Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Round 2 Complete

Well we survived the week and weekend.  I won't lie, I was so very nervous about the chemo.  They say it gets harder each time because your body is weaker.  But the biggest difference this round was how much stronger John was mentally.  He knew he felt horrible, but he also knew it would only last a few days.  He had no proof that would happen with the first time...he had never done this before.  

Don't get me wrong, it was not an easy weekend for him.  But he took it like a champ.  

I don't know what we would do without our family.  John has yet to go to a chemo treatment alone.  His Mom was able to go the day he saw the doctor and his Dad went all the rest.  He also stayed home with him the days he felt bad until I got back from work.  

My Mom picked the boys up from school Friday and decided to have them spend the night since John wasn't feeling well.  We were able to relax, go to sleep early, and sleep past 6.  (woo hoo)  I picked them up early Saturday so we could run a few errands.  

 These boys desperately needed haircuts.  I had never taken them both alone, but I had no other option. Brody still isn't too comfortable and I  always stand with Mason to make sure he was still.  They both did great though.  Maybe I should just sit in the waiting area next time and nap?!? =)

Robert and Reese came to pick up Mason around lunchtime Saturday.  They offered to have Mason over to hang out and spend the night Saturday.  Lets face it, our house isn't as fun on weekends like this because we really can't leave, so I was so glad he could have fun there.  Of course he was super excited.  

Before they headed to Covington, we stopped at ChickfilA for lunch.  We had a bit of dramatic moment when Reese overheard me tell Robert he probably didn't want Mason to have an ice cream cone in his car.  When Reese ordered them, she told the lady Mason needed a cup of ice cream instead of a cone (which was true by the way).  When he saw it, it didn't go over too well.  A couple of dollars later, Mason got a cone and I brought ice cream in a cup home to John.  Crisis adverted. 

 I got to spend a lot of alone time with this cute thing.  Mrs. Judy dropped off a veggie lasagna (my fav) Saturday night.  Brody and his superheroes loved it.  

Mason would've DIED if he knew Brody played with his superheroes the whole time he was away.  I'm going to have to buy another set of them.  

I got a video of Reese and Mason on a swing and then they sent us a picture of them making cookies.  I knew without a doubt, he would be pretty disappointed to have to come back home!!!

Sunday morning quiet time.  

So, as I thought, Mason came home Sunday and threw a fit when Reese had to leave.  Becca said she thought he was tired.  He told me he was going to "cool down" in his room and ten minutes later, this is what I found.  He passed out for 3 hours!!!  Having fun is just too hard sometimes.  =)  

 We are so grateful that they took Mason.  I know it had to be hard on them with all four kids!!!!  But he was able to have a really fun weekend and not see his Daddy so sick.  It really means the world to us.  

Sunday night, Mark and Jessica brought us Gus' Fried Chicken.  The best chicken ever.  

And we watched the Grammys.  Mason got to stay up a little later than usual because Imagine Dragons were performing Radioactive....his favorite.  

My parents came over last night with dinner.  She also brought banana pudding which is always a hit.  

Brody couldn't figure out why I hadn't been making this for him every night.  

It has been so so cold here lately but we haven't gotten any snow!!!!  It snowed/iced South of us today, but we did wake up this morning with a tiny dusting.  Mason was so excited when he saw and wanted to make a snowman.  I had to break the news to him that we wouldn't be doing that today, but I would take his picture in front of it.   (he has gotten much taller and his jeans were way too short but his Daddy dressed him and thought they looked okay)

Lyndsey made us pot roast with sweet potatoes tonight.  Yum.  

And she made the boys mac and cheese.  Brody was very impressed with her cooking skills.  

John had good lab reports Monday and went back to work today.  He should feel pretty good until the next round of chemo other than being tired, and for that, I am thankful!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Update on JB

  John's parents brought dinner over this week and ate with us.  We sat and talked about Breaking Bad the whole time.  =)
This is what Mason thought of Grandma Reba's bread pudding and ice cream.

Mom and Dad brought over dinner Monday night.  Homemade fried chicken and all the fixins'!  Always my favorite.  But the best part was dessert...nothing like peach cobbler. 

Dad and Emma had just had too much...

Mason decided to get in on the sleeping action. 
(Note John in the background working.  Trying the best he could to get work done before the chemo hit him.)

This guy was hungry.  Just helped himself.  

Baby Lawson came with his Mom and Dad to my office while I cleaned their teeth.  He didn't make a peep unless he was talking.  So stinkin' cute. 

It is freezing again outside.  Like freezing...

Jenna sent us home with another delicious meal.  

Brody feels the need these days to eat standing up in the high chair.  Obviously, we are going to have to retire it.  I draw the line at leaning over to try and open the pantry door.  That's how you crack your head open on the tile floor.  

He is also obsessed with John's protein shakes I make in the morning.  He refuses to do anything until I give him a cup of it.  

Well Mason is back at it again.  Every single morning he has to go lay with his Dad and bring him stuffed animals.  Every morning.  Brody won't start moving until his protein shake, Mason won't until he gets time with his Dad.  Then we have to start it all over when we get home if John is feeling bad.  Such a sweet boy. 

Speaking of John, Round 2 of chemo started this week.  He did fairly well Monday and Tuesday, but it hit him like a ton of bricks Wednesday.  Not so bad nauseated, but exhausted.  He can hardly keep his eyes open to talk.  I guess when your body is already knocked down, then start another round of chemo, it wipes you completely out.  

They did change the nausea medication they give him with his chemo.  They went with a time release medicine given Monday and Friday so it will hopefully last longer.  Today he feels pretty crummy and that should only get worse before better.  He is a trooper. 

We got his tumor marker test back today.  I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  His number was in the 70s in the hospital and normal range is 1-3.  Blood work was taken Monday and it is now 2.3!!!  This is the best news yet.  He will not have to have any additional chemo treatments than already planned.  Praise the Lord.  I am also anxious to hear what Dr. Weeks has to say about this.  It could mean only one more round of chemo, but maybe not.  Certainly don't want to get our hopes up.   Just so thankful the tumor has shrunk so fast.  

We also got the full pathology report back this week.  This was an extremely aggressive form of cancer.  The testicular mass was only 4.5mm.  That is tiny.  His abdominal mass wasn't so tiny (in fact, the pathology report said is hadn't spread, although we knew it had).  This all means the cancer had not been there long at all, maybe a couple of months, but had already spread so much.        

Basically, if John had noticed the mass, it would have been dismissed because that is not what your typical testicular cancer looks like.  If it had been dismissed, this very aggressive cancer would have  spiraled out of control.    Even when they saw the small testicular mass on the CT scan in the hospital, every doctor said it was just a calcium deposit and nothing to worry about.  Although the ultrasound and blood work proved otherwise.  

We are realizing more and more everyday that it was such a blessing he was in so much pain.

These boys are happy their Daddy is at least half way through with chemo.  

 Such a love/hate relationship with chemo.   It is so horrible and you just dread it, yet it is what is saving your life and you are so thankful for it.   We are just so happy the treatment is working and this will all be over soon.  

I think if we can get through this weekend, he will start feeling better.  Fingers crossed.

Monday, January 20, 2014


A couple of weeks ago John's company had their National Sales Meeting in West Palm Beach.  They made a sign for John and everyone took a picture with it.  It was super nice.    

Like his Momma, Brody has been really enjoying all this food.  I mean check him out eating the chicken tettrazzini Jenna made...

He approved.  (as well as Emma)

Along with some Muddy's cupcakes.  Who could resist?!

Robert and Becca brought over BBQ from Corky's...like a lot of it.  Ribs, all kinds of sides, kids' meals.  Here is another one of those meals where Mason surprises me.  He chose ribs and baked beans.  My kinda guy.  

Friday, Mason's class at CTK sent us home with dinner.  Another family in his class just had a baby sister, so they were sent home with food as well.  We had bread, salad, poppyseed chicken, potatoes, and key lime pie.  The meal was great and it was so nice.    Good thing we love key lime pies.  =)

This little fella was beyond excited.  Every single bite of food he had to ask which one of his friends made it (even though I had already told him).  Every time I named someone he would say, "well this is the best  _______ ever".  He ate every bit of his food.  Maybe I should start saying his friends made our dinner every night.

Brody has been a pill lately.  I always thought he would be the calm child...but boy was I wrong.  He is loud and wild.  He can cut his eyes at you so fast all you can do is laugh.  

I left him in the kitchen eating lunch this weekend.  I came back a few seconds later and he was standing up, had grabbed a banana, and squeezed it into his mouth.  What a rascal.  

But he does like to snuggle after naps. 

But then it was time for war.  

John texted me Friday while I was at work saying his hair was falling out everywhere.  I guess when it happens, it happens.  Saturday morning he had some bald patches and continued to lose hair so we decided it was time to shave it.  

Obviously, it isn't what he wanted but he did really well and I think it looks great.  Just need to buy him a hat to keep that head warm when its cold.  =)

Saturday night, we went to dinner at Southward for Blake's birthday.  

We had the best time just talking and laughing.  I love these people.  

Blake got a new job, Emily just had sweet baby Davis, and Steph's getting married!!!!  We had plenty to discuss!  

Mrs. Judy's birthday is later this week, but John started his second round of chemo today and won't be able to celebrate next weekend.  We also wanted to do something fun with Mason before John started feeling bad.  I think it scares him seeing his Daddy like that.  

So we all decided on a fun bowling/pizza party.  It's been a while since she had a bowling birthday party.  =)

We left the little boys home and the big kids got to hang.  
These cuties are the best of friends.  

Mason had never been bowling.  Aunt Becca and John were helping him out.  
We used one of the ramps so he could roll the ball down easier.  


Reese, on the other hand, had been bowling and was a pro at rolling the ball down there herself.  




Mr. Larry kinda looks like a pro here.

Grandma was worried about her bowling skills, but she did great!

Mr. Larry shaved his head too.  =)

Check out that sass.  =)

Next stop was Memphis Pizza Cafe for dinner.  Can't go wrong there. 

And we had some cupcakes after.  (and checking out the picture you can see we worked up an appetite!  Hardly any pizza left!)

I think they enjoyed them.  Turns out that purple stained their faces a tad...

Such a fun night with family.  I see more bowling nights in our future!