Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Visit to the ER

Brody is all about some selflies these days.  

Mason and I decided to take a walk Friday night.  I guess we had never walked over and showed him the school in our neighborhood.  He will go there in Kindergarten, so he was excited to see it.  His legs were tired he said, so I gave him a piggy back ride.  (I think he just wanted to catch a ride but I didn't mind!)

 Oh boy.  

Mason had his first t-ball game Saturday morning.  He did really good.  I think he really likes hitting the best.  We had a little confusion on where to run to after second base…he may have ran back to first.  =)  He is not a fan of fielding.  He was giving his teammates the evil eye if they got to the ball before he did.  

John going over the bases with him before the game. 

Warming up with some teammates.  He is #2.  
Fun side note:  John was #2 in high school.  

Brody was excited to be there.  

Playing in the dirt.  =)

Mickey Mouse here to save the day running around with this rugrat. 

John talking to Mason while they were batting.   (trying to let him know it was okay he didn't get all the balls - no need to get mad!) 

More cheerleaders. 

John said his "release" was great…whatever that means. 

Later in the day, I wanted to walk around the Collierville square.  John was exhausted from being at the gam for a couple of hours.  He just gets so wiped out.  So my mom picked us up and we just walked around looking at all the stores.  

We ended our trip with frozen yogurt.  The boys were in heaven.  If you look closely at this picture, you can see that we basically were in the middle of wedding pictures.  We had been sitting there for a while when a wedding party walked up. We asked the photographer if she needed us to move, but she said no.  Next thing I know,  a woman is almost standing on my toes trying to get a picture.  

It was a looooong day of being outside.  We came home, ate dinner, and played outside with the neighbors.  We had two tired boys on our hands.  

When I put Mason to bed, I thought to myself that he would be tossing and turning all night because he was so tired.  He is just like me in that category.  We both talk in our sleep, maybe even sleepwalk, when we are exhausted.  I made him move to the center of his big ole' bed before he fell asleep.  

Well thirty minutes later, John and I heard a loud thud and then crying.  I knew instantly he had fallen.  I will admit, he has fallen a couple of times.  I recently bought a bed rail….but it was still in the garage.  

He was still asleep but crying.  The weird thing was his lip was almost quivering.  It took us a while to calm him down, but it just didn't feel right.  Ten minutes later, he was crying again.  We put him in our bed and told him he could sleep with us.  Then he started waking up every few minutes saying his shoulder hurt.  I felt around his left shoulder and could feel that his clavicle had a big knot and seemed to be in two pieces.  That wasn't good.  

If he could have stayed asleep, we could've taken him to LeBonuer or Campbell's Clinic the next day, but he couldn't sleep without crying.  John couldn't sit that long at the ER and someone need to stay with Brody, so I called my mom.  I picked her up on the way to the hospital.  In the mean time, I gave Mason Ibprofen and he fell asleep the entire car ride.  

They put us on "fast track" when we got to the hospital but there was a bad wreck in Missouri and several kids were flighted to trauma.  It took us five hours but fortunately, Mason slept the whole time.  There were so many sick babies in there though.  Makes you realize how fortunate we are.  

We finally got back to a room.  Thankfully, my wonderful husband grabbed his Cars fleece blanket in case it was cold and threw it in the car.  It was FREEZING in that place!  

Here he is peacefully sleeping.  

As soon as they snapped the first X-ray, the tech said "oh, it's his clavicle".  
He had broken his little collarbone.  =(

The nurse came in, splinted him up, and wrapped him with the Ace bandage….then he gave him a popsicle.  He was not happy he couldn't use both hands to hold the popsicle….

But he got over it when he realized he was eating a popsicle in the middle of the night.  

He will have to be in the sling for 4 weeks.  So no more t-ball for a while.  We are hoping he can play the last two games.  He also can't participate in recess the next two weeks.  I thought he was be upset, but he said he is their new "helper" and was in Heaven.  All the ladies at his school are being so sweet to him, and he is totally milking it.  

No more baths together for a while.  This little boy with the farmer's tan was lonely.  

And sneaky.  He opened a bottle of pills all by himself.  It was a child proof cap!  And he did it twice.  I'm soon to be up for mother of the year over here...  

Sunday, we someone how managed to get up (after two hours of sleep) and go to Katie and Kyle's surprise baby shower.  She had no idea and it was perfect.  We had such a great time and can't wait for that sweet baby girl to get here!

Crazy these guys are about to or have babies.  

LOVE our friends. 

We need some rest on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  

John isn't going to let him fall off again.  The rail actually only comes up to the top of the mattress.  It is just such a big bed, but he put pillows in their to help block him.  

And John is doing great!  I got to take out his stitches!!!  I was really hoping he would let me do it.  He was nervous with each one, but they didn't hurt.  Just call me Nurse Crissy. 

Thank goodness for the rail and pillows…this kid just sleeps so crazy sometimes!  I swear he eats.  This is just a bad angle. 

I told him he could stay home with Daddy Monday or go on to school.  He said he wanted to go to school so he could show his friends his arm.  Right before we left he started complaining of a tummy ache.  I had John come access the situation, because I didn't think he was being for real.  John decided he should stay home.  An hour after I left, Mason told him he had "tricked us" so he could stay home.  I cannot believe this would happen at the age of 4!!!

I went through the whole Boy Cries Wolf thing.  But I thought he deserved a fun, relaxing day with his Daddy.  They ended up having a really fun day. 

But back to school Tuesday it was!

Brody had an ENT appt. that morning, so he helped me drop off Mason at school. 

His ears looked great and we ran into a friend from Pat's house.  

We also got to go through a car wash.  He wasn't too sure about it, but was laughing by the end.  =)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Brother Probs

Mason wanted to watch the movie he got from the Easter Bunny Sunday night.  I'm always up for some Dennis the Menace.  But watching it with my four and a half year old had me sweating…I really hope he doesn't get any ideas.  If he gets a hold of a sling shot, we may be in trouble.  

Someone got a little bit of a tan.  He seems to brown a little easier than big brother. 

I didn't have to go to work Monday.  I needed to get some things done, so the boys went on to school.    But not before a Gibson's Donuts date with Mason.  This kid loves some donuts.  

One of my chores was yard work…I did not know this included finding a loooong snake in our yard.  I screamed like a little girl yelling for John.  I'm not sure what I thought he could do.  I'm praying he is gone!
(you can see his head popping up in the leaves)

I picked the boys up early and took them with me to Lowe's for more plants.  Apparently, Mason's silliness while driving was bothering Brody.  

Brody has been pretty silly himself lately.  He is the funniest child.  He is wild and loud at home, but is the quietest person around people.  Our neighbors, that have a little boy his age, came over to play the other night.  Brody just pulled out his Cozy Coop and chilled in it the whole time they were there.  Wouldn't say a word.  He finally told them bye when they were half way home.  

But at our house, he is constantly doing things like this…on purpose!

And then there's this.  Mason does a "shake my booty" song while literally shaking his booty.  I don't know how many times I have told him not to do it.  Apparently anything regarding your booty is hilarious to a four year old.  

Well anything Mason does is hilarious to Brody, so here he is shaking his booty. 

Mason had t-ball practice again.  I actually got to go and watch.  He sure has some fight out there.  He doesn't quite get the game yet, though.  I think he is combining baseball and football since he was out there tackling whoever got to the ball first…like his own teammates.  (he's in the neon orange)

Brody was ready to get out there and play. 

And he is by far the smallest player on the team.  It is 4-6 year olds but most are going to be in Kindergarden or First Grade next year.  We still have another year in pre-school.  

I really like his coach.  They sit down together at the end of practice and talk about teamwork.  Then, one of the players leads them in prayer.  

Total change in subject, but look who's hair is growing back?!

Mason's class surprised us with a gift yesterday.  It is a binder with a huge assortment of gift cards to restaurants and their menus.  They also gave us a great book written by a woman who's daughters went to CTK.  She actually had cancer and went through chemo herself.  She had a hard time explaining her hair falling out to her four year old, so she wrote a children's book about it.  I would have loved to have it at the beginning of our adventure.  It is a sweet book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone going through the same thing with young kids!

This awesome weather just means more playing outside and big smiles on faces. 

John has been feeling pretty good.  He helped Mason practice the other night.  He can't stand for too long, but he is doing great!

More little brother problems.  He is dying to play tball!  Even found Mason's game day hat. 

Such sweet boys.   I love Brody's little smile here. 

 Here we go again.  I planted a garden of veggies after seeing one similar on Pinterest.  I do have to say, it was extremely easy doing it like this!  

Tonight, Mason asked me if he could play with my engagement ring.  I explained what it was and that it wasn't anything to play with.  Then he said he wanted to see what we looked like when we got married.  So we watched the short video of our wedding .  He just couldn't believe we were on tv. 

(he wouldn't even stop watching it to take a picture)

After the video was over, he ran to his room and came back with a ring.  He told me he loved me and wanted to give me a ring like his Daddy did.  Made my heart melt.