Sunday, December 30, 2012

5 Months

Brody turned 5 months old on the 28th.  Time sure does fly by.  It makes me a little sad knowing this is the last time we will have a baby in our house.  We are VERY happy with only two kids, but I just want to remember how sweet he is as a baby since we will never have these moments again...with our own kids.  I hope to have these moments with all my friends' kids...soon!  =)

And here are the past 5 months.  I really don't think there has been too much of a change the last couple of months.  I will say, the hair has really been growing lately!

And here is the comparison of both boys at 5 months.  Looking back at Mason's 5 month post to get this picture, I read all of his stats.  It appears they actually are about the same size in weight.  Brody is definitely longer, but I thought he weighed more.  Mason was about 16 lbs which I think is about where Brody is.  I guess we will see at 6 months.

I also read that Mason was going to sleep at 7:30 and we were actually having to wake him up every morning before work...yeah, that is not happening with Brody.  He sleeps well, and just this week we have decided to start putting him to bed earlier because he is just so tired.  But he goes to bed about 8 and for about a week straight has been waking up around 6:30.  5:30 had been the hour he preferred before this week.  I pray this will continue!!!  I really shouldn't complain because I know we are blessed to have two good sleepers.  But Mason just completely spoiled us!

And then regarding food...Brody HATES rice cereal, oatmeal, and anything mixed with it!  We keep trying it and he keeps hating it.  Maybe one day.  Mason apparently was eating cereal for dinner and already eating one thing of veggies a day!  He may just take a bottle for the rest of his life.

Brody smiles all the time and has recently started laughing.  But every time he laughs, he gets the hiccups.  Every. Single. Time.

We still swaddle at night.  He will probably be swaddled until he's 10.  I really don't see that changing any time soon.

He rolls all over the place (which will probably cause us to stop swaddling and there will go our sleep)

He is very vocal.  Yells all the time.  Doesn't cry much, just kind of screams to hear his voice.

Wearing size 2 diapers and just started wearing 6 month clothes.

He is not the best at naps either, will take short cat naps.  Hopefully this will change.  Sometimes I do wonder if he knows we can see him....

"Why in the world have y'all not gotten me yet.'  

He is trying so hard to move.  Gotta catch up to that big brother of his.

And he is very interested in Emma.  Laughs at her all the time.  She thinks otherwise.  He probably thinks she is the weirdest looking thing in the world.  =)

We are getting to the fun stuff.  I gave Brody a bath last night in the tub and Mason wanted to join.  I didn't mind because one bath is much easier than two!  We just had to tell Mason to be careful with the splashing.  It was very sweet though.  Mason kept giving Brody his toys to play with.
Mason said they had the same feet.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We had a wonderful day.  We actually had to wake up the boys around 7:30.  I could not believe they both slept that late!  Brody has never done that.  He obviously was worn out from all the festivities leading up to Christmas.

Mason walked in and said, "Oh my goodness!"  It's his phrase of the week.

Brody taking it all in.

Look at that hair!!!  Loves his new Cars bike.

 You can't say this kid doesn't look happy.

Showing Brody his new toys.  He is obviously very excited about it.

Stocking time.

We always go to my parents once we are done opening gifts in our pjs.  After we open the millions of presents there, we go back home to get ready for Christmas lunch.

Pops helped Brody open his gifts this Christmas.

Someone is teething I think.

This kid didn't need help.  He has become a pro.

 Best. Day. Ever. says Mason.

Happy he got a new weed eater...someone stole our new one this year.  Gotta love thieves.

First Christmas.

Family Christmas morning pj picture


And then it was time to open our stockings at my parents house.  My mom always puts scratch and wins in there.  We always win a few dollars but nothing more.  John won $500.  No lie.  I told him my mom meant to put that one in my stocking.

Mason and Mickey Mouse

We went home and after admiring our new Keurig machine, got ready for lunch and headed back to my parents.

We had even more gifts to open.  I thought I was prepared for quite a few gifts and organized our closets/clothes and some toys.  Im definitely going to have to do some more on the toy issue.  Either that or they are going to run us out of our home...

Mrs. Peggy and Mom in the kitchen.

 Checking out his new stuffed animal.

Best husband and dad in the world.

These sweet boys had a great day.  Mason got everything Angry Birds, car and racetracks, games, clothes, and a spiderman suit.  He had a wonderful day, but it made my heart melt when he continued to say it was Jesus' birthday.  Im so thankful he knows this and prays he will never forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Every day I hear more stories of children sick or tragic accidents, and it makes me realize how blessed we are to have two perfect, healthy boys.

 Mason better watch out.  Looks like Brody is catching up on him in weight...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Yesterday we had John's family Christmas at his parents' house. Me and the boys in their Christmas outfits before we left.

John and Brody watching a little football before everyone got there.

Mason and Reese doing their "silly faces" while waiting patiently to open presents. Mason was in rare form running around and screaming since he hadn't had a nap.

The boys. They are so sweet. Griffin is sporting the Mohawk again. :) They are both just so tiny and cute.

Hungry little guys.

Time to open gifts!!! We got lots of Angry Birds! But thats all Mason has said he wants.

Reese digging in a huge bag.

Brody was not fond of John's new Ole Miss hat.

John holding Anderson.

We took a group picture of both John and Roberts families. It was kind of a lot. I think at one time Reese was smiling, Mason was trying to run out of the picture, the boys were crying, and Brody spit up everywhere. It looked like we maybe got a decent one but I'm not sure because this is what Becca sent me. She zoomed in and saw Brody's face. He is getting really good at spitting up in pictures!!!!

Next year should be REALLY wild with a 16 month old and two 13 month olds.

This morning we woke up to Leroy trying to get into Masons presents early! Leroy will leave with Santa tonight and I think someone is going to be very sad.

Mason was shaking Brody's present to see what he thought it was.

We went to Mickey Mouse and Pops' house for Christmas Eve. We ate some yummy food and opened up our Christmas jammies.

Then came home to put them on and make Santa some cookies.

Mason is pretty excited and I think he will be so happy in the morning! Santa has already come and gone! Now it's time to sleep! :)