Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mason's First Concert

We all three went to the Fresh Beat Band concert on Friday night after work. If you don't know, they might just be the coolest band on Nick Jr. and Mason's favorite group to listen to.  There were a million kids there and I think they all had a blast. Mason did not know why we were there. We explained it but he just didn't understand until he saw them. was a little difficult keeping him still while waiting on it to begin.  We bought a shirt (for $25) and a light stick ($10).  What a rip off!  Anyways, I took him to the bathroom right before it started.  He got a little rowdy walking back to our seats so I picked him up which was immediately followed by him kicking and screaming because he wanted to walk.  I handed him to John (so we wouldn't have to walk through a bunch of people) and he threw his car that he was holding out of anger.  Well wouldn't ya know, it nailed the lady in front of us so hard in the back of her head that it bounced off about 3 ft behind her!  John and I couldn't even speak.  My mouth was wide open standing there in shock.  Fortunately they were sooooo nice but we apologized at least five times and I held Mason so tightly in my lap that he couldn't move until the concert started.

Back to the fun though...

Here is John and Mason walking in.

Mason wanted to wear his new shirt of course. It has all the tour dates and cities on the back. :)

When they came out, Mason was seriously just in amazement.  It was pretty great.  He was so excited. He sang and danced and clapped the whole time.  He really had the time of his life to date.  It was worth every penny we spent.  I wish I had gotten better pictures of him but we were in tight quarters and it was difficult.

Other than the car incident at the beginning, it was a very perfect night. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Potty Training

We have had a few fun nights lately.  Monday night we decided to go get ice cream just because.  Mason had actually gone tee tee in the potty at Mrs. Pat's house twice so I guess you could say we were celebrating.

We went to the Ole Miss/Memphis baseball game last night.  They play once a year in the Redbirds stadium.  Mason had been pretty excited all day about the game.  He had a ton of fun.  We had to leave at the bottom of the 7th because it was just getting too late for little dude.  He made a new friend with Will.  He was asking about him today.
He got to wear his little Ole Miss jacket that John's cousin handed down to him.  I thought it was do cute.  The Rebs didn't win but we still had a ton of fun. 

Well today was the first day in pull ups at daycare. Mason did not have one accident!!!  He tee teed in the potty every time!  Mrs. Pat took him about every hour and a half.  He did poop in his Cars pull up when he got home.  He told me he wanted to poop in the car potty, but I told him he would have to tell me next time.  We went out to eat to celebrate and he was absolutely horrible! Ha  BUT he did tell me he wanted to go potty and he tee teed in the bathroom at the restaurant.  We are so proud of this little guy.  I mean obviously we have a ways to go but he has just started out this whole potty training thing MUCH better than I could've ever imagined!   I am also soooooo thankful that our babysitter works so hard with them.  He is doing it with one other little boy which will help.

We have a busy busy few days coming up. I have Bunko tomorrow night and John has a softball game.
 Friday night we are headed to the Fresh Beat Band concert. I cannot wait to see Mason's face when we get there and he realizes where we are!  Pictures to come!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Boy Room

We have had an eventful weekend.  For the third weekend in a row, we have worked on these rooms.   There is plenty more to do but I am done for the time being!  We got the sheets and quilt in, bought a bookshelf, and lugged all the toys in the room.  Since then, we have slept in the bed once (he was already asleep when we put him in there), not slept in it twice for naps but instead played and talked, put some of the books on the shelf (then read everyone of them), and pulled out every toy.

Here are some pictures...

All of the toys seemed to have made themselves right at home.

I have to put some curtains up and put some wall decals on the wall.  Then we have to start on the baby's is a disaster in there.

Speaking of baby, I think I forgot to mention his name. 
 It's official, his name will be...


Back to this weekend, Mason was very helpful and let Emma out...through the FRONT door! It seriously takes an army to chase her down and it was just John and I but we managed. We might be needing to invest in a baby gate to put in front of the door. Here are the partners in crime:

But the biggest event of the weekend was...

Mason tee teed in the potty! We have had a Cars potty for a while but he hasn't been interested. Just this week he has started sitting on it and saying he was going potty (but wasnt really). Tonight before bath he decided he wanted to try and sure enough...he went! And not to be gross, but it was a lot! I know we have a ways to go but this is a start. Mrs. Pat was going to start working with him this week so I was excited!!!

Well it took me a long time to write this between cooking, bath time, and putting a sweet little boy to bed. But he successfully went to sleep in his big boy bed! (I think! We haven't heard him for a minute). 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

I realized a couple of weeks ago that I have lost my mind. I posted a month ago that Mason was two and a half but he actually wasn't two and a half until today. I'm blaming it on baby brain.

Anyways, we were very very busy this past weekend but very productive. I feel much better now. We went to a fun engagement party, baby shower, and dinner with my hygiene friends and significant others.

Here are my friends' Stephanie and Brittany's sweet babies. Here is Leighton. She is about to be a big sister. 

Sweet Bennett.  Love his bib

Here is my friend Karen.  We were all so glad she could make it from Nashville.  (I just copied these and can't get the black edges off)

And here are all of us minus our sweet friend Mica. :(  

Sunday we finished moving all of the furniture out of Masons soon-to-be big boy room.  John then went to play golf and let me and my Mom really get ourselves into a never ending mess.  We found some carpet, found a home for all the junk in that room, and pulled down baby bins of clothes.  I am very grateful for having another boy after going through this all...I think I could clothe multiple little boys with the amount of clothes we have!

We also organized bibs, burp cloths, and little hats.

All those clothes hanging in the closet were 0-9 month old.  I had to box back up anything bigger because we ran out of room!  When I was in the attic putting back up that bin of clothes, I spotted THREE more bins of clothes I had overlooked!!!  They are all NB - 6 months.  I had no more energy to go through those but oh my many clothes does one child need?!?!

When John got home he put together Mason's new big boy bed.

He had some help...

I have ordered Masons new bedding.  I wanted him to really like it to be excited about the new room.  I found it on Pottery Barn Kids online.  I love love love it.  I only ordered the crib sheets and the quilt with his little name on it.  I'm going to get yellow wall decal stickers with his name for the wall above his bed.

He keeps talking about the new car bed so hopefully it won't be a terrible transition.

And last thing, John's family has this weird toe thing.  They can pick up anything with their toes and the worst part of it...can pinch the stew out of you.  It really isn't fair for us normal toed people.   Anyway, my worst fear has always been that our kids can do this.  Then I'm just completely outnumbered.  Well child number one def has this trait...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Very Random

I have several random pictures from the last couple of weeks... 

Here is Mason and John mowing the lawn.

Here he was dancing with his Mickey Mouse to American Idol on tv.

Jani, the coworker of mine who uses Mrs. Pat for her little boy, sent me this picture the other day. Mason loves this purple church hat for girls.  Who knows why but he cannot get enough of it.  It is a running joke with all the moms.  They have even curled up the sides to make it more of a "cowboy" hat. 

Oh the things you can do with plastic eggs...

My flowers are back in bloom! There are actually several huge flowers in bloom now. Mason was adamant on smelling them.

I have cleaned out my closets.  I have to switch out fall/winter to spring/summer and also add in those wonderful maternity clothes.  It is a huge chore I dread doing but always feel sooooooo much better once done!   Now we can get onto moving Mason's clothes into his new room.

John has not seen this picture and I can assure you, he will not like it.  Mason came clomping in the den at my parents' house the other day like this...

And he was so so proud. Didn't really want to take them off either. :)

That is it for the random pictures We have a fun yet busy weekend planned. We have an engagement party tonight for our friends Katie and Kyle, I have a baby shower in the morning for my friend Megan, then dinner with all of my hygiene friends and their significant other Saturday night. Can't wait!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend! Mason and I headed to Covington to go to a fun fun Easter egg hunt with Becca and Reese.  Of course I didn't take a single picture but Mason had a good time and carried around those eggs allllll weekend.  John got a fun day of golf in.

Saturday, Mason got to have fun with his Grandma while John and I started moving furniture out of the guest bedroom to begin Mason's big boy room. We bought an expensive, yet tiny, storage unit. :)

Here is the beginning of the process...we have a very long ways to go!

Today we started with checking out our basket the Easter bunny left us. Then we went to Mickey Mouse and Pops house to check out the basket left there! This kid isn't spoiled at all...

John with the 3d glasses on for our Toy Story eggs we dyed.

Mason's basket along with a fun kids' corn hole-like game. I think he will have fun with this at the beach for sure!

Really only interested in the car...

We got ready for church and headed to my parents.

He got some new shoes so he thought we needed to take off our other shoes...

I look very large in these pictures...

Mom made this fun bunny cake.

Putting cars stickers everywhere.

Uncle Wayne and Gina got Mason the coolest book and they played with it all weekend.

We changed clothes and had a little Easter egg hunt. (with Mason being the only hunter). But hey, he won! 

Mickey Mouse had to help him carry his got way too heavy and he was dropping more eggs than putting in there. It's hard to be a little guy sometimes. 

We didnt take a nap all day so Little Dude was tired!

We have had the best weekend and I'm so sad to see it go.  John has to go out of town for work again this week and I'm hoping I can get into that room and work some more.  We need Mason in his new room ASAP.  It's crazy to think next Easter we will have two kids!