Monday, July 29, 2013

Brody Turns One!!

Brody's first birthday was yesterday and we had a day of fun.  He woke us up right at 6am and was ready to go.  We decided to grab an early birthday breakfast at Perkins.  Mason was pretty excited about the pancakes.  

 Brody ended up finishing everyone's fruit and had himself a giant pancake.  Filled him up so he would take a good nap before his party.  =)

Since we are moving in a couple of weeks,  we decided to just have family and a couple of friends over at our house.  Nothing too big.  Brody is so fond of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and absolutely loves when they sing the Hot Dog song so we decided to do a hot dog party.  It was the easiest thing and I will definitely do it again one day!

This was the best family picture we could get and I have no idea why Mason is pulling up his shirt.  

Pops helping the birthday boy walk.  He looks so sweet here.  

We just had hot dogs, your choice of condiments, chips, and corn on the cob on skewers.  This whole inspiration started with some food baskets in the dollar section at Target.  Now I need to find something else to use those fun baskets for.  

His little monthly pictures. 

Someone was trying to snatch some M&Ms.  

His cake...probably could've done without the chocolate.  

My friend Leann and her little guy Ethan.  He is 10 months old. 

Emily (plus baby!) and Blake.  

Brinkley ended up getting sick and wasn't able to come to the party and Reese was on her way back from their fun family beach trip so poor little Mason didn't have any friends there.  But he was okay because his Pops and Grandpa ate with him at his picnic table.  =)  He was happy.  

My friend Leann and her husband Brian brought over an inflatable rock wall that his Dad owns.  They brought it over on Friday night and Mason had been eyeing that thing all weekend.  He could not wait to play on it.  

He had a blast out there. 

Mrs. Connie, Mickey Mouse, and Mrs. Peggy

Mamaw and Darlene

Time for birthday cake.  He really was happy about it, but he sure hateed those hats.  He was not a happy camper!

Much better!  Everyone was singing Happy Birthday and he was just looking around. 

Mason blowing out the candle.  Doesn't this look familiar??

Diggin' into the cake.  I think he def knew what to do this time.  

And he def loves chocolate...

He couldn't even smile for a picture...just throwing his head back enjoying cake. 

Time for clean up.

He was still eating the cake in his hand at this point. 

Grandpa James and a tired little boy. 

It got a little loud in Mason's room so I went to check it out.  There was a serious game of Hungry Hungry Hippos going on...

Dancing to the Hot Dog Song. 

Mason had one last go at the rock wall.  He got much better as the day went on. 

How else do you get down from the top?!  Why you fall off of course. 

We even ended the day with a visit from Reese, Anderson and Griffin on their way home from the beach.  All the boys were able to play with some new toys, and Mason and Reese were off in their own world.  

We had SUCH a fun day and we are so blessed with wonderful family and friends.  These boys have so many people that love them and I hope they always know it.   

I am also thankful that that was the last party in this house.  =)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Almost One

Well our sweet little baby is almost one.  I cannot believe it.  

Mrs. Pat and April (and the rest of their family) headed out today for a Disney cruise and would miss Brody's birthday, so we decided to have his party at her house early.  Since he loves everything Mickey Mouse (esp. the Hot Diggity Dog song), he had a Mickey Mouse cake.  They do such a great job with the birthday parties and we just love them to death!

We were also so happy his Grandma and his very own Mickey Mouse (my mom) was there to celebrate.  I know it was hard to get out of work early, but there were two little boys who were so happy to see yall!

 Sitting in his chair ready to go.  

Mason was pumped to celebrate (or eat cake).  He ran out of preschool telling everyone he was going to his baby's birthday party.  

The cake. 

All the kiddos!  Usually, everyone tries to bring their kids on the days of the parties, so there are always a ton there.  

His own smash cake.

He got a little surprised when we sang Happy Birthday.  Here he is looking up at Mrs. Pat.  Mason helped blow out the candles.  

"You're gonna give me this whole cake to eat?!"

I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it.  I had to take it away right after this picture.  I think he would've eaten it until it was gone.  

After a quick outfit change, it was time to open presents.  He was actually into the presents which surprised me.  

So was this guy...

We are spoiled rotten.  There is no need for any other gifts and he has his big party this Sunday!  He certainly racked up.  He has carried that big ole Mickey Mouse around ever since we got home!

Someone is excited for his bday weekend!!!!!  

Where has the time gone?!