Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Change is Comin'

Same blog, same post...tons of pictures.  
I seem to only have pictures these days.  

This is Brody's very favorite thing to do.  He finds Emma's water bowl and dumps the water out in his lap.  Every.  Single.  Day.  

He has now figured out he can put it in his mouth.  

This face isn't because it tasted bad (he doesn't mind it at all actually), it's because I wouldn't let him go back to the bowls.  

Checking out the rain Friday morning.  

This one was pretty excited about using his umbrella.

Friday night we stopped by my parents' house after the four of us went out for a celebration dinner (more on that to come).  Brody found out he sure does like nectarines.  He had it dripping all down his shirt. 

Saturday, John headed out with his Dad and Robert to play golf, and the boys and myself headed to the pool.  These two were swimming all over the pool together.  

I had bought an inflatable basketball hoop for our beach trip but Mason wanted to bring it so bad.  Brinkley and Mason had fun with it and did so good sharing.  This is such a fun age, but even more fun when you get to see them interacting with each other.  

They stopped for an ice cream break.  Mason is just being himself here...silly.  =)

Check out Brodyman here just chillin.  

He still wasn't so sure of the water but eventually splashed around a little.  

Selfie of all three of us.  Brody was out like a light. 

A little fun in the sun will wear a couple of boys out.  

We had some errands and chores to get done today but managed a little time for some bike riding. 

Mason made it all the way around the block and tried to go a little further but wore himself out.  
What are Dads for?!?!

We heard an ice cream truck nearby so we sat outside and waited for it to come by.  Unfortunately, we learned our NOT tell your three year old you heard an ice cream truck until you SEE the ice cream truck.  It never stopped by and someone was not happy.  

We ended up running to the store to grab a box of popsicles.  Not worth an upset, tired little boy on a Sunday night.  It was a MUCH happier end to a great weekend.  

This weekend was even more exciting because we found out that our offer on a house was accepted.  We still have some things to do like an inspection, but if all goes well, we close on August 12th.  Our renters will move in September 1st, so we will have some time to paint and get things moved in.  

To make things even more exciting, John got a promotion the same day.  I am so proud of him and all of his hard work.  He definitely deserves it, and it sure comes at a great time!  

Can't wait until August!  A change is coming!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun

I was trying to get a couple of pictures of the boys the other morning.  This one was on the run...

After who else?!  Emma.  Poor dog.  I think she will happy with a bigger house. 

I did manage to get the cutest picture.  I love it.  =)  The two sweetest boys in the world. 

Mom got Mason and Brody a sand and water table.  We put it together Sunday night, but didn't get to use it until Monday.  Mason has gone outside every single night to play with it...I know this because he drags a pound of sand back in the house each night.  Thanks Mom. =)

But you can tell, both boys have really enjoyed it.  We have tried to keep Brody away from it the last couple of days because he continues to eat the sand.  We will probably just start to use it as a water table and then switch back to sand in a few months when he is older.  

Mason has also been practicing his driving skills with his Dad.
(he just sat there while John pulled the car into the garage)

We have discovered something this week.  Brody just learned how to actually put food in his mouth last week, but ever since then, he has been "yelling" at us when we are eating.  He also screams (until you give him something like Puffs) after his baby food like he is still hungry.  

So I talked to Mrs. Pat Tuesday afternoon about maybe starting him on regular food.  I had attempted it a couple of times but it was just banana or something really soft.  Well he ended up eating 3 pancakes (small ones) and a 1/2 of a banana for breakfast yesterday!  

Then April sent me a picture of him after lunch sitting in the highchair.  That boy ate almost an entire grilled chese sandwich!!!!  

Here he is eating some (nasty) chicken stick things that he loves and carrots.  He savored every bite.  He was sooooooo much happier yesterday.  I think we have been starving him.  Ha!

And here is the weather forecast for Playa Del Carmen in Mexico for next week!  John and I leave on July 4th for five nights!  We are going with our friends Ben and Melissa and I am so excited!  Can't wait!

We are sure going to miss these two having screaming matches bright and early in the mornings!!!  We are so very thankful for our parents who are going to watch our kiddos and dog.  You are awesome!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Some Birthday Party Fun

Saturday morning Brody woke up at his usual...6:00am.  After a while, he gets a little bored and was thrilled to see Mason get up.  

He also enjoyed some avocado and banana.  Getting to be so big. 

While I tried a new after workout drink for the muscles.  It actually wasn't bad at all!

John got to play some golf Saturday, so Mom and I took the boys along for some shopping.  We of course had to do some eating, here we are at Memphis Pizza Cafe. 

This little boy was our entertainment.  He was loud and happy.

Which makes you eventually pass out anywhere.

Mason got a tad bored and wanted to help stroll Brody around.  

And then we had to have some milkshakes...

all of us.  

We did some shopping at Costco Sunday, the best place for shopping with two.  

Sunday afternoon we had Reese's 5th birthday party.  I still can't believe she turned 5!!!  She had a royal princess party and we all had a blast.  

Mason loves a good mustache.

Cheesing it up with Aunt Becca.

The birthday girl!

Brody and Griffin checking each other out. 

Decorating their tiaras and Mason with his sword.

Blowing out the candles. 

Such a cool bday cake Becca made.  Lots of shades of pink. =)

John's sister, Lana, and her family have moved back to the States from Italy.  They were in town visiting and were able to make it to the party.  So good to see them!

Mrs. Judy is holding Anderson and Lana has Griffin.

They had a pinata and it was a hit.  I kept trying to record it but my phone was messing up.  Hate I didn't get more pictures because it was pretty funny.  

Mason swinging with his crown and cape.  (we used the cape again since it had a crown on it)

Cabe swinging and Robert scared he is going to get hit!  Ha.

Mad dash for the candy.  

Then the boys got some of that energy out playing soccer.  Check out Mason's arms swinging when he runs.  

 I think my boys will always play with Reese's kitchen at their house...

Opening bday presents.  She looked so old!

 Someone had the time of his life in the twins Johnny Jump up.  

John's grandpa with his grand kids and all nine great-grand kids.