Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This long weekend started out fabulous!  We went to a beautiful wedding Saturday night.  

 The reception was downtown at One Commerce Square and it was absolutely stunning.  Such a pretty building. 

Some of the girls.  

Got a picture of the four of us.  

We usually go to Mr. Charlie's and Mrs. Linda's for a Memorial Day party that Sunday.  We were so happy the weather was nice this year.  Here are the boys ready to head to the party in their matching swim trunks. 

My boss gave me some Ray Bans that her girls had when they were young.  They are in perfect condition and now my child has nicer sunglasses than I will ever have.  

But he was ready to get in that pool the moment we walked in.  He looks like such a big boy this year. 

I had already bought Brody a float for the summer, but it hadn't come in yet.  We stopped by Target on the way there and picked up this cute thing.  He had his own Batmobile.  The water was pretty cold but he just floated around all relaxed.  

Mason and Brody.

 Our fam.

Pops did a great job keeping Mr. Brody entertained.

 Mason had a BLAST.  He never stopped.  He swam, floated, squirted everyone with water guns, and laughed uncontrollably when Alex, Caroline, and their friend Kendall jumped into the pool.  I mean he had so much fun.  I cannot wait until the beach this year. 

Ashley rocking Brody.  

Brinkley and her Grandaddy.

As soon as we bought the Batmobile, I knew Mason would have a fit over it.  We will probably take the thing with us to the beach this year.  We "drove" him around in the pool. 

This is just the sweetest picture ever.  Brody was almost asleep here.  

And as soon as we pulled out of the neighborhood, Mason crashed.  

We had such a fun day, and I am so glad we did because that night was not so fun.  When I got Mason out of the car he told me he was cold and needed a blanket.  I laughed because I thought he was joking...we had just spent half the day in the heat.  Well next thing I know, he is puking right there in the yard.  Then, John said his stomach was killing him and he needed to lay down.  I knew this was not a good sign.  

Mason got sick one more time, but surprisingly never felt bad.  I got Brody and Mason to bed and did as much laundry as I could and picked the house up because I could tell my stomach was not feeling right.  We were all in bed by 8:30.  Mason and Brody slept well, but John and I took turns throwing up all night.  Fun times. 

John and I have never been sick together (its usually one of us and then the other will get it the next day).  It is nooooo fun when we both are so weak and nauseous when you have two kiddos to take care of the next morning.  They both woke up happy little campers and John and I could hardly stay awake and our bodies were hurting.  

After a few hours, I started feeling a little better and took Mason outside to play in the sprinkler.  We made the most of the day but it was not what we had planned!!

red Koolaid face

The weekend finally caught up with Mason.  He went to sleep between five and six tonight and refused to wake up.  

He obviously had a great Memorial Day weekend minus getting sick. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

End of School (Preschools 2's)

I forgot to add this picture to my last post.  Brody was trying so hard to pull up onto the couch, so John gave him a little help.  Mason thought it was hilarious that it looked like Brody was walking.  Who knows what he will think when he actually starts walking.  

Mason had his last day of 2 year old Preschool Thursday.  He will go during the summer, but Summer Camp doesn't start until this next Thursday.  

It was Pizza and PJ day.  

I got these Starbucks gift card ideas from Pinterest.  They didn't turn out as cute as the ones I saw.  Ha.

I wasn't able to get a picture of Mason and Ms. Williams because it was way too hectic that morning, but I did manage to get one with his most favorite, Ms. Brooke.  She is one of the assistants in the afternoon and he has her wrapped around his little finger.  

He is going to love summer camp this year with the splash days.  I know he enjoyed it last year, but I am excited to see his reaction this go around.  

John and I had a wedding kickoff party downtown last night for our friend Ben and his fiance.  We had a great time.  Can't wait for the wedding Saturday night. 

My mom took off work today since Mason was out of school and she could add an extra day to her long weekend.  Unfortunately I couldn't get off, but she updated me with pictures throughout the day.  I would say the boys def had a blast.  =)

*Side Note:  Since Mom was going to have them today, they spent the night there last night while we were at the party.  John and I woke up this morning an hour later since we didn't have to get the boys ready.  Well twenty minutes after we woke up, we were all dressed and just sitting there twiddling our thumbs until it was time to leave for work.  It was the strangest thing ever.  I finally decided to just make a Starbucks run.   I do NOT know what in the world we did before kids.  haha  

Here are both boys swinging.  Brody doesn't look too impressed... 

Tonight we headed to Five Guys for dinner.  This little guy was happy to be sitting outside. 

This one was being extra silly.

I think Brody has the relaxation thing under control.

I got a picture tonight before bed of John and I changing Brody's diaper.  He is a rolly polly and all over the place.  It is sometimes impossible to do alone.  I needed backup this time...

We have a wedding, golf (John), and fun family time planned for the weekend but we also need to do yard work (boo).  But check out my flowers in the yard.  I think they are so pretty.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

These pictures are still from last weekend.  We headed to Memphis Pizza Cafe for lunch.  And yet again, no one wanted to sit by me.   It was a "boy's only" thing.

But fortunately, this little guy finally woke up and kept me company.  

We dropped the boys off at my parents' house for a minute so John and I could check out a couple of houses.  It looks like we are going to rent out our house (fingers crossed we already have a renter) and buy a home in Collierville.  We are pretty excited and very confident in our decision.  Can't wait!

We came back to hang out, and since it was so nice outside...we rode our bike.  (it was already in the car because we had to bring it by to fix it)  Mason hadn't had much practice, but a couple of attempts and he had it down.  He talked about it the entire next day.  Now he was sure he did not want Pops to help him ride because "he wasn't very good at it".  Apparently, Pops let him fall off.  Ha.

Poor sleepy Brody, missing out on all the fun. 

Then we headed across the street to Mrs. Connie and Mr. Jimbo's house for our first sitting in the driveway of the summer.  

Brody was soooooo relaxed.  He could've sat out there all night. 

Sporting Grizz gear again.  Unfortunately, we lost.

It rained so hard yesterday.  I haven't seen rain like that in a while.  Of course it decided to downpour as soon as I was ready to walk out of work.  I have never been so wet in my life by the time I had picked up Mason and Brody.  Every inch of my clothes were socks were almost dripping.  

But someone didn't care....he was just excited he was able to use his umbrella.

Brody wasn't sure what to think about all of this. 

All that rain wore him out!

Have you ever seen anything so precious?!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Backyard Picnic

Emma officially hates Brody now that he is so mobile.  I feel sorry for her because her little life is so different now that we have two boys in this house.  I don't blame her for being a little worried about them...she only weighs 3 pounds.  I was taking a picture of Brody and he darted off in her direction.  

This is what I got...
I'm not sure if it is poor Emma or poor Brody.

Our flowers are blooming in our yard.  Mason has been helping me water our tomato plants and also checking to see when the flowers were ready.  We picked the best ones and brought them to Mrs. Williams this week.  He was so proud.    

Caught this little guy laughing.  Its a blurry picture but I still love how it captures that big ole' smile. 

We cannot keep him still.  Trying to take a picture is impossible.  Mason was trying pretty hard to keep him from crawling away.  =)

I picked up the kids Friday after work and headed to my parents to hang out and meet John.  I was giving Brody a bottle and he seemed fine...until he threw up EVERYWHERE.  I mean everywhere.  I had on white jeans and both legs were completely soaked and yellow.  Eww.  Fortunately I found some old clothes at their house to wear.  Sporting the GHS shorts.

We decided the damage had been done, so we called it a night and went home.  

I had to work for a few hours Saturday morning and when I got out of the shower, Mason was in the bed helping John sleep in a bit.  That is what daddies are for. 

Brody had actually had a rough night.  We were up a couple of times and he threw up again.  He also had started with this terrible cough and started running a fever.

I could tell as soon as he woke up he had been sweating...check out this hair and sad face.  =(
So I headed off to work and John had to take Brody to the doctor.  Right before they headed out, Mason spilt John's entire cup of coffee all over the floor. 

 I am so very thankful for a patient and helpful husband.  He honestly takes on 50% of the work around the house and with the kids.  We do it together.  I'm sure most men would complain having to watch the kids while their wife works out, goes to Bible Study, or goes out to eat with the girls.  But John doesn't blink an eye and I am very thankful.  

Having said that, I think I was also thankful I was working yesterday morning than handling those boys  after hearing about all of their fun incidents!  Ha.  

The doctor thought Brody's breathing and cough sounded okay.  It has a lot of mucous in it, so I guess that is why it is so nasty sounding.  He does have an ear infection.  Boo.  And she thought he could have some viral tummy problem, but maybe he just has so much snot right now that it made him sick.  Who knows. 


Mason wanted to do something fun yesterday afternoon, so we decided on a picnic in the backyard since it was so nice outside.  John grilled some hot dogs and smoked sausage, and Mason and I gathered everything else and brought it outside.  We had a fun time.  I thought it would be hard to keep Brody on the mat, but the problem was keeping that kid out of our food!

Diving in for the food.

Occupied him for a minute with a mum mum.  I never used these with Mason, but my friend Stephanie loves them because it takes them a little longer to eat.  I agree...they are my new favorite thing.  

Mason made a "monster" out of his smoked sausage.  

This shows you how lazy Brody is.  He refuses to put anything in his mouth himself.  He wants you to do it for him.  He will not pick up Puffs...he will cry until you put them in his mouth.  I made him put this mum mum in his mouth, but I guess he figured out it would just sit there without any assistance...

Two happy little boys.