Thursday, May 24, 2012


We have to wake Mason up pretty much every morning.  He has adjusted so well with his big boy bed but never wants to get up!  He thinks it's funny for us to work our tails off getting him out of bed and changed.  We have finally mastered the getting up and going potty even if he is tired!

Here is our mornings...

He hears me come in...throws the covers over his head!

Then after a bunch of giggles and me pulling them back off...

Even though some mornings I could kill least he wakes up happy!! :)

Speaking of potty training, we are just doing so well!  He wears cute big boy underwear all day and a pull up at night.  Most mornings he is dry when he wakes up too.  We had not pooped in the big boy potty but last night was a success!!!  A little car bribery will work with anything! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Perfect Vacation

We got home yesterday afternoon from a wonderful, relaxing vacation.  Now we have the weekend to catch up on laundry and house work before starting back to work!  We had a great time and were very sad to leave.    The forecast didn't look in our favor before we left, but it did not rain one time and there were very few clouds!

As I posted before, Mason did get sick but was a trooper. After one incident of vomiting, the rest was really just a fever and a sore "mouth" as he would say. After a few days I did call his pediatrician to get some antibiotics called in just in case.  But he is doing just fine now!!

I'm going to go ahead and post a million pictures.

Playing on the balcony, one of our favorite places.

Mason pretty much hung onto his Mickey Mouse the whole trip!

He preferred the pool but he did great on the beach. He wouldn't get into the ocean without one of us holding him but he giggled every time a wave came. We were building car castles here.

Our awesome seafood dinner we made at the condo one night.

Pool time!  Or as Mason called it, "small water".  He did great swimming.  I bought one of these puddle jumpers before we went and it was perfect.  He was swimming all by himself by the end of the week.  He doesn't want anyone to help him!  He was really just floating and kicking his legs but he's getting the hang of it.

We also played with water guns the whole trip.  I can only imagine how it will be with Brody when he gets older...getting shot by three boys and their water guns should be fun.


Look Mom, no hands!

All by himself out there.

Just chillaxin

Getting me with the water guns.

Before dinner one night.

Feeding the fish at the restaurant.

Picture time.

Last night. :(

After dinner we decided to try out putt-putt. Mason had a ton of fun at the beginning, but there was a loud volcano that scared him.  Every time is was John's turn, Mason wanted to go.  So maybe one day John can take him to play "big boy golf".

Our family of almost 4!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all. We have made it to the beach! The weather was not looking good in the forecast but turned out to be beautiful.

After the beach and pool this morning, we headed in for lunch and Mason was so exhausted.  He went straight to sleep with no food then woke up wanting his Daddy and fell back asleep in his arms.  How sweet is this picture.

Well turns out we are sick. :(  Nose is running with fever and he threw up all over his Mickey Mouse. :( After some Tylenol and Pedialyte, we seem to be feeling a little better...but who knows how long this will last.  He always seems to get sick on vacation. 

Here we are playing cars on the balcony looking better.

And although he doesn't feel well, it sure does feel good to have my awesome husband and sweet little boy stuck by my side for a whole week...especially on Mother's Day.  Not to mention the best Mom in the whole world is with us too! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Countdown is on!

We leave for the beach on Saturday!!!   Just a couple of more days!  So excited.  Mason keeps saying he wants to go the the beach and see the big water.

Potty training is still going great.  We have not mastered #2 yet, but we (and of course the best babysitter ever, Mrs. Pat) are working on it hard this week.

We went to Nashville two weekends ago and he did great!  The whole way there and back with no accidents.  He's such a smart little guy!

Speaking of Nashville, we accomplished two things.
1. It was Westen's first birthday party
2. Got my purse! Woo hoo!

Mamaw and the birthday boy

Brother and sister with Mamaw

About to try out the cake.

It was myself, my mom, John, and Mason who went.  I know John was overly excited about the shopping.  We did find the bag I wanted and I love it!  It is huge and can probably double as a diaper bag if needed. :)

All in all, it was a successful trip!

We hung low last weekend and relaxed. It was much needed. Now this week is all about getting ready for the beach.

And of course some playing...

Once we return, we will begin baby mode. We have to put the final touches on Mason's big boy room and begin Brody's room. We did get the bedding and I love it!

I am beginning the third trimester this week. I feel like this pregnancy is flying by! I will be 28 weeks Friday. I haven't heard anything back from my glucose test, which means good news! Brody is very active and jumps around all day long. I'm not even sure if he sleeps, really. I just keep thinking this is going to be very interesting with two! Ha. Hopefully I will be running around like crazy and lose all of this baby weight fast!!! There is sure going to be a lot of it to lose...

Speaking of baby, I got really excited tonight and bought something at one of the boutiques on Facebook. I got Mason and Brody matching outfits for next summer!

I think they are adorable!

I will make sure to report back with a million beach pictures. :)