Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brody 9 Months

Welp, 9 months have come and gone.  We have enjoyed every single day with this little guy.  

 Something was funny...

Those were the only two pictures I could get before he was on the move.  

Off to more exciting things. If you notice, he is on his knees.  

And here are both boys at 9 months.  Brody is definitely bigger.  I will take him this week for his checkup and then will compare stats.  I am also thinking they are going to refer us to the ENT.  I really think his ears may be bothering him again (it could just be teeth), but I will be shocked if they say they are clear.  I just don't have a good feeling about it.  

He is a mamma's boy for sure.  And I certainly don't mind it one bit.  I still think its just so funny how different their little personalities have been from the start.  It will be so interesting to see if they change at all...but if not, Brody will be a bit more quiet than Mason.  I will probably look back at this in ten years and laugh at that statement but we shall see!

He is on the move all the time now.  It is a little difficult to keep him out of Mason's room.  I'm sure this problem will continue forever.  But you can see the damage done with Mason's Angry Birds cards in the background (and the folded one in his hand)...

But don't worry, Mason got Brody back.  Who knew the new thing is putting stickers on their little brother's face.  I can assure you, Brody did not think it was that funny when he ripped it off.  

He is also not a happy camper usually in the mornings.   Every once in a while he will wake up just talking away in his room, but more often he is crying.  I walked in a couple of mornings ago and he was like this....
 up on his knees.

This was the first time we had caught him like this, but it appears like he has it down pat.  Later that day, I caught him again.  
I think it is time to lower the crib.  And wherever we place the monitor, he can find it.  He just stares at it if he isn't ready to sleep.  "Come get me Mom, I know you are watching!"

Saturday, I went to brunch with my girlfriends.  Brody came with me and John had Mason. I think both boys were in heaven.

John and Mason went to Putt Putt to play arcade games.  They had a good time and Mason even won a prize.  After that, they headed to Chik-fil-a for lunch.  Fun times.

We had dinner Saturday night with Ben and Melissa to plan/book our summer trip to Mexico.  This was my fortune cookie.  

Can't wait!

Mason's Field Day

Mason had field day at CTK this past Friday.  I tried to get off work but it didn't work out.  My mom was able to go and help.  She said she had a great time and Mason was so excited she was able to make it.  I was especially happy because she was able to send me pictures throughout the day.  

Here he was at the baseball station.  Their class had green shirts.  Of course, the youth extra small is humongous on a 3 year old but that didn't stop them.  

Jumping over these sticks. (which looks a lot like a horse's jump)

Love this picture.

But this picture is my favorite.  They look like they are having a blast, but look at that competitive glare on Mason's face.  I know he is thinking, I better not get beat by a girl!

His class.

He was so tired when I picked him up for school, but he somehow managed to stay awake at El Mezcal for dinner.  Most likely this strawberry daiquiri did the trick.  (of course it is a virgin)  He REALLY liked it.  

And to end the day, I put on my field day shirt that I had gotten so we could be twinkies.  I had bought one in case I would be able to go and help.  

He has been talking about Field Day all weekend, so I know he really enjoyed it.  This is the first of many I am sure!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Camera Hog

I don't really have too many things to blog about...our boring life just keeps on trucking along.  
Mason is always wanting in a picture if he sees my phone.  

Last night, Mom and I went on a date.  John and I got her and myself tickets to Memphis, The Musical for Christmas.  We had a great time.  Hands down, best musical I have ever seen.  

Before heading to the Orpheum, we ate pizza at Aldo's downtown.  Their BBQ pizza is amazing.  Why hasn't anyone else thought of putting cole slaw on it?!?!  Genius.

This morning Mason insisted that I take his and Brody's picture.  I'm sure Brody was wondering what in the world was going on...

Speaking of Brody, he is officially crawling.  It is now his main method of transportation.  And so it begins...

Also, as his hair continues to grow out (looks like he is going to have as much as Mason!), it is starting to curl on the ends.  So cute.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Here were the boys before school one morning.  Happy as can be.

And here is Brody after a day at Pat's house...after a night of keeping me up.  These ears and teeth better start feeling better!  I feel like I haven't slept a full night in forever.  But the lack of sleep apparently hasn't been bothering him much...

But when he is fussy, all we have to do is turn on Bubble Guppies.  Cheers him right up.  He will yell right back at that tv.  

Friday night, Mason's soccer was cancelled due to wet fields.  We pretty much came home, ate dinner, and headed to bed.  It was much needed.  

We had our friends' Dave and Jenna's gender reveal party Saturday.  It was a crawfish boil and we had a great time.  We brought both of the boys, but I met my mom when it got close to Brody's bedtime.  He went to bed at Mickey Mouse's house, and Mason stayed out past his bedtime.  Mason really enjoyed the party and has been talking about it all day today.  

It's a GIRL!!!

Mason and Reese playing outside.  Jenna was loving the chair Mason was sitting in...

I can't talk for Reese, but Mason was worn out when we left.  They ran laps in this backyard chasing each other and I caught them out by the fence looking in the neighbor's yard.  He told me they were thinking about climbing the fence.  But I am so glad the boys will have cousins their age to grow up with.  

Love some crawfish.  

They put on Ice Age in the side room and Mrs. Katie let them play on her phone.  Mason was still talking about how he didn't get to play the new app she downloaded for him this morning.  

Here is me and the little guy.  All the boys in the family wore blue for a boy and I wore pink.  As soon as the balloons came out, he just stared at them with his mad face.  He kept saying all night long,  "I thought it was a boy!"  

This morning, I still woke up early.  I really need to get this running thing back in full gear, so I went out for a quick run.  When I was done and came back inside, everyone was still asleep!  Who doesn't love a little quiet time!??!?

Mason's soccer game was rescheduled for today at 2.  It was a beautiful day (every other practice was cold and rainy).  Since it was on a different day than originally scheduled, there weren't as many kids there.  They decided to just scrimmage 4 on 4 the whole practice.  Mason did not cry once and I was very proud.  We have been talking about this all week long.  Next we will work on pouting.  =)

But he did get the ball for one long run and I happened to get a picture.  It is pretty funny watching these little guys.  They will fall on top of each other, cry, pout, get limbs caught in the goal, pick the ball up with their hands, kick the ball in the wrong goal, and run onto other fields if no one is there to direct them.  I think all 4 of his grandparents that came out to see him enjoyed themselves.  =)

We ended the day with some good ole' ice cream outside.  

Don't let John fool you here, he had one and half of mine.  =)

Well we survived another weekend!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Three and a Half

Mr. Mason turned 3 1/2 today.  =) 
We like birthdays around here so I kept telling him it was his half bday.  Of course, there were no gifts or sweets involved, but who doesn't like to feel special?
(love the hand in his pocket)

Mason is the sweetest little guy I know, but he is such a boy. 
He is a wild little fella who can run around FOREVER.  
He has no inside voice.  He is very loud, and I am trying to figure out where this came from.  (we all know it wasn't his father so I guess it is in me somewhere)  
He loves hugs. 
He is very caring and gets so concerned if something is wrong. 
He does not like bugs or spiders.
His new thing is telling girls, "Hey, you look pretty."
He also is now saying, "Leave me alone."  (can't believe it is already starting!)
Not to mention, he locked himself in a room the other day! (we have keys to get in)
He does not forget a thing!
He still sucks on those two fingers and if you don't believe me, look at his teeth.  =(
Before bed, we read a book, say a prayer, and then we give each other a hug, kiss, high five, and rock.
His prayer before bed tonight: he is thankful for Brody, Daddy, Mommy, Emma, Mickey Mouse, Pops, Grandma and Grandpa, and Reese. 
He loves school and doesn't want to leave some days.
He is still into cars, but sure does love playing on the iPad.
Would choose to be outside anytime of the day if he could.
He can make his little brother happy at the drop of a hat. 

Speaking of his brother, here are the boys playing before bed one night.  Mason was sharing his cars and Brody was loving it.  I think he is falling into his brothers footsteps.

This little booger went back to the doctor AGAIN!  The Augmentin isn't working and ear infections are still going strong.  He put us on a new antibiotic in a completely different family.  Hopefully this is just some crazy anaerobic bacteria causing this particular infection and it will go away...or else we maybe looking at tubes in our future. 

With this warmer weather comes fun clothes.  We really just had tons of footed pjs that Mason wore up until now.  We have all kinds of fun hand me downs now!

John had to go to Chicago for work early this morning and won't be back until late Thursday night.  The boys and I went to my parents for burgers tonight.  We did lots of playing.  Mom found this cool seesaw and we tested it out.  

Mason got on and got it going...

I know this is blurry, but you can see how hard Brody is laughing.  Mason had them going pretty fast. 

Right after I had give the boys baths, John sends me this. 

They went to the Cubs game because they were playing the Rangers.  But obviously they got some great seats.  Looks like he is doing fine without us.  =)