Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Day

Well today is my last day of maternity leave. This is what Brody thinks about that...

I'm going to run him by Mrs. Pat's house today so we can go over everything and I can drop off formula, diapers, and all that expensive stuff. :) I can't believe time has flown by so quickly. He will be 2 months tomorrow! At least I go back on a Friday. It's like taking a trial run one day before the real thing starts next week.

He did sleep from 9-4 last night and then after a bottle, back down until 7. I can live with that. I took 12 weeks off with Mason so he was completely sleeping through the night when I went back to work. I told John last night, if you think you are tired now, wait until next week...we are going to alternate who gets up with Brody because its fair game when I start back to work!!! (I will keep you updated if this plan works...I'm doubting it!)

We decided to try and do some fun things since life is a tad bit easier for one more week. Being able to get laundry done, house cleaned, grocery shopping during the day makes for a happier Mom and Dad during the evenings and weekends. We went to the park yesterday and made cookies (a little too late at night with all that sugar). So tonight, Mason got to play outside FOREVER and then we all made our own pizza. It was actually really good and very cheap, not to mention Mason thought it was so fun.

We even ate it in then den while watching cartoons instead of at the table.

This little guy just watched. :)

We are always so busy but when we do simple yet fun things as a family, it always makes me remember how blessed we are. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Last weekend John went out of town for a bachelor party.  A weekend of no kids, golf, watching football with 16 friends, all while staying in a casino.  I think he had a fun time. 

Meanwhile, I stole my mom and she came over both Saturday and Sunday.  We had a million things on our to-do list, from yard work to painting a bathroom. I feel bad that I put her to work all weekend but I was able to bribe her with these two little guys.

Mason did a good job keeping Brody entertained while we worked. He asks me all the time if Brody is big enough yet to play cars with him. So sweet. On the other hand, Brody can hardly sleep a wink when his big brother is home. From running around screaming, slamming doors, and throwing his cars all over the house, Brody is constantly startled or needing to duck his head to avoid the flying cars. But that's what big brothers are for! :)

John got home on Sunday. He was tired and Brody was finally able to nap!

This is my last week off work with this little fella. I actually have to work on Friday. Boo. He looks like a little old man here. Poor kid has no hair in the front.

We took the boys to the park last night. Mason went down the slides about a million times and loved every minute of it. I think we need to do this more often before it gets cold. He can get all of his energy out and not be cooped up in the house.

And this one loves being outside. Just goes to sleep right away.

We came home and took baths while cookies were cooking.

Who doesn't like warm chocolate chip cookies?!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Birth Announcement

I never posted Brody's birth announcement.  I really wanted to put both boys on the card.  It was so difficult to get their picture together at the newborn shoot but I think they turned out great!


Today is college football day at Mason's school. I thought he looked so cute in his shirt (it's a little big but that means he can wear it next year too!)

Swinging those arms.

I keep trying to tell him his shirt says Ole Miss but he thinks it says Hotty Toddy. (which kind of sounds like "Toddy Doddy"). Oh well, I think they will get it. :)

Happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Baby

Brody has not been quite as easy as big brother Mason was.  To say he was fussy is an understatement. Honestly, if he was awake...he was screaming.  Not crying but screaming.  And absolutely no way you can just let him "cry it out". He loses his breath and turns purple. It is no fun for anyone.

After gas drops did nothing, we finally tried Gripe water.  I don't know what is in it or what it is exactly intended for and I don't care.  It seems to work miracles for this little boy (heck, our whole family) so we will continue to buy this stuff each week, even if it is $10!

So now that we are on the verge of becoming a happy baby, I have some pictures to post.  There had been absolutely no smiling, never even tried.  I was so happy this week when he started smiling and making sweet noises.

He has also decided he likes the swing.  He will sit in it for a little while and just look around.

John and I went to the Ole Miss v. Texas game this past weekend.  We usually have season tickets and go to all the home games and maybe even one away game but not this year.  We have missed the first two games already.  This year we have a new coach.  We may not be very good and certainly lacking on talent and size (bc of the coach prior to) but everyone is very excited about the future!  The players and the fans are excited.  As long as we win the games we are expected to and give effort each game...I will be a happy camper! :)

Texas was ranked #14 in the country and had never been to Oxford.  It was an insane weekend there and I'm so glad we got to tailgate and go to the game!!!  We did not win but I'm still proud of this team! They never gave up.

The Grove was packed.  John and I couldn't find each other for over an hour and there were only two tents we could be at.  We were probably passing each other back and forth but never saw each other.

My fav part of pre-game, the band playing in the Grove. Gives me chills every time.

This was about 30 prior to the game, the student section was nuts.

Betty White led the Hotty Toddy at the beginning of the game.  You should YouTube it.  It was awesome. :)

Okay, back to reality.  The boys did not come.  We were there forever and the game didn't start until 8:15!!!  But of course I dressed them in their game day attire.

Brody is like "What's going on Mason?" And it doesn't look like Mason is very sure. 

We have also run out of entertainment in this tiny house.   But Dad stepped up and took one for the team.

And I will end it with this cute little thing.  Not only is he happier, but he actually slept a little over 7 1/2 hours last night and then went right back to sleep.  Maybe it was a fluke, but I liked it!  I start back to work in another week and I would love nothing more than him to be sleeping like that!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The last couple of weekends, I felt we had been keeping Mason trapped in the house because we were getting ready for things later that night (and of course college football was on).  I was very excited when Becca wanted to go to the Germantown Festival.  John and Robert both had tee times so we ventured out alone with the kids.  It did feel much hotter than they claimed, but we still had a great time. We ended up staying for almost four hours!

After we walked around looking at everything, it was time for face painting.  I'm not sure how many times Reese and Mason asked about getting their faces painted. =)

She got a rainbow and Mason sported Spiderman (or Fireman as he says).  Next we all got a strawberry daiquiri, non-alcoholic of course, and sat in the shade to cool off.  And then it was time to ride some rides.

They also bounced in a bounce house until they just couldn't do it anymore.   Fortunately, there was some shade around there so Brody, Becca, and I weren't dripping in sweat.  Instead, Brody just slept. This is what he did the entire time. It's a nice life getting strolled around on a pretty day.

To end the fun, Reese and Mason enjoyed some yummy ice cream.  They deserved it after walking around the whole festival.

Mason fell asleep on the way home around 6:00.  We could not get him up when we got home, so no bath or dinner!   I had to wake him up the next morning and give him a bath before school.  I think he definitely had a fun day!


This morning Mason's preschool had family chapel.  They have chapel every Wednesday and the school wanted to show the parents what they do during that time.  John wasn't able to get off work.   Honestly, he is not putting near as many hours in now that he was before Brody because he takes Mason to school each morning. (But that will change soon when I go back to work!)

I wasn't sure how it would work and if Mason would know I was there.  They entered the chapel at the front so they never really noticed the parents.  And the 2 year old classes sat up front, so I actually had a hard time seeing him.  But they had an awesome lady leading them this morning and they sang about 5 songs.  Each song had hand motions that went along with it.  It honestly was the sweetest thing I have ever seen and heard.  All the kids were so excited and they actually knew much more about Jesus than I thought they would at such a young age.  I know I'm always a little more emotional but I'm pretty sure I could speak for all the parents when I say you couldn't help but to smile the entire time and I had to hold back my watery eyes.

It really just made me so happy he is going there and excited for whats to come.

I will say that I did watch them walk back to the preschool.  Mason again did not see me but I saw him. He had his hands in his pockets and instead of walking was jumping over all the speed bumps in the parking lot. :)   He's all boy.

And I will end with pictures I took yesterday afternoon.  Look how big Brody is getting!!  He's huge!!!
Here he is trying to talk.

And here are the two most important little boys in my life.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reunion and a Shower

We had our 10 year high school reunion two weekends ago.  It was a blast. Friday night was more of a family thing and Saturday was the big dinner.  We had a great time both nights and got to see a lot of people!

Mason had lots of fun the first night.  All of our kids were there and they played so hard.  He told me on the way home he was a tired boy. 

Blake and Mason

Steph, Daniel, Emily, and John hanging out outside while the burgers were cooking.

Mason got a baseball painted on his happy.  He also was going to have a baseball bat on the other cheek but it turned into a sword once he unexpectedly turned his face. 

Jessica and Jacks

Laura and and I with our kids. We have known each other since we were so small. Can't believe we are grown with families.

Only picture we got the whole weekend.

Playing cornhole.

Saturday night.

We then had another week getting ready for the weekend.  We are just so busy these days.  Here is Brody working on tummy time.

And Mason helping me make brownies.  He loves helping!  I only had to fish out a few egg shells.

And this past weekend we helped throw a wedding shower for our friends.  It was a golf themed party and I think it turned out so cute.  And as always, we had a great time hanging out with everyone.

This seems like a long post, or maybe it just took me a long time to write it.  I have now read Mason's favorite book about Mama Llama twice and put two kids to bed. (well Brody is asleep for now...)  I have more to post about this past weekend and our trip to Germantown Festival but I will do that tomorrow.