Monday, September 30, 2013

Rainbows, A Party, and a Cupcake

We saw a rainbow last week.  Mason was super pumped about this. 

Another afternoon last's never too good when you pull up to the house at 6 and both boys are asleep.  Mason NEVER falls asleep like that anymore, so he must've been exhausted.  

Bath time.  Something was worrying Mr. Brody.  

Some artwork.  Typical boy...we have a plane, car, and football.  Nothing else.  

Saturday morning was busy busy.  We had family pictures, Mason's school carnival, and a bday get together at our house.  

John and Brody before pictures.  She sent me a sneak peak and they turned out great!  I was worried because Brody is always a little fussy around that time and it was hard to get Mason to sit still.  We were out in the "jungle" as Mason called the woods (the pics were taken on a street with woods around it) and there were so many sticks and was a little boy's dream.   But she still managed to snap some amazing pictures.  

John and Mason headed to the carnival and Brody and myself went to grab some last minute things from Target and then pick up the cupcakes.  Brody had had enough. 

We had a birthday cookout for Becca Saturday.  We just watched football, ate, and chased all these kiddos around.  =)

Brody's jersey was not good luck for our Rebs.  

Brody and one of the boys (I know that is horrible!) playing on the stairs.  Those three stairs at the bottom of the staircase where the baby gate can't sit are giving me some serious gray hair.  

Mason and Reese decorated a little owl I found at Target that morning.  It did grab their attention for about 15 minutes.  Ha.  But they were sooooo good all day.  Just running around playing hide and go seek and prank calling all of the guys at the party.  I think it's safe to say they had a great time.  

Reese thought it was funny Mason used the doggy door when they first got there, but by the end of the night, that was her choice of entry as well.  =)

Best buds. 

Blake hid in the toy box in the playroom.  They yelled so loud when they found her.  Check out Mason's face. 

After a loooooong day, they finally stopped for a minute to watch Cars in our bedroom.  They were almost asleep here.   A fun day like that will wear anyone out!

Sunday morning breakfast.  This kid opens and closes his mouth just like this when he wants whatever you have.  He is like a bird.  

We went to Mamaw's house to tell her Happy Birthday.  She turned 94 and is still healthy as can be!  Mason picked her out a singing Cinderella card.  She loved it.  

I caught this little guy yesterday practicing his karaoke skills.  

Looks like a pro.  

Thank goodness for baby gates.  

We went to Emily and Daniel's last night for dinner with friends.  

Mason obviously enjoyed his chocolate cupcake and of course all of the attention.  =)   

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

Mom has been picking up the boys from school on Friday's now that we live so far away from their daycare/school and I get off work so late.  Here was Brody when John brought him home...chocolate running all down his shirt.  Guess I have figured out why he likes going there so much...

We had a wedding for our friends' Jacob and Allison Saturday night.  It was at the Dixon and it was beautiful.  Check out all those Muddy's cupcakes.  

My date and I.

The Browers

Us with Ben and Melissa.  

David and Ashley were there also which was fun.  

Some of the gals.

We had a birthday party Sunday for my friend from work's little boy Ethan.  I can't believe he turned one.  Look how sweet this picture is.  

John and Mason at the partay.

Brody and Max playing with some of the bday toys.  

Mason brought home a puppet he made at school using a paper bag this week.  Apparently he is nothing like me and enjoys performing puppet shows for anyone.  This was our entertainment for the evening.

(he really just beat that bag over and over again...boys will be boys)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Daddy's Taste in Clothes

A couple of mornings ago, John brought Brody down after he got him ready for school.  I saw him from the back and thought, why did he put him in one of his night t-shirts (just a plain white shirt).  Then I walked around and saw what he dressed him in...his shark airbrushed tee with yellow, red, and blue plaid shorts.  I understand he is a boy...but this just does NOT match in my opinion.  

Now I wouldn't normally even dress him in the airbrush shirt to go to Pat's house, but I don't have a problem with it.  So he wore the shirt, but I definitely changed him into cute gray shorts.  There was nothing I could do about the crazy man hair.  He went to bed with wet hair.

I got off early on Thursday.  I had a couple of errands to run and then picked the boys up early.  We headed to Chick-fil-a for a milkshake date.  Mason was more interested in playing after two sips, but Brody could've eaten the entire shake.  

Mason is so good with showing Brody how to play with things.  

Friday morning we were all in a good mood because it's the weekend and Mom dressed them!  Ready for a fun wedding and some family time.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

The weather has been much better around here and Mason is loving the new neighborhood. One night last week, Mason headed across the street with his Daddy and chalk in hand to play with the other kids.   There were four little boys and two girls out there.  We may look crazy walking over there with him, but I just know the moment we walk away, Mason will cross the street without looking for cars.  He had a great time and told me one of the boys, Luke, was his "new best friend".  

Poor little Brody stayed in with me while I cooked...I think he would've rather been outside.  

We also got an amazing new couch for FREE from my Dads work.  It is a huge sectional that might be the most comfortable thing I have ever sat on.  It is now the new place to hang out in our house.  The kids play and play and we watch football TV.  It is fantastic.  John took this picture of me on it watching Duck Dynasty and sent it to my Dad.  

Saturday morning Mom and I took the boys to get new shoes for the fall.  Brody hasn't really worn shoes much.  He actually will not walk in them, so it was time. We went to Jackson's Shoes where we got measured and did the whole thing the right way.  Brody fell asleep in the car on the ride there.  Here he was...

Turns out, it was probably best.  We were able to try different shoes on him and he never knew.  

Then we met John for lunch and then headed to get much needed haircuts.  I was very worried Brody would scream and do awful.  But once they gave him a sucker (blue of all colors) he sat there still as could be.  

When one gets a sucker early, so does the other!

Check out that relaxed face...

Happy happy with that sucker but looking much older.  =(

But I think it was all a little too much once we got those shoes on him.  He was NOT a happy camper.  A haircut and shoes?!!!?

Finally getting the hang of it.  He seriously looks like a toddler here.  

Then we had baths and got into our Ole Miss gear.  John and I had a 30th birthday party for our friend Kevin to go to Saturday night so they were off to Mickey Mouse and Pops house.  Think they were excited?!  

***side note: HOTTY TODDY!  We beat Texas! Woo Hoo***

And here was the man of the hour.  Best cake I have ever seen.  

Blake and I. 

Sunday afternoon/night we cooked some steaks and had my parents over for some grub.  Mason apparently loves steak.  

And this little guy just loves food in general...

"You didn't take my picture, Mom".  Can't do someone for one without doing for the other!!!  

But this banana pudding was what everyone really wanted.  

After a giant bowl of it, this is what banana pudding make you do when your Mom won't give you anymore.  Scream like a baby.  =(

I also started getting decorated for fall.  I love this time of year!

I need some more stuff, but it's a start!  Ready to go to a pumpkin patch!!!