour and have vanilla in them and are wonderful.  John ate a million and said he thinks Perkin's uses PW's recipe.  

 I made a few with blueberries in them and I think Mason enjoyed them...

We took an afternoon stroll.  Mason thought he needed John's hat to ride.  He would not move without it.  

We ended the day with some warm chocolate chip cookies.  

Last but not least,
Mrs. Connie and Mom hit up the Tunica outlet malls and found a ton of goodies for Brinkley and Mason. They both got some rain boots and I think they both fell in love. This little guy did NOT want to take them off!

I think they are so cute!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Brower Family Fun

John's sister Lana, her husband Jon, and kids Grace and Carlo were visiting in town from Italy!  It has been a while since we have gotten to see them so we were all very excited.  Grace, Carlo, Reese, and Mason played together pretty well and I think all had a great time.  Friday night we all went to Mr. Larry and Mrs. Judy's house to eat dinner.  Here are some pictures:

Carlo, Mason, and Grace watching a movie.  Mason just wanted to do everything they were doing.


Reese and Mason playing with the bubbles outside.

All four of them. 

Cute little Reese.  

All four watching the movie after dinner.

Another way to watch a movie....haha

The wild children.  =)  I believe Mason is attempting to sneak a jump on the couch in while Reese is jumping from the couch to ottoman.  Oops

Aunt Becca tickling Mason

Tickling Reese

Back to the movie...Mason decided he needed a baseball batting helmet.

Saturday was gameday and Jon, Lana, and Mr. Larry came to Oxford with us.  Mrs. Judy and Grandma Reba took all four of these wild kids to Incredible Pizza.  They all had a fun time and made it out alive.   I will post the rest of the pictures tomorrow.  We had the BEST weekend with friends and family and then we were able to relax on Labor Day.  A perfect weekend.  =)