Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brody Wynn Brower is Here!

My last day of work before maternity leave was Friday, July 27th.  I run around at my Friday job more than any other day of the week, so I was looking forward to getting through the day!  When I got home, John put dinner on the grill and we turned on the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  About 30 minutes later, I started having contractions.  They started coming about every 2 minutes so we just kept counting them because of course, I was worried it would be false labor.  We decided to have my mom come over to watch Mason when we came to terms with the fact that they were not ending and just getting worse.

We got to the hospital around 11:30pm and they went ahead and hooked me up to the machines.  They quickly decided to keep me because I was at 4cm (had only been 1.5 earlier in the week) and contractions were not letting up. It took a couple of hours to get me set up in a delivery room and by then, those evil contractions were killing me. But fortunately my best friend, the anesthesiologist, hooked me up and I was good to go!  We thought it would be a little faster labor, but waiting for the doctor to deliver other babies, and a cute little boy stalling out at about 8cm, Brody came into this world at 8:28 am screaming with all his might!

And here begins the photo overload!

My mom and John staying up with me allllll night long.

Watching the Olympics

Brody weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and 20 and 1/4in long. (Mason was 7lbs 3oz and 21in long)

Grandma Reba and Brody

Our first photo as a family of four!

Sweet Brothers

Grandma Reba, Mamaw, Brody, Mason, and John

My absolute favorite picture!!!

Robert, Becca, and Reese came to visit!

She's going to be such a big help with the twins in a few months!!!

They brought this cute door hanger.

Mickey Mouse and Pops (please note our wild child in the background with blue PowerAid mouth)!

Mom and Mrs Peggy with Brody. Mrs Peggy went and watched Mason while we were at the hospital! Thanks a million!!!

And here's the man of the hour!!! He's just perfect. :)

Our family is complete and we are so unbelievably blessed.

The Big Bro

The little Bro before leaving the hospital!

We have had a wonderful 3 days! Brody has been so easy (I realize it's still early) and Mason has been great.  He worries when he cries and tells us to feed him some food if he's hungry.   But Mason seems to have no problem hanging out with Brody.

This labor was much easier and the recovery has been awesome! I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Well I will post more pictures later but now I will leave you with this...the boys look just alike!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching Up

We had a fun weekend.  We had a baby shower for my friend at work Friday night, and Saturday we got to hang out with my dental hygiene friends all day!  One of my friends Stephanie is due two weeks after me with a little boy, Johnny.  We all went to lunch at Cafe Piazza and chowed down on an enormous amount of food. Then they showered us with too many gifts.

After lunch we headed to Stephanie's house to hang out all affernoon and stayed for dinner.  The guys and all the babies met us there.  It was such a fun day and felt like we haven't gone weeks or months without seeing each other.  It was bittersweet because it is hard to not think the whole time we are missing our sweet friend Mica.

Megan's little girl Maggie just content as ever swinging.

Little dude was a little cold!

I hate that I didn't get anymore pictures though.

Mason is just loving "codoring" or coloring as most people would say. They do a couple of art projects everyday at school which I love and it occupies so much of his time at home now!

Mason and his daddy have also been playing a little baseball in the house.  This 9 month pregnant mom doesn't really stop it if they are occupied.  But Mason says you cant play baseball without a hat on!

And stickers on our arms

John had a softball game the other night and it was just too hot and too late for us to go.  So we decided to make strawberry cupcakes to take to my work!  He wanted the pink ones.  John just loved that.   But Mason just had so much fun cracking the eggs and stirring the batter.

He was so proud of them and couldn't wait to show his DaDa.

Onto baby news, I will be 38 weeks on Friday and definitely ready to have a baby soon!  I just have the rest of this week and next week to work and I am outta there for several weeks!  I think the reality is beginning to sink in that we will have a baby in just a couple of weeks.

We went ahead and scheduled an induction date for August 2nd (day before my due date). They said the hospitals get booked so fast and if I didn't want to go over too much then going ahead and scheduling was my best bet.  And Mason came early so I'm praying Brody will still come on his own!  I go back to the doctor tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Post

We have not been up to much lately. I'm just getting bigger and Mason just seems to get funnier.

He might be getting a tad jealous these days. We found him in Brody's room just like this saying he was a baby.

A couple of Thursdays ago I hosted bunko at my house.  Everyone surprised me at the end with gifts.  I was shocked!  They got me diapers and some other necessities!! It was so nice and we are sooooo thankful!

We have also been putting Mr. Potato head back together. We are a little confused about our arms and ears though...

It has been so hot lately, which is always an excuse for a pregnant lady to want a frosty. Mason enjoyed one too.

Too cool for school.

Just hanging out together.

Mason was helping his Dad get the computer to pull up the fight the other night. Mason was a little concerned that these boys kept hitting each other since we are "not possed to hit!"

And this was my Monday. First, Mason and I were pretty much playing tug of war with the Fruit Loops and they went everywhere. Then I dropped our box of eggs. Here's to hoping the week gets better!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

Mason is loving his "new school" as he calls it.  We are still going to Mrs. Pat's house two days a week but starting August, it is only new school.  He loves his teacher and is so proud of all of his work he brings home!  Im just so glad he's happy!

They had a Fourth of July Parade on the third.  They had a band, face painting, and all kinds of fun games.  I just wish he could tell me more!  Sometimes you can get the funniest stories from him but have no idea if they are true or made up!

Here he is with his face painted like Spiderman (well what was left of it) and his balloon.

Today we had such a fun day! We cooked a fun breakfast and then went swimming. Mason even jumped off the diving board. He had so much fun with Lyndsey and Steph.

Tonight we just grilled out burgers and Mickey Mouse and Pops came over. We watched some fireworks on tv and danced to the music.

All in all it was a fun filled holiday and Mason even got a little color on him! I mean it has to happen at some point right?! He blinds people when they look at him!