Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6 Months

Where has the time gone?!  Brody turned 6 months old two days ago.  Can't believe this little guy has been in our lives for half of a year already.  He has definitely brought a ton of joy into this house.  The good thing for him is he will always be our sweet baby.  =)

He smiles all the time, but he was refusing this night.

Here is the comparison picture.  I'm pretty sure we will always be able to tell they are brothers...they even have the same hair.  Also seem to both love sticking things in their mouths already.

Mason wanted in the photo shoot.  I think he just wanted in the crib.  He has been dying to get in there lately.  He has gotten pretty good at climbing the side of it, but I catch him every time before he can get all the way in.  I put him in there for a picture but he was being silly.  This is the best I got...

Brody at 6 months is:

*taking 6 oz. bottles every 3 hours (when awake)
*eating baby food at Pat's house once a day and at our house for dinner
*eating carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, peaches, bananas, and green peas (when hidden)
*we are still not a pro at eating but we are definitely making strides
*trying to sit up but falls over quickly 
*found our feet
*thinks his Mommy is hilarious and laughs at only her
*thinks his big brother and his dog are pretty cool too
*he refuses to eat the rice cereal, so lately I have been putting some in his bottle before bed 
*goes to sleep at 7:30 and usually wakes up between 6 - 6:30 (this morning we had to wake him) but it is very common for him to wake up at some point and I go in and put a paci in.  he will fall right back asleep.  this is becoming less and less frequent fortunately

Here he is practicing sitting up.

If you notice in the last photo, Brody is sucking his lower lip.  He does this all the time for some reason.  You can hear it a mile away.

I did notice last night that he does not have any teeth yet, but his gums are bulging where his front two lower teeth would be.  They should be in soon I would imagine.  Mason's came in at 6 1/2 months so it sounds like they are on the same track.  

I tried to take a picture and he basically said no.  It was not happening.  

Look at that face! 
 (he also still has some goop in his eyes...gonna ask the doctor about that at his checkup)

We don't go to the doctor until next Thursday.  His shot schedule is just all messed up from all the holidays at the end of last year.  Hopefully we can get back on track.  Can't wait to hear our stats!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Excitement

We all had a great weekend.  Hung out with a bunch of babies, got our bowl on, ate horribly, and played outside.  In that order.  I should probably not even capture the pictures...but of course I will. 

Here is little Brody before daycare Friday morning watching cartoons.  Both of our kids are apparently going to love TV.

After work we headed to John's parents' house for Mrs. Judy's birthday celebration.  John was supposed to smoke a pork butt and ribs, I was making beans, Becca was making a cheese ball and twice baked potatoes.  Let's just say, the only thing that went as planned were those yummy potatoes.  John's smoker kept going out (we had to buy bbq), my beans dumped over in the car (how lovely), and Becca's cheese ball hit the ground when she got out of the car!  

It was pretty comical, but dinner turned out great despite all of the mishaps, and it was nice to all hang out.  I was excited to see these cute little guys. 

Reese and Mason played so hard.  They did not have time to stop for pictures.  =)
But these kiddos didn't have a choice.  Anderson and Griffin are catching up to Mr. Brody...especially in length!

Saturday night we went bowling for a couple of hours.  I don't think we have been since our reveal party for Brody.  If you look closely, you will see I didn't forget how to bowl.  Haha.  Just kidding.  But I did win the first game (beating the boys even), but Becca won the next one and got the highest score of the night.  Bowling ball isn't so heavy when you are used to carrying around a couple of 10 lb babies all day.  =)

Jake photo bombed every one of these.  At least he is smiling here.

We went to Huey's on Sunday.  Mason finally realized people write on the walls.  I am praying he doesn't get any ideas at our house.

It was pretty nice outside (especially for January) so we took a stroll and Mason rode his little green 4-wheeler.  He is so good at it this year.  I must have forgotten to take a picture of him because we were running behind him the whole time.

The big excitement this weekend was in our front yard last night.  Our neighbor smelt gas near our house so we had MLGW come check it out.  Apparently a gas leak on the OUTSIDE of your house is pretty common this time of year.  Mason thought it was pretty good entertainment.  We now have a four foot deep hole in our yard near the street.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Almost Friday

One day this week before work.  Brody always seems to look like he is up to something in these pictures.  I hope it isn't a warning of what's to come. =)

This is Mason every morning...every morning.  He has so many stuffed animals in his bed along with a few cars to hold.  This cannot be comfortable.  

Back to the baby food making business....this is by far the easiest thing I have ever done.  I just assumed it was very messy and very time consuming.  I would rather make baby food than cook dinner.  So easy and so cheap.  

The best part is this kid is eating.  I don't think it has anything to do with the food.  I'm assuming he has just finally gotten used to it.  I mean, he will be 6 months old in a few days...we have been trying this for 2 months.  

Such a cute little guy.  I do have to hold a toy that makes music above my head to get him to eat.  But hey, it works.  

It has been a very long week and I am ready for the weekend to begin.  Can't get here soon enough. 
Grandma Judy's birthday is today.  We are celebrating tomorrow night.  And I think we are having a big night out of bowling Saturday.  Let the fun begin!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Randoms

We had a pretty low-key weekend.  I feel like we have gotten back into our normal routine...finally!  It isn't as easy going to the grocery store with two, so I make sure to buy all of the food for the week on Sunday.  We do a load of laundry almost every night during the week.  It makes the weekends enjoyable.  

While Brody's hair was wet, we gave him a mohawk.  He was copying his cousin Griffin, who has been known to wear one every now and then.  

We told Mason he was looking sharp and I wanted to take a picture one morning before school.  He ran in his classroom and told Mrs. Williams he was sharp.  =)

Brody and I before work one morning.  This little guy had woken up a little early this particular morning.

And who doesn't love a little naked baby. 

Brody is really into his jumparoo right now.  I'm not sure Mason was ever that big of a fan, but Brody seems to love it.  When we hold him now, he starts moving his little legs like he's jumping.  

He even fell asleep jumping.  Notice his hands are down by his side too.  When I walked over to make sure he was okay, he woke up, started jumping immediately, and fell right back asleep.  He was pretty content, so we went ahead and ate dinner in peace.  =)

Saturday night we had a house warming party to go to.  It was for one of Mason's friends' parents party.   Aiden got to have a "playroom house-warming" party upstairs and adults stayed downstairs.  They even had a babysitter.  Mason had a blast and was not ready to leave!  We left there and watched the Grizz game at a friend's house.  Mason had even more fun when he saw this theatre room!

He wanted to sit in a chair next to his daddy.  We picked up Brody after the game was over, but I think Mason had a lot of fun with just John and I.  Not to mention, he got to stay up wayyyyy past his bedtime. 

We watched football today of course.  Brody was pretty interested...

John and I had a couple of adult conversations today.  =)  

I was reading a friend's blog who started making her own baby food.  I have always thought about trying this out knowing it would save a ton of money.  We bought a cheap, small food processor at Costco and I started with carrots, peas, and bananas.  It was unbelievably easy and not time consuming at all (which I thought would be).  Not to mention, the food is so tastes like regular veggies.  I know this is how it should be, but I can assure you, the baby food I have always bought does not taste the same.

I was really happy with the end product and will do a couple of more foods tomorrow.  I think I will be able to also have Mrs. Pat use the frozen cubes of food at her house as well.  When paying for childcare for two kids...any money we can save is good.  I will say though, I actually saved quite a bit today.

Carrots and green ball peas (as I have always called them but I think the correct term in English peas)

The other topic John and I talked about was....Disney World.  Nothing too important.  Ha  But John is again traveling for work there in February for the same show he had to go to last year.  I came along last year and we had a great time.  Now that we have little Brody, I know it will be a while until we will all go as a family.  Since the opportunity has come up again (with John's work paying for his flight), we have decided to take Mason for a very short weekend!!  I am sooooooo excited!  

We had to make sure at first that it was affordable.  We found non-stop flights for Mason and myself leaving Friday night after work.  And then we were lucky enough to basically find a Disney resort for almost free with the flights.  It also comes with Disney shuttle service where they take care of your luggage...once we get on the plane in Memphis, I will not have to deal with our luggage until I see it in our hotel room in Orlando!  That was the only thing I was worried about with traveling alone with Mason.  

I think he is going to have a blast and I cannot wait.  We will NOT be going back until both boys are more than old enough to enjoy it...even if John has to go back for work.  I do think it will be a special treat for Mason, especially since he has had such a big adjustment with his sweet baby brother, but also because I feel like we have been cooped up in this small house a lot.  Again, it will only be two days at the parks but they will be two fun days.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

We had another half day at work today due to an ice storm warning.  We got a good bit of freeing rain again and boy was it cold.  Mason's school also got out early so me and the boys had a fun afternoon snuggled up at home.  I'm pretty sure John is enjoying dinner being ready when he walks in the door!

Iced grass

We heated up some good ole hot chocolate from the Keurig and watched Mater Tales.  Guess who picked that movie out.

I looked up from enjoying my delicious drink and noticed BOTH boys with their fingers in their mouths.  It is the most frustrating thing trying to break Mason from this habit and now Brody is trying to do the same thing?!  Oh no he isn't!

We got a little creative as the night went on.  Mason put his cars blanket cape on and we had Spiderman and Batman fights.  He was Batman, John and I were Spiderman.  We entertain around here.

 I'm sure school will go on as planned tomorrow but ya never know around here.  We will see.

I never posted about our busy weekend. 

Friday night we went to my parents' house for my Special Day celebration dinner.  We have always gone to Red Lobster to get crab legs for as long as I can remember but the last couple of years we have just cooked at their house.   I love these little guys to death, but we are not all going to Red Lobster to eat.  I just do not think that cracking crab legs mixes well with a 3 year old and a 5 month old.  We ended up ordering it to-go this year and it was just as good.  I hate I didn't get any pictures but it was probably because I was knee deep in crab legs.  =)

My mom, the boys and myself met Mrs. Connie, Ashley, and Brinkley Saturday morning to exchange Christmas gifts and go out to eat.  Brinkley and Mason always have a fun time when they are together.  It was quite comical though.  If one was happy, the other was not.  But we had a great time.  Brody wasn't sure what to think about those crazy kids.  (they were taking turns playing with Brody's toy on his carseat)

Mrs. Connie and Mr. Jimbo got Mason this new tool bench.  He LOVES it!  You can hear him beating the screws in there at all hours.  =)

Saturday night I went to dinner with my girlfriends to celebrate mine and Blake's birthdays.  We had great conversation and way too much food.

Sunday we had lunch at my grandma's house.  She cooked my favorite meal and I made sure to bring plenty home.  I think I probably gained 10 lbs last weekend.

Brody playing with Darlene.

Brody and Mamaw.  If he would ever start eating real food...maybe one day he could try her good meals!

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Cold Monday

Last week before work, Mason asked to have his picture taken with Brody as we were walking out the door.  Of course I jumped on that opportunity!  I couldn't believe this picture I got.  Im scared this is a look into our future...these two boys planning things against John and I.

Mason has been a pretty sweet older brother lately.  In the mornings, he gets upset if we don't let him run in Brody's room and tell him good morning.  He actually climbs his crib so he can see Brody's face.  I think he gets a little louder the mornings where Brody is completely asleep...

He also lets me know when Brody is crying.  Wherever we are.  Today we were in the car and Mason says, "Oh no Mom, not again!  Brody's cryyyyying!!!"  Thats what brothers are for though.  =)

Speaking of crying, this kid knows how to do that well.  I don't know what is up with him lately.  He has puked a couple of times the entire bottle.  It is just awful.  He has not been sleeping that well either and just been really fussy at night.  I can't quite figure it out, maybe he is teething.

But with all of that sweet is this little face?  

Last Brody update.  He can also hold his bottle if it only has a small amount of formula in it.  Fun stuff. His muscles aren't strong enough for an entire 6 oz bottle though.  =)

It turned sooooooo cold yesterday and today was even worse.  We started getting freezing rain and of course our patients cancelled.  But I was able to pick up both boys early and get home to watch cartoons under the covers trying to stay warm.  Mason and I even shared some hot chocolate.

Turned out it wasn't a bad Monday at all!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hotty Toddy

John and I went to Ole Miss' bowl game this past weekend.  It was a very action packed day and a half!  We dropped the boys off at daycare/preschool in the morning and then were off to Birmingham.  There were a lot of different festivities going on Friday.  It might not be a big bowl game, but when you have 50,000 fans in one will always be a good time.  They had an area in Bham called Five Points blocked off.  There were different bands playing all day.  Then around 5, the pep rallies for both teams started.  

Here are all the fans.

Our entire band came and performed the all the songs they usually do in the Grove before the games.  It was great.

There were so many Ole Miss fans that it was more of a home game for us.  There were actually so many more than usual, that they could not accommodate everyone.  But it was still a great time...especially since we won.

Hotty Toddy

And then of course, as we were leaving Saturday from picking up the boys at my parents, we got a huge  nail in the tire.  It was making an awful noise, so John had to change the tire.  I'm pretty sure thats just what he was hoping for on a cold night after a long day.  

And Brody was pretty much pooped.  It is just so exhausting being a baby.  But I love that little mouth in this picture. 

Speaking of Brody, we have been fighting this nasty eye infection.  Oh ya know...just the normal green, goopy junk just leaking out of his eyes!  Hopefully the antibiotic eyedrops will clear it up completely.  This picture does it no justice.

And I took this picture yesterday.  It is a little hard to see but both boys have the same swirly hairline on the back of their head.  Yesterday, they were both sticking up.  Love it.