Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Mason is excited again. He sure loves candy so today will probably be his favorite day of the year. I worked and worked on getting a picture of both boys in their Halloween jammies. Finally, out of no where...Mason smiled. It's pretty funny because people will comment on any picture of them together and say it is so cute. But I look at these pictures and think, geez, that was so hard to do and took wayyyyy too long and all of my energy.

Today at Masons school, they are having hat day. I guess it's a way to celebrate Halloween without offending people. They are also getting big bags filled with goodies to take home. Mason told me he wanted a "silly hat" so...

This was all I could find.

He said he was satisfied.

And here are both boys. (yes, that is the bassinet in the background. It is just so much easier to change diapers or set him down for a second. We will be moving it out soon...especially since he is about too long for it anyways!)

Can't wait for tonight with them in their Halloween costumes. I think Mason will love trick or treating. Let's just hope he doesn't eat all of the candy at once.

He already snuck a piece this morning when I wasn't looking. We were almost to his school and I started smelling peanut butter. I looked up and this is what I saw...

Chocolate all over his face and hands at 7:30 in the morning.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Babies and Pumpkin Carving

This weekend was nice. A lot of much needed family time.

Last week, literally right after Masons birthday party was over, I got the dreaded stomach bug. Then what do ya know, John got it the next morning. I was so weak. John was so sick. We started off the week on a bad foot. Then Thursday I noticed my throat was scratchy. Well it went downhill fast and by Friday, I was sick. After a very long day of work, I dropped the kiddos off at my parents and went to bed. I love John to death and he helps so much, but he doesn't even hear Brody when he wakes up at night (or morning is the better word). I needed help! And thank goodness because I woke up Saturday a new woman. No more aching, just a man voice and all those fun symptoms.

Thursday night they played a little baseball.

Brody thought they were funny.

Saturday, we headed to my friend Megan and her hubby Mark's house to see some good friends/babies and watch some football. There were a mixture of fans there. John and I of course Ole Miss, Mark - Arkansas, and a lot of Tennessee. Our game and the Tennessee game were on at the same time early in the day so we had all the TVs going.

The plan was to eventually get all the kids in their Halloween costumes but when you have so many kids at different ages, naps are spread out and there is really never a good time.

We did manage to get a picture with them all in the same shot....that was about it though. We decided this was most likely the best.

But I LOVE Mason in this one. :) And Bennett there in the front is cheesin it up.

All the little ones. Maggie is almost 5 months and Brody and Johnny are only one week apart.

Here they all are. Between 4 of our dental hygiene friends, we have 6 kiddos. But next year, 5 of us will have 7! Can't wait to find out if the 7th is a boy or girl!!

We had a great time visiting. Mason had a ton of fun. He is almost two years older than any others and I was a little worried. But he ran around like a mad man the whole time. :) Brody just slept and ate. Not to mention, the Rebels won! Woo hoo!

Here is Mason five minutes into the car ride home...

Sunday, I was ready to get some things done.

We made this fun decorative plate with Mason and Brody's handprints. It was an eventful task.

I had also planned on cooking three different dishes. They are all big enough so we could eat this week and freeze half of it for another time. It was going great and I was about to get started on meal #3 when a fire broke out on the stove. (thank goodness John turned and saw) Apparently, I am not good at multitasking. Just FYI, if you turn on the wrong burner...things can turn bad quickly! Two extra trips to the grocery store later, I finally finished two dishes but the third can wait!

It was also pumpkin carving day. Mason has a slight obsession with Angry Birds. It's actually a problem because he talks in an "angry birds" voice and also uses his fake slingshot to "get" people. We are currently working on it. But in the meantime, I guess we decided to make it worse last night.

Check out that spit up coming out of Brody's mouth. Had no idea. If Mason knew, he would've totally flipped out thinking it would get on him! Ha

Mickey Mouse and Brody.

Going in for the goods for the first time...


Mason got bored really fast after we opened up the pumpkin. Actually, everyone did besides the professional pumpkin carver...AKA myself.

And the finished product. Where's Mason??

See if you can spot the cars. Mason refuses to walk into another room or outside without them.

My hands are sore, but I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

3 months

Brody is three months old today. Time sure does fly. He is such an easy baby. I was so worried our second would be one of "those" babies. We had a couple of weeks there that I thought it was becoming a reality but he snapped out of it! :) He is so easy going. With two, life just keeps on truckin along. He seems to have no problem just going with the flow.

This was a few days ago and taken in a matter of a couple of minutes. Just so many cute little faces.

And for the three month pictures. I was trying to get him to crack a smile but he wasn't really having it.

Here is months 1-3. I have been saying for the last couple of weeks that I think his weight gain has slowed down. I'm sure its from taking out those bottles during the night. But I think these pictures show there isn't too much of a change from 2 to 3 months.

Here is the Mason/Brody shot. They definitely look different here. But there are so many times during the day that he reminds me so much of Mason.

John got a smile out of him.

* sleeping from 8-8:30 to 5:30-6:30. It's different every night but it is nothing to complain about! I will say it a million times...swaddle, swaddle, swaddle!!! Velcrow and all!! It might look evil, but after a nights will look like heaven. :)

* taking about 4oz every three hours during the day

* still takes a million cat naps or hour long naps during the day

* smiling all the time. he makes the sweetest noise like he's trying to laugh

* happiest when someone is talking to him. he just coos right back at ya

Again, I can't say how easy this child is. I feel like we have gotten into a routine and used to life as a family of isn't as scary as we thought. Well, so far anyways. We shall see down the road how I feel about that. :)

I can't imagine life without this sweet little guy.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rosemary Beach Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, our good friends Katie and Kyle got married in Rosemary Beach, Fl. I have never been to Florida in October but I would now say it is hands down the perfect time of the year to visit (minus the hurricanes). The weather was PERFECT!! 85 during the day, 60's at night. Rates are much cheaper because it's off season and it isn't crowded.

Obviously, Brody was only 10 weeks old. Some people (prob most) wouldn't leave their babies that early but for us, it works. It was actually just what we needed. To feel a tad normal again. Of course we missed the boys but we were able to enjoy ourselves. But we would not have done it if we didn't have awesome parents to take care of them.

What we woke up to Thursday morning. Absolutely beautiful and it was like this everyday!

Dinner that night at Bud and Ally's with our friends. Everyone was able to make the trip except Robert and Becca, which was a good decision since they had to make a trip to the hospital. I about died when we found out they could possibly have those babies and we were in Florida! But they are still cooking...any day now!!! We all missed them but they will just have to come next year when we all go back!

Every night the sunset was so pretty. I've never watched a sunset I guess but it's a pretty awesome thing to sit and watch....especially next to an ocean.

At the reception. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and a ton of fun. The dancing started immediately and lasted all night. The band, the food, honestly everything was great.

The beautiful bride.

The last day on the beach. All the guys throwing the football around.

It was a great trip but we were so happy to get back to the boys....not so much the laundry and grocery shopping for the busy work week ahead though!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Fun

Not only did we have Masons birthday party, we did some other fun things last weekend. I feel like I have been running around like a crazy person for the past 8 weeks! I'm looking forward to this coming weekend of relaxing with the boys.
Friday night after work.

Both boys doing a little tummy time.

When Mason saw the blow up dinosaur for his party. He was so excited.

Saturday morning we headed to Gibson's donuts for breakfast. Brody just hung out probably wondering why we were giving his big brother all this sugar so early in the morning.

We wanted to go to a pumpkin patch but we should've planned the night before because I had no idea how far away it was! We ended up just going to the little Harvest Fest at the Agricenter
The boys in their matching turkey shirts.

Picking out pumpkins for him and Brody.

Mason never puts those cars down.

They also had a small petting zoo. We spent one whole dollar on a tiny cup of food to feed the animals. I should've explained to Mason how it worked because he dumped the whole cup of food on the ground in front of the goat. :)

He was adamant that he wanted Brody to have this perfect white pumpkin so we got it.

I'm hoping next year we can plan better and go to a really fun pumpkin patch but we still had a lot of fun here. It helps that I was able to buy fresh produce and some boiled peanuts too!
Saturday night my cousin Sean and his cousin Brian celebrated their birthdays. Sean turned 39 and is a big Bama fan and Brian turned 40 and a big Tennessee fan. They always get together to watch the football game because it falls between their birthdays. This year since someone was turning the big 4-0, they had a bigger party at the Green Beetle downtown. I left the boys at home with John and went down with my parents. We had a great time!
Here are the birthday boys with their cakes.

And here is me with my awesome parents.