Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Girls Trip

Last weekend we planned a girls trip to the lake. We decided to do a much more laid back trip than NYC!!!  I'm 35 weeks this week so my doctor okayed the trip, just had to be careful!   So no skiing or tubing for me. 

We headed to Pickwick.  We stayed at Emily and Daniel's family lake house and used Lyndsey's boss' boat.  Just don't ask how we navigated the boat from the marina to the house by water...let's just say we had to get out a huge map once we realized we were lost!

Anyways, when I walked in they had cute decorations up, Muddy's cupcakes, and an awesome gift card for a day at the spa for me!!!  What more could a pregnant girl ask for!  I was so surprised!  I have the best friends in the world!!

This was our gorgeous view. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky.

Now for a picture overload

Lyndsey skiing

Emily and Steph on the tube.

Emily and Steph flipping off the tube.

Lyndsey and Blake

Had to put this one on here. It looks like Lyndsey just knocked Blake out.

Such a fun time!

It was just what I needed! A little girl time and some sun!

The only thing was that I missed a very special little girl's 4th birthday party!!!  John and Mason got to go to Reese's party though and Mason has been talking about swimming since they left I think.

This Thursday I have Bunko at my house and then we have nothing planned for the weekend!! Hopefully we will get everything from the attic down and washed for Brody.  Only 5 weeks left!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

We have had a great Father's Day. Lots of laundry, yard work, and golf. The US Open has been on all weekend not only has John been interested, but Mason seems to like it. He actually asked to watch it this morning instead of cartoons?! Weirdo. :)

I did buy him a little golf thing from the store the other day that he knew if he went #2 in the potty, he could open it. Saturday morning he starts yelling for me that was all done and was ready to play golf. Ha. Smart kid! But hey, I'm just glad he went in the potty. :)

Here's his number one toy right now.

 I couldn't figure out what Mason was trying to do with his hands tonight watching the Open. Then I realized he was trying to copy his daddy.  Like father like son.

How funny is that?   Here he is cheesin it up.

Big blue eyes

We have had a fun laid back day. We ended it at my parents for a yummy steak dinner. Dad got an iPhone...the world needs to watch out!

I'm so thankful that John is such a wonderful father and such a great person for Mason to look up to. He would do anything for us and loves us so much. I just couldn't imagine life without him.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Shower and First Day of School

This past Friday night my work had a baby shower for John and I.  I told them numerous times to please not throw us one or make it really easy if they did, but of course they did what they wanted!   It was very nice and everyone had a great time.  They had Swankey's catered in and got us a double stroller (a sit and stand), a new carseat, and diapers! Wayyyyy too much! We could've used Mason's carseat but it was on the flimsy side. But now that we have a new one, we will use that!

Baby Max chillin on the ground.

We both HATE opening gifts in front of people. :)

I couldn't ask for a better place to work and with the best people.  I love them all and am soooooo happy to finally be at the right place!

My mom and I also got Brody's room ready.  Just a few more touches and I will post some pictures. But if something were to happen...he now has a place to sleep.   Just 7 weeks and 2 days until my due date!


Onto a different and very important subject... Mason started preschool this week!   He will start full time in August at Christ the King but we wanted to wean him in this summer.  They started summer camps that are very fun and also have a Splash Day on Tuesdays where they have little pools, slides, and fun water things everywhere.  Yesterday was his first day.  He seems pretty excited about it that morning.

Here he is with his bathing suit on ready to go!

Turns out he was pretty scared.  He cried when John and I left.  It was so sad but I knew of course he would be fine.  He didn't sleep at nap time (he told me he was very quiet though!) and didn't eat well. So to say he was cranky when we got home is an understatement! I think he will soon realize he will have to eat whatever they give him for lunch or he will not get anything.  I also think it will help with some pickiness though and for that I am very excited!

This morning was MUCH better! He told me he was not scared of his new school and was ready to play.  He walked right in, sat with the other kids with all the toys, and told me bye.   I couldn't be happier it only took one day!!!  I'm so excited to see the difference with him in a structured daycare. Not that we don't just love Mrs. Pat, but I think it is just time.

Also, if you noticed in the above picture, we FINALLY got our haircut! It was way too long. We got it cut before the first day of school. :)

He likes getting his hair cut now. Look at him cheesiness it up.

And after with his sucker. Looks like a big boy!

And last thing, Daddy brought home some cupcakes before the first day of school. You can tell in the picture, John earned some brownie points with Mason.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Obviously baseball is something John is really hoping Mason enjoys (and has his fingers crossed is good at!). Dad got him a tball set at Christmas and now that it is so hot, we tried it out. Mason is definitely right handed but when we got him hitting the ball, he was much better and seemed to prefer hitting left handed. Who knows how long this will last but John was pretty pumped.

We also went to the Redbirds game last Wednesday.  Mason really enjoys them but he REALLY enjoyed hanging out with the ladies.  It was like free babysitting and I could now go every night.   He played with our friends Catey, Jessica, and Allison.

So excited for it to start.

This is a goofy picture of both of them but the Cardinals World Series trophy was there. Some man was nice enough to take the picture for John.

Mrs. Jessica bought Mason some popcorn...I think he ate every kernel.

They were teaching him how to make silly faces. (notice the popcorn in hand)


We really had a great time. The best part was the weather.  It had cooled off and was 70 degrees! Mason enjoyed staying up late but was not happy the next morning when it was time to get up. He will cry to me that he NEEDS sleep Mommy!


On a side note, I am 32 weeks pregnant this week!   It is sure flying by.  We are going to try to work on the boys' rooms this weekend.  Mason's needs some final touches and Brody's needs to be started on.  Life just seems to go on when you already have one child taking up your life, that your world doesnt revolve around this pregnancy like the first!

And in exciting news, Brody is going to have two cousins around his age to play with!!!!  Robert and Becca (and Resse) are expecting twins!!  They will probably be around 3 months apart in age! We are too excited!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend and a Birthday

I'm a little late in blogging.  Life has been busy.  Last weekend was a long Memorial Day weekend. We spent most of it outdoors in the heat and were recovering all week long!

Friday night we had dinner with friends and Mason headed over to my mom and dad's house.  Brinkley and Ashley were at her parents, so they had fun playing together.  Looking at these sweet pictures reminds me of myself and Ashley growing up and also that Little Dude needs a haircut.

Saturday we headed to Olive Brach for one of John's great aunt's birthday party.  It was like a big family reunion.  They set up some sprinklers and water toys in the backyard for the kids to play with. Reese and Mason had a great time.

It was soooo warm out though.  Mrs. Judy took the kids home while John, Robert, Becca, and I headed to Katie and Kyle's for a cookout with friends. Unfortunately I didn't take a single picture. But it was your typical girls gathered in one room and boys in another. 

I think you could say Reese and Mason were worn out when we went to pick them up that night...

Sunday was spent in Covington for another day in the sun. The boys played golf and the girls + Mason headed to the pool. And again, no pictures. 

I loved having Monday off and could really get used to having four day weekends. We headed over to another pool with Catie and Will. We ate pizza and swam. Very relaxing day!

And ate Popsicles of course.

I will do another post later about our baseball this past week.  Mason is starting to love it.  We shall see if this lasts!  I know his Daddy hopes so.

Yesterday was John's birthday.  We woke up and got birthday donuts!  Yummy!  You can't go wrong with Gibsons.

Mason sure enjoyed it.  John and Robert played golf while Mason and I hung out.  Mason was just so excited it was someone's birthday!  He really understands I think that birthdays come with cake.  We are celebrating tonight with my family and he was assured there would be cake!