Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pre Easter Fun

We ended up with quite a bit of pictures from Easter this year, so I decided to break it up into a couple of posts.  
Mason and Brody had Easter egg hunts at their preschool/daycare Thursday.  I'm not sure how much hunting Brody did, but he sure came home with a lot of candy.

They were much more interested in cartoons than taking a picture.

Brody has his big eyes in this picture.  They come with some serious concentration.

Mason also had an Easter parade along with his hunt.  Basically, just as tacky as you can be.  =)
He loved it and insisted on hopping like a bunny every time he put it on.  

I absolutely love the fact that he is now going to a Christian-based school.  It is pretty amazing the things he learns.  Obviously, leading up to Easter, they have been going over the Easter story.  He has told me many times this week that Jesus died on the cross.  He definitely understands (as much as a 3 year old) that Easter is not about the Easter bunny and candy, he knows it is about Jesus.  

The other day when we came home after school, there was this long, dead worm in our garage.  Well Mason started screaming there was a snake (which he is not fond of).  I came over there to assure him it was just a worm, and he was dead anyways so he wouldn't be able to come near him.  
He then asked me if the worm was in heaven.  I told him yes.  Then he wanted to know if he was in heaven with Jesus.  I told him yes.  Next he asked if the worm died on the cross like Jesus did. =)
Gotta love the innocence of children.

It was nasty and rainy all weekend.  I was off work Friday but we couldn't really do too much.  A little shopping and eating with Mom.

Saturday morning we had donuts.  Mason was pretty pumped about this sprinkled chocolate one.  

We had dinner at my parents house Saturday night since my Uncle Wayne and Gina were in town.  
Mason and Brody wore themselves out.  Brody basically laid on the floor and screamed the whole time.    Of course these are happy screams but you could hardly hear yourself think.  And Mason got his Easter candy on.
We ended up staying over there way too late and came home with two tired boys.  Unfortunately, we hadn't even dyed Easter eggs yet.  This exact same thing happened last year.  So for two years in a row...John and I have dyed Easter eggs alone.

I did try this popular pin on Pinterest.  How to bake the eggs in muffin tins instead of boil them.  (I ended up cracking so many last year)  This worked great!  325 degrees for 30 minutes and magically, they are done!!!  I will admit, one egg cracked out of 18 but that is a much better ratio than last year.

The professional egg-dyers.

And here is our masterpiece.  

 I tried to do the whole different shades of one color by adding more water after so many minutes.  They look nothing like the picture on Pinterest, but I still think they are kind of cool.
 We also changed it up this year with the golden eggs.  Mason loved them.

Then the Easter bunny stopped by.  They got matching chairs for baseball games and the beach.  It is hard for me to imagine them both being old enough to climb up in these chairs.  

Brody's loot. 
 He got some yummy yogurt, puffs, yogurt melts, a shopping cart cover, and other small stuff.

Mason's loot.
Wreck it Ralph movie, books, candy, baseball gear, and an enormous amount of junk.  =)

And before, the Easter bunny left, he hid a few eggs around the house.

Friday, March 29, 2013

8 Months and Soccer!

This little guy turned 8 months old yesterday.  I feel like he is such a happier baby now that he is eating really good.  He laughs and smiles a lot now.  

*a little over 19 lbs (weighed him today)
*I don't know how long he is, but I feel like he is growing like a weed
*still eating 6 oz. bottles about every 3 hours unless of course he is sleeping (5 a day)
*eating oatmeal/veggies/fruit 2-3 times a day
*he now likes Puffs
*can hold his bottle for the whole time (and even while watching cartoons)
*pretty vocal, no words but constant happy screaming  =)
*gets up on knees and rocks back and forth
*spits up everywhere
*I think I need to move him up to 9 mo clothing - our outfit today was snug!
*still just adores his big brother
*goes to bed at 7:30, wakes up around 6:30

 He can get around pretty good these days.  You turn around for a second, and he's in all the drawers...

He got himself all wrapped up in this blanket today.

Then Mason had to give it a shot. 


We got Mason's spring pictures in.  I think its so cute.  I just wish that hair would comb over to the side!

We also got the picture in from Dad's night.  Looks like they had a good time.  Mason hung it on the fridge.

Mason had his first soccer practice/game today.  It was rained out last week.  I was so afraid it would be rained out today, but we got to play.  The fields were pretty nasty though, but he was excited!

This was only half of the group.  Lots of 3 year olds.  

For the first 45 minutes, we practice.  It is very laid back and parents are out there helping.  We loved the coach and his helpers.  It of course was better when they told Mason what to do instead of John and I.   Here he was kicking over the cones.  You can see it was pretty dreary and chilly.

Brody and I went back to the car for a few minutes...he was thinking "haha, we are warm and they are cold!"

When we went back out there to watch, they had sectioned off into four games.  Mason was on the orange team playing the white team.  Ive said it before, but he is very competitive.  He wants to win at everything!!!!  It could be just getting to the front door first.  Well he definitely didn't understand the whole team thing.  He would be furious when someone else kicked the ball, and it was full blown tears if someone else scored!  We happened to have a lot of kids in our game that were a little apprehensive, so there was only a few actually playing.  Mason ended up being the biggest ball hog!!!  He would push kids down to get to the ball.  He ended up scoring FOUR times! (sometimes no one would remember to even run after the ball, so he was running by himself).  But all four times he scored, he started running towards us screaming he won!  We have a lot to learn.  =)
 All the other parents were laughing.  It was pretty funny.  

Brody was sad he couldn't play.

After soccer we headed to John's parents for dinner.   There were babies everywhere!  

Look at these cute little guys.  Getting so big.  Anderson is on the left and Griffin is on the right.  

 Griffin was sick this week with Pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of nights this week. We are so glad that he is feeling better!  It's pretty funny when all the kids are together.  Mason and Reese will refer to "their babies" and compare notes and stories.  =)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brotherly Love

We are ready for some warmer weather and sun around here!!!  It is Springtime...not suppose to be snowing!!  But Mason will be ready whenever it gets here.

This past Friday, Mrs. Pat told me Brody was holding his own bottles.  Go figure.  That little rugrat does not like doing it when we are around.  Spoiled little fella.  But I thought I would give it a shot so we could go on and get home instead of him finishing his bottle there.  Got out of the car when we got home and found this...

At least one of us was smiling. 

We headed to my parents for dinner Saturday night.  Brody got to sit at the table like a big boy with everyone else.  

He is also trying to move around like a big boy.  Got pretty good at raising up using his arms, but couldn't quite figure out how to pull his knees up at the same time...

Me and our first born.  He can sure be silly at times, but he is so so sweet.  He's really been swooning all the ladies lately by telling them they are pretty.  It's his new thing, but it still can make a girl feel good.  =)

Sunday night our Rebs played another game in the NCAA tourney.  The whole fam got decked out in Ole Miss gear.  

Mason threw up the Landshark.  Its an Ole Miss football thing, but our basketball team has started using it too.  Everyone has caught on.  

Here is a behind the scenes picture.  This is what 99% of our pictures look like...but every once in a while, we get a good one! Ha  

Ms. Lyndsey came over to play with the boys and catch a little bit of the game.  Brody is not one to warm up to people much.  It usually takes a lot of energy and most of the time he never even cracks a smile.  But he LOVED Lyndsey.  He would just smile at her when she walked by.  =)

We have all been working on our basketball skills.  

And of course when I say all...I mean ALL.  

It only took a couple of days but Brody figured out how to get up on his knees last night.  He will rock back and forth now too.  I think we are about to have a crawler.  

And with crawling (or even moving at all) comes him getting into things.  I heard Mason yelling and ran back in the room.  Brody had managed to get over by Mason's fishing game.  He was NOT happy and told Brody a hundred times that he was a baby and not old enough to play with a big boy game.  

Brody thought it was pretty funny.  =)

Oh just some brotherly love.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Mime

Welp, Ole Miss won the SEC Championship on Sunday.  Crazy.  It was a pretty exciting day!

We grilled out the other night and I was surprised Mason ate all of his chicken.  He said I was the best cook and it was "his favorite".  =)  Anyways, I took his picture to show my mom.  He wasn't happy with this one and wanted me to take his picture doing a "silly face".

This is what I got...
I mean, is he trying to be a mime or what?!  I thought it was hilarious.  
But he approved this picture.  

John went to the Grizzlies game Monday night with work.  They were in the best seats.  I didn't know this until he walked in with this sucker on...
And for the record, I haven't been to one game this year!!  Every time we get tickets I cant go, or he only got one ticket.

John and Mason had Dads' Night at his school last night.  That meant I got some one on one time with this little guy.  (I think he is going to keep those pretty blue eyes like his Daddy and brother)
 We went to the grocery store and then just hung out.  I never thought I would be so excited to go to the grocery store with one kid.  But goodness, it is just much harder with two.

John and Mason seemed to both have had a really good time.  Mason came in talking nonstop about what all they had done and how it was Dads only, no Moms.  They got their picture taken there, but I don't have it yet.

He did come home with this basketball painted on his face.  He did NOT want to scrub it off.

And here were some good snuggles this morning.  
Love it.