Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Weekend

We had a fun weekend but unfortunately, it was without John.  He had to head to California for work from Thursday until tonight and it seemed like forever.  But we made the most of it and did some fun stuff.  

In their matching turkey shirts...when will it be not okay to do this to them?!!?

Will and Catey had baby Lawson Thursday night.  I went by and saw them Friday night before they headed home.  He is so so sweet and little.   John ended up guessing the right day he would be born and length!  He was oh so close on getting the weight right.  

And then my sweet baby.  I love nothing more than footed pjs.  

Saturday, Mom came over for a sec so I could take this guy to get a much needed haircut.  Then he helped me pick out more mums.  

Saturday night we went to my parents for a fun family gathering.  My Aunt Jeane and her family were in town from Hot Springs which always means a big dinner with that side of our family.  It is always so fun and we just don't do it as much as we should.  It was so good to see everyone.  I just hate John had to miss it.  Here is Brody, Mason, and Matthew.  Mason and Matthew had a blast together.  We talked about our "new friend" the entire next day.  
 ***on a side note: if Mason doesn't start packing on the lbs, Brody is going to catch up!***

I ended up putting Brody to bed at my parents so we could stay a bit longer.   He was zonked out when it was time to head home, so we left him sleeping.  Mason and I decided we could go home together, sleep in, and have a breakfast date the next morning.  Turns out, it was a good plan.   

Check out these pancakes with sprinkles and whipped cream.  Eww.  He ate it all.  

Sunday afternoon, Mom came over to play!  The weather was perfect.  Mickey Mouse and Mason threw the football around. (Mason was having to give her tips...she can't catch!)  Brody was just running around.  

Brody also found a new love for the swing.  He didn't want to get down.  

Next up, pumpkin carving!

Getting out the nasty, slimy insides.  

Someone told Mason his mom should bake the pumpkin seeds for him (as I was elbow deep into the pumpkin).  She shouldn't had mentioned it, because I put her to work.  

He is so proud of that pumpkin.  We couldn't print off a template for some reason, so I ended up doing it free-hand.  I was scared but it turned out pretty good!  

It was the perfect end to a fun weekend.  Now we will just have to have John carve the other one!  =)

Playing with more birthday gifts tonight.  (I washed his clothes but it was the first clean thing I saw, so he wore them again today!)

We were all so happy this guy got home!  We all missed him so much...

Emma included.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can I get a Hotty Toddy?!

I haven't posted anything but birthday for a while, so here is a recap of the last week/weekend.  
We headed down to Oxford last Saturday for the football game.  It was a big game and I had been really looking forward to it since we couldn't go the weekend before.  

It was a tad chilly but totally worth it.  =)

We were playing the #6 team in the country and one of our rivals, LSU. (also known as the corndogs)  

These guys were dressed crazy.  I mentioned I wanted to get a picture with them (ya know, after a drink or two) but Melissa's dad, The Captain, went on and grabbed them.  

Love our Saturdays in the Grove.  

Jenna and Dave came (she went to LSU) and we talked Robert and Becca into coming also.  They all couldn't get there until a little later so I think it was quite the adventure to find us.  It just gets so crowded.    But we were so happy they made it!!!  AND they will all have to come next year when we play UT! AND Becca can even wear that big Ole Miss sweatshirt she had to buy because it was so cold!  =)

Here was the Grove during the Walk of Champions.  

If you look closely, you can see there was a full moon out...

Crazy things happen with full moons, such as a banged-up Ole Miss football team with hardly any starters playing on defense beating #6 LSU.  It was AWESOME.  

Fins up!

My sideways fins up looks like I'm waving...

Still celebrating.

The game ball should go to us...we never sat, Melissa never put her jacket on (because we were doing so good with it off), and my voice was completely gone from yelling.  The things we do to win a football game.  

It was a big weekend because we had the birthday party the next day.  
We were all pretty tired come Monday.  

Brody just didn't want to wake up.  

It has gotten cold outside so I found one of Mason's old jackets for Brody to wear.  He has never worn one before, and apparently, he never wants to again...

He wanted that thing off!  So when I didn't take it off, he fell on the ground crying.  This cannot be already happening!?

Having an early morning dance party in the car with the Star Wars light saber.  

Hump Day!

Mason has been getting fun "You've Been Booed" treats on the front doorstep from the kids in the neighborhood.   I think it is so sweet and he has been checking every morning.  (hope they aren't waiting for one from us this year!)

The latest one had some fun stuff in it.  
He has been wearing his Dracula teeth.  

There were also two Warheads in the bag.  If you don't know what those are, you are lucky.  They are the most sour piece of candy EVER.  It is horrible.  Well I knew he would want whatever candy was in there whether I told him he would or would't like it.  

Being the mean mom I am, I got my camera ready.  (I did ask if he was sure he wanted it, because I didn't think he would like it.  He said if it was candy, he would like it)  He had that thing in there for one second before his mouth started salivating and he was making all kinds of sounds.  

It was great.  =)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Calling all Superheros!

We had Mason's 4th birthday party at Kid's Play in Germantown.  We had been for another birthday party and he had a blast.  I thought it looked so easy.  Only had to bring the birthday boy and a cake...MUCH easier than having it at our house.  I was sold.  

Mason with Mickey Mouse and Pops

checking it all out

and obviously on a mission

 Reese, aka Wonder Woman

Kids Play is great because there are areas for younger kids and the bigger ones.  Brody had more than enough things to play with for entertainment.

Mason on the other hand was super excited his friends from his class were there.  That was another plus of having it somewhere besides our house...we could invite the entire class.  

This ball entertained them forever.

Here are the three amigos, Brody, Anderson, and Griffin.  It's crazy how close they are in age.  They all look about the same size!  I think they will for sure keep up on our toes.  

Dad was already asleep.

They also had a face painter.  I thought she did some pretty good work.  
Mason and Brinkley. 


Getting a princess face. 

Leann and Ethan.  He loved the train tables.  

I don't know what this thing is, but Brody loved it. 

So John's Mom had a major surgery on the Thursday before the party.  I told her and Grandma Reba to make sure she did not worry about coming to the was just a bunch of kiddos running around.  I could not believe it when I saw her walking in!  But she looked great and I know Mason was happy to see her.  =)

sweet Brinkley

The bday cake/cupcakes.  Spiderman of course.  

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.  

He was pretty happy. 

I guess he was pretty thirsty too...the entire time they were singing, he was sipping on chocolate milk.  I had to ask him to stop drinking it so he could blow out the candles.  I'm pretty sure he spewed out milk when he blew them out...

Robert and John with their kiddos.  

Jani and Max.

 Brody had a situation with his cupcake.  It was all over him and John.

 The princesses.  Mason was pretty excited to have these two together in the same room.  

One got away...

 Mason coming down the slide.  It was pretty fast so the kids just screamed the whole way down.  

 Some super hero moves. 

We didn't open presents there (that's just what they do there) so we opened them as soon as we got home.  Mason talked about it until we got in the house.  I wanted to get his picture with all his presents but Brody got in the way.  Check out this picture and then the next one...

Mason may have been a little too rough with him.  Ha  
**no children were hurt taking this picture...just some giggling**

Mason had a great day and has been talking about it ever since.  He got wayyyyy too many toys but you are only a kid once I guess.  =)