Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catch Up

Where to begin?!?  Life has been crazy, but it is slowly getting back to normal.  I'm not complaining thought because it has been good crazy...but still crazy!

I found these pictures from Will's birthday party celebration that was the night before Brody's party.  There were about 20 of us that went to eat Mexican and then a night of bowling.  John and I missed out on the bowling, but of course not the Mexican food.  

After Brody's party we began packing...such fun.  

We had some cute little guests come to play.  

They look so much alike!!!

Just like their Daddy and his twin brother...which is prob why this little fella was so excited to see John. =)

We closed a couple of weeks ago and have been going and going ever since.  

After we closed, we headed straight to the house.  Brody decided to jump in the cabinets and Mason fell in love with the doggy door.  Emma wouldn't go near it.  

And then it was time to paint!  I worked my mom and mother-in-law to death!!!!!  The house was in great condition, but they had the worst paint color choices!  Here was the den. Burnt orange. It had to go first.  We only had a few days to paint a lot of rooms before we moved in.   

Emily also had a fun gender reveal party (as well as her bday).

It's a boy!!!!  They had everyone standing around waiting on them to come cut the cake, and then out of nowhere, they started throwing blue beads out of the window.  So cute.  =)

And then John and I headed back to the new house to paint again!  Fun times.  

This was our first night in the house, a week ago Monday.  Nothing like pizza and unpacking.  

Emma had a slight problem with the stairs.  Couldn't get up them.  She just sat down there and cried.  Then she started going up the stairs but couldn't get down them.  I think we have finally figured it out.  

We went to a Fiesta wedding shower for Jacob and Allison.  Less than a month until the big day. 

Sometimes it's fun to be a kid again on a cruisin' cooler. 

We've been playing a lot in the playroom.  

And making trips to Home Depot.

And being the cutest, sweetest boys ever. 

I will post more on the house later this week.  

I cannot believe football seasons starts tomorrow!
Hotty Toddy!  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fam Vacay - The End

Last vacation post.  I have been trying to blog but we have no Internet at the house.  (thank goodness because we have been able to get stuff done)  I had a moment at work to jot some words down with all these pictures.  

We headed to the outlet malls on our second to last day.  We got some fun in the sun in that morning and then headed out after lunch and Brody's nap.  

Of course Mason didn't nap but fell asleep on the car ride there.  We brought a stroller for Brody but ended up putting Mason in it.  We rented this cool car stroller for Brody.  He was thrilled.  

Mason woke up in time to ride the carousel though.  He was super excited if you can't tell by that smile on his face.  Brody was petrified.  I had to take him off of the horse and sit in one of the benches, but he was still not sure of the whole thing.  

Last morning with that pretty view.  

Mom got Mason these awesome swim trunks at the mall.  They are vintage superman and he LOVES them.   

Mason was pretty worn out by the last day...looks like Pops was too. 

Curls curls everywhere. 

Apparently I became a photographer for a minute this day but I love all three of these pictures.  

Check out Mr. Potato Head's mouth in Mason's mouth. 

Silly blue-eyed boys. 

Pops entertaining a fussy Brody. 

LOVE this picture.  

Best picture we could get the last night.  (these pale kiddos make John and I look like we are from another country)

Mason wanted to take a picture of Mickey Mouse and Brody and I think it turned out so cool.  It's almost like a panoramic view.  Better picture than I took.  

So what did we do the last night?!?!  Why we headed back to the arcade for some more fun.  Mason asked if we could go every night after the first time we went.  

This is what it will be like in about 13 years (minus the animals in the back hopefully).  Scary thought. 

John helping Mason with the dance game.  

Counting all his tickets.  There were a lot since John and Pops took over the games.  They had their own bucket of coins...

Eating dinner with the sweetest 3 year old I know.  

I think they were probably exhausted by this night!  Ha.  

We ran back home to let Mason's parachute man that he won at the arcade drop over the balcony.  So much excitement.  

Wouldn't want to spend a week on vacation without this guy.  

We had such a wonderful time.  We are so very thankful my parents took us and glad we got to all spend so much time together.  It was a little more work with both kids but I don't think any of us would change it for the world.  There is nothing like a beach vacation with the people you love the most!