Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Part 1

Each year for the holidays, we get to spend a ton of time with our families and we are so lucky.  I love Thanksgiving because we get so much time off.  With the said, I'm breaking this post up for sure.  I have already taken a ton of pictures and we haven't even had Thanksgiving with John's family.  =)

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and started with a big plate of breakfast casserole.  

Brody approved.

We headed over to my parents house for lunch.  The spread gets bigger and bigger each year.

We had a ham, regular turkey, fried turkey, an enormous amount of potato salad (little miscommunication there), sides and more side, and way too many desserts.  

Uncle Wayne and Mason hung out all day.

Mason checking out the desserts.  

This is how we felt after all that food.  Happens every year.  

Four generations. 

Obviously enjoying the pumpkin pie. 

We left my parents around 5:30 so we could get home to watch the Egg Bowl (boo), but Mason fell asleep on the way home.  We laid him on the couch and he was out.  Brody tried to wake him up about an hour later and he wasn't having it.  I ended up just putting him to bed.  I guess he was worn out because he didn't wake up until the next morning.

Mom and I checked out Target that night once the stores opened.  It was crazy busy.

We did the rest of our shopping early Friday morning.  As usual, we did some damage.  But it is always fun!

Friday night, everyone came to our house to eat BBQ and just hang out.  We had a great time.  We are heading to John's parents this afternoon for more turkey.  And I'm sure we will stuff ourselves again.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chicken Legs

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving around here.  This was "Little Bear" after school.  

Mason brought home his list of things he is thankful for and also added a few while we were talking.  

1.  His WHOLE family ("whole" was definitely emphasized)
2.  Mommy
3.  Daddy
4.  Food
5.  His dog
6.  Chicken legs  (I have no idea where this came from but he also said I would be cooking chicken legs for Thanksgiving...)
7.  Scooby Do game (???)
8.  Superheros
9.  Hot Wheels  (at least he is honest)

With Thanksgiving also comes Pops' birthday which was today.  We headed over to my parents once John got off work.  I only worked a half day and picked up the kids when I got off.  Brody got a nap in but Mason never did.  Once Brody woke up, we ran errands all over town.  Apparently I wore Mason out...
 He fell asleep on the way over to their house.  Didn't wake up to open presents, eat dinner, or even birthday dessert (or when his brother was bothering him as seen in the picture above).  Poor thing missed out on all the fun, but he did wake up before we left.  

Singing Happy Birthday.  

Brody (with a haircut) was yelling enough for him and Mason both.  

I guess Thanksgiving is later this year.  It seems like everyone is putting Christmas decorations up.  I always do if after Thanksgiving, but this year, we needed a new tree.  Tuesday night we found one we liked and brought it home (artificial).  I wasn't about to put that thing in the attic so up it went.  We have no ornaments on it yet but the boys were thrilled to see it.  This was from the next morning...I don't think Brody knew what to think!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, family-filled Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Short Week

I have a few pictures to post from the past week.  

Brody and Pops sharing some angel food cake with strawberries.  This kid LOVES sweets.  

The leaves have fallen and it is getting COLD.  Brody was very interested in the big leaves at Mrs. Pat's house. 

So stinking cute. 

One night last week I got a nail stuck in my tire...just what you want to do with two kids after work in the (almost) winter.  

John had to go out of town again for work Thursday through late Sunday night.  The boys and I got to have some fun together.  Brody's idea of fun was a little different than mine...
 But he sure looks happy.  

Saturday I went to Oxford with all of our tailgating buddies.  It was a big game and the last home game of the season.  John told me to go and tell him how it went.  =)  It was absolutely freezing.  I mean, the wind would blow during the game and you just wanted to cry.  We had, who knows, how many layers on and blankets galore, but it wasn't enough.  We ended up leaving before the game ended and I didn't care what the score was.  I'm cold just thinking about it.    

Melissa sporting her Ole Miss snuggie and me with "glowing" ear warmers....attractive.   

Sunday, the boys, Mickey Mouse, and myself did a little shopping.  We came home and Mason helped me with some Christmas crafting while Brody slept.  We put together some garland and a wreath.  I'm ready to decorate!!

Tonight we had a warm dinner and then John and Mason shared some pumpkin pie.  Someone was excited his Daddy was back.  

I just have another day and a half to work before being off for Thanksgiving.  I always love spending these long weekends and weeks during the Holidays with our family.  I can't wait to put up the Christmas decorations up with the boys this weekend.  It is still going to be cold.  I told Mason we can watch a Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate with marshmellows.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cowboy and Indian Pow Wow

Anderson and Griffin turned one this past Friday.  It's hard to believe it has been a year.  They had the cutest birthday party and we had a ton of fun.  

Their little profiles remind me of Brody so much!

Anderson The Indian

Mason bouncing.

Brody playing in the teepee.

Running Wolf....he was pretty proud of this. 

Rainbow Princess.   I asked if she would let me take her picture.  She said "No Ma'am".  Such good manners but I snapped one anyways.  =)   

Cabe and Mason.  Mason calls him his "new friend".   (like he's never met him before?!)

John and Brody.  

This was right about the time Mason walked up to John and asked him if he was his Daddy.  It totally took us by surprise.  So he asked again, "Are you my Daddy?"  

That's when we realized he was making sure it was John and not Robert.  Poor little guy.  But I guess he is old enough where he is realizing he could possibly mistake them for the other, so he was just double checking.  =)

The guys playing some basketball.  I don't know how many times they dunked the ball but I'm pretty sure they were both sore later on that night.  Obviously the goal was lowered...

Sweet cousins. 

The cutest cakes ever. 

Let the cake eating begin.  
Griffin figured out how to dig in quickly. 

But Anderson wasn't far behind. 

"Hey, let me try some of yours."

Such a mess.  

After they were cleaned, this little guy (yes, I am not sure which one) crawled right up to Grandpa James walker, pulled up, and started walking with it.  It was the cutest thing.    

It is a perfect walker for both of them.  
I think this is the sweetest picture.  

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!