Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who's Ready for Christmas?!

We are!!!!
We put up most of our decorations. I didn't put up all of our random glittery things. I don't know why, but I really hate sweeping that stuff up all month long!! Maybe in a bigger, more roomy house one day.

Just like everything else, Masons much more into Christmas this year which makes it so exciting for us. We've been reading Christmas stories at night about the meaning of Christmas. Of course he was thrilled to help put ornaments on the tree, so I decided to get a small one for his room.

We also got our Elf on a Shelf out this year for the first time. We read Mason the book, he picked out his name, and our elf got started!!! We shall call him Leroy. :)
Here he was telling Mason he needs to always remember to brush his teeth.

He also played with Mason's cars one night. I was kind of surprised he didn't flip out...he doesn't like people touching his cars!!!

Eating cereal this morning.

We also celebrated my Dad's birthday this week. Mom cooked a yummy meal and I baked a homemade strawberry cake. I've never made one from scratch before but it was very good. I will say, if the recipe says to use wax paper, Pam, and flour so the cake won't's probably wise to do that. Of course I didn't do all of that and it was a challenge to get it out of the pan. The cake itself was not pretty.

Dad and the boys.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

(two posts in one night. Woo hoo)

Thanksgiving Part 2

We had a great Thanksgiving meal at Grandma Reba's house Friday. Mason had a blast playing with Reese. She talked about her baby brothers the whole time. They had to stay home and work on getting older and bigger so they can play. :)

Notice Mason's belly. The kid ate like a champ there. I love this picture.

We took a lot of pictures. Reese was very interested in photography this particular day which made Mason want to get his grimy hands on my camera. :)

Picture of me and Brody courtesy of Reese.

Me, Reese, and Brody. Courtesy of Mason.

These two actually didn't turn out too bad surprisingly.

Grandpa James wanted his picture with all three kids.

Here is a close up me and the kids. When we walked in, the first thing Reese said was how big Brody was...especially his head. Well I just assumed it was because the babies are still so small. And let's be honest, Brody isn't tiny anymore. But after this picture was taken, I couldn't help but notice how big this kid's head is!!!

It is the same size as the four and three year old sitting next to him!!! And I think the expression on his face here is priceless.

But he doesn't care!


John and I decided last minute to go to the Ole Miss football game Saturday. Thanksgiving weekend = Egg Bowl. I am so glad we went. We won by a landslide and had the best time doing it. And it was much deserved.

Lyndsey and I grovin' it.

It was coooooold!!

Fantastic night. Yes, that is the field behind us.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

I'm going to need to break this into two separate posts. Too many pictures. We had a great holiday weekend with a ton of family. Not to mention, a fantastic football game to end it. :)

This was the start of my long weekend...pretty blue sky and so many pretty colors with all the trees.

We had a great dinner at Taco Bell Wednesday night. Things change when you have kids. Taco Bell and Chick-fil-a both have playgrounds but Chick-fil-a was way too busy, so Taco Bell it was. Had some quality food and then wore ourselves out before bed. :)

Thursday morning we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and then got ready to stuff our faces. We all went over to my aunts house to eat, watch football, go through all the ads in the newspaper, and eat again.

The food is ridiculous each year. This year there was only going to be one pie so I brought banana pudding. We ended up with an entire dessert table...

Pops telling Mason secrets.

Brody was just passed around all day. He didn't mind one bit. He was just wondering why he wasn't eating all that food.

Big 'ole blue eyes.

To burn off a little energy, we had a family football game in the front yard.

And we burnt off the energy for sure. This little guy passed out on the ride home and never woke up. Only time I've ever seen Emma even near Mason since he started walking.

I will say Mason did so well all weekend. He really was great. Sometimes, he is a little wild with a bunch of people around, but he was so sweet and just played and played. Gotta love that little guy.

I will post pictures from our Thanksgiving with Johns family tomorrow. It was another great day. We really are so thankful for both of out families.

Of course my mom and I went shipping Friday morning. Here is what we left with...

It was very successful!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Almost Turkey Time

We had a great low-key weekend and beginning of this week. We got to see the babies again and then really, just stayed locked inside our house! I think by Sunday we were going a little stir-crazy.

Saturday I really wanted to get the house clean but goodness, it is hard to keep all 200 of Mason's cars put away. I think the house is cleaner during the week than on the weekends.

Brody chilled out on his playmat for a while.

I found the cutest boots at Target! I think it's so hard to find cute shoes for little boys. I love these and Mason seems to also. The best part is he can wear socks (you can't with Toms) and they are pretty comfortable.

Ole Miss played LSU Saturday. Somehow, John and I managed to get both boys down for a nap in their beds AT THE SAME TIME!!! Better yet, it was during the game. It only lasted for about thirty minutes because Brody woke up hungry, but we didn't know what to do. So I decided to take a picture. It was a very successful moment as parents.

But not too long after a bottle, this little guy was passed out again. He just couldn't handle the craziness of the game. :)

I did go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my girlfriends Sunday night. It was sooooo good. I loved it. I thought it was better than the book, and Ive never said that before about a movie! I can't remember the last time I went to the movies either.

Yesterday after school, Mason wanted to watch Cars in our bedroom. I was making dinner and it was awfully quiet. I went to check on everyone and this is what I found. :)

And here were the boys this morning. Brody's eyelashes are getting so long. This kid is happy happy in the morning.

Mason wore his turkey shirt. They had a Thanksgiving parade at school.

I only have to work half a day tomorrow and then off until next Monday. Very excited.

Brody is still pretty congested and has been consistently waking up for a bottle! At this point, I'm wondering if he is now used to it. He will wake up between 4-5:30. He does go right back to sleep which is nice but it is starting to get old after three weeks!!! We are going to work on it the next several nights.

A couple of things Mason has been doing...

*Just recently, he seems to really enjoy Brody around. He has never really had a problem with him, but didn't seem to care one way or another if he's here. He now gets very concerned if we don't go right away and pick him after I get Mason from school. And it is always because John got off in time to get Brody, but Mason is so worried we are leaving him.

*The last two nights, if Brody starts to get a little upset, Mason runs to find a paci and stick it in his mouth. The first time, he does a good job. But if it pops right back out, he kind of shoves it back in his mouth like it will stick better. :) Poor Brody.

*We were trying to listen to something on the news last night and Mason was being pretty loud. He was tossing his cars in different containers and making them crash which always calls for loud booms and police sirens. John and I were having a hard time hearing so I asked him to be a little quieter for a minute. He kind of just ignored me so I asked him once again...he threw his hand on his forehead and said, "Mommy, you're killing me!" Didn't realize I was so annoying! :)

He also has saying "I love you" down to a tee. It will always melt your heart. :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Cousins!!!!

The twins made their debut yesterday! They are absolutely perfect and the cutest little guys ever. I still can't believe we will have kids so close in age. It makes me so happy!

This was the first picture Becca sent. They look so tiny!

And then I stole this picture from Facebook. Gotta do what ya gotta do. :)
I think this is the sweetest picture ever. It's just missing the proud big sister!

The cutest cookies ever. They match the nursery. Becca had them made for people coming to the hospital as treats.

And here they are!

Anderson (right) was born at 12:28 pm and weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and 20in long.
Griffin (left) was born at 12:30 pm and weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and 20 1/4 in long.

They are both so so precious and have a ton of hair. So happy for them!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sick week

I feel like this family can't keep away from the crud! I was sick with a bad cold two weeks ago and have felt much better, but I still sound awful. Mason got it, now Brody has it. To say we haven't gotten much sleep this past week is an understatement!! What perfect timing with John being out of town with work. :) But I did take Brody to the doctor after he was up about eight times Wednesday night just to make sure it wasn't in his ears. All was clear except having this horrible cold and a rattle from the fluid in his back. But then Friday, Mrs. Pat thought he was hurting and he turned all red in the face which she thought was a rash. Fortunately, we are on the up and up now....I hope!

This was election day. Mason asked for someone's "I Voted" sticker. A sticker is a sticker to him no matter what it says. Let's hope we don't run into someone with a bad one on. (you can tell he didn't feel good here)

John went out of town for three days. Therefore, Emma was bored with him since her ally was gone.

But I will admit it is much harder without John home. Emma needed food (which means dragging her full water bowl all across the floor until you do it), Brody was acting like he hadn't eaten in weeks, and all poor little Mason wanted to do was watch cartoons. I had other plans for him.

And this is the face you get every morning while putting him in his car seat. Such a happy little guy.

Here we are at the doctors office. We are up to 15 pounds. He is slowing down the weight gain, but still a chunk!

Red face. But very happy once he was able to poop. :)

So so happy to have John back! It made me realize how much he helps me and how much I appreciate him. Let me tell you, it is hard getting two kids up, dressed, and fed. Not to mention dropping them off at two different daycares in the is not an easy task. I was exhausted by the time I got to work!

Friday night, John took Mason to the Germantown High School football game. It was the playoffs and they won the first round. I asked John to send me a picture of Mason at the game. This is what I got. Typical picture from a guy.

All you can see is his backside.

Today we had family pictures taken. I can't wait to see them. The trees are so pretty right now. Brody didn't crack a smile though and Mason wouldn't let go of a car (it was orange and matched our outfits at least). I worked so hard on outfits. Then I tried to get everyone, including myself, looking nice. But I feel like when it comes down to the actual picture taking, it's crazy. Between trying to get both kids to stay still, look at the camera, and if you're lucky, smile...who knows what John and I will look like in those pictures! Ha.

After pictures, we got ice cream. This little guy had chocolate all over his face.

Hopefully this week will start off better than the last once!!!! It's going to be a good week for two cute little baby boys to be born! Can't wait! :)