Friday, October 28, 2011


This week we have been playing with some of our birthday presents.  He loves his Elmo slippers!

Brinkley got Mason the sit-n-spin.  He always wants to play with Reese's at her house so he knew exactly what it was.  Now we can't keep him off of the thing!  He was getting a little mad that his Dad was trying to spin.

Much better.

 We had our friend take our pictures last weekend and I can't wait to see them!  Here we are before...

We did some pumpkin carving this week also.  Well it was actually just John and I...Mason had much better things to do.



 Today at daycare, Mrs. Pat threw a fun Halloween party.  She baked pumpkin cookies for snack and then they each got to paint their own small pumpkins.   

Looks like he is going to be an artist when he grows up.   

I think it is so great that they have all these fun parties.  He loves it and all of his friends.  Who wouldn't love all this candy?!?!

Really, that is a little overboard.  Now John and I are just going to have to eat all of this!  I can assure you the cookies are already gone.

I didn't have a good picture of the Little Guy in his costume but here is a hint...
(this is the picture on the package)

Can't wait to take him trick-or-treating on Monday night!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Birthday

A week ago Monday we had Mason's birthday party at daycare.  Mrs. Pat makes a BIG deal out of their birthday parties.  All the kids bring presents and Mrs. Pat and her daughter April make the cake.  It is always the birthday boy/girl favorite theme!  So of course...Mason's was Cars.  

All the kids singing Happy Birthday! =)

He was a little excited to be the one to get to open the presents!  Mrs. Pat made him a huge Cars blanket and pillow that he LOVES!

After all the birthday fun last week, he got sick on Thursday with a virus and felt terrible.  We have just been relaxing trying to get over it...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2nd Birthday!

We had a fun 2nd birthday.  We woke up and had cinnamon rolls...Mason sure does like them!

Mason loves cars so we had car car themed food.  I ordered these fun race flag picks.  

And traffic light rice crispy treats.

 And we decided to do cupcakes with little car picks.

There are always birthday balloons...who doesn't love those?!?!

Miss Brinkley arrived!

 Emma runs out anytime anyone opens the door and it takes about an hour or two to catch her (very frustrating!) so we just sat her on our bed.  It  is kind of cruel because she cannot jump is too high.  Well Reese was worried she was lonely, so she gave Emma some toys to play with.   I thought it was so sweet. 
 (Emma could have cared less)

She got a pink cast!

My Mamaw

John and Grandma Reba

There were only three little munchkins but they had a good time playing.

Opening presents.  He got the Rockin' Mickey!  

And his own leather chair!

This kid seriously loves cars!

Grandpa James and Mason's Grandma Judy


Just loves the icing

His Daddy was playing with him

Tried to get a shot of all three of them but of course that is impossible.  This is actually a bad picture of all three of them!  ha

Everyone saying their goodbyes

Once people started leaving, Mason decided to lay back and relax in his chair.  =)

He is done with pictures at this point...

Mason wanted to switch chairs with his Dada.

This is what you call a successful birthday!  One smiling little two year old!  I cannot believe two years has passed since you came into this world!  You are the most fun, lovable, and smartest little boy in the world.  We could not imagine our lives without you and we cannot wait for the years to come.