Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Sunday, we had a family cookout at four, so we rested from the day before and played around the house.  

Brody just doesn't understand that you aren't suppose to get in the water table.  

What a great action shot…shooting his brother mid-run.  

We even ate lunch outside.  
We ended up staying out there too long and got a tad too much sun.  First sun of the year seems to always do that. 

But we got some good sleep that afternoon. 

We had a cookout at Mrs. Peggy's and it was so much fun.  We had a ton of family and family friends there which always makes for a good time.  I tried to get a picture of Mom and Brody but he didn't cooperate in this one.  

And Dad didn't in this one.  

Tami and Westen were in town.  Him and Mason had a great time playing.  

John and I were getting a picture and Brody jumped in.  

So then Mason ran over.  Family photo. 

These boys loved playing with bubbles.  I don't know how many times Brody yelled "bubble". 

He got a little carried away at one point...

Playing football with Brian Cline and his girls.  

Early morning jeep ride before my Dad came over to help finish up the wood on the fort.  

I think the fort turned out great.  We still have painting left, shingles to put up, and a girl's touch with curtains and decor of course.   Mason said he was impressed.  

We went to Becca's parents' house Memorial Day and swam.  The boys had a BLAST.  Mason had been a little timid of the water for the first time in his life!  John and I couldn't believe it.  He is going to have swim lessons again, but we just haven't had time to book them yet.  All I could think is this isn't gonna be a fun summer.  But by the end of the day, he was back to normal and swimming like a fish.  

Brody on the other hand, LOVED the water from the beginning.  It doesn't surprise me because he almost drowns himself with cups of water in the bathtub every night.  I couldn't keep him out of the water.  

Watermelon break. 

More of those awesome floats.  

Brody going down the slide.  

Snack time. 

They have a perfect backyard for kids.  There is a slide to get down from the deck. 

WORN OUT.  There is nothing else to write about this picture.  

We had baths, dinner, and watched a movie before bed.  Check out those sun-kissed cheeks.  

(we did have to split them up on either side of the couch after this picture…they just can't share a blanket…its impossible)

We had such a fun weekend with friends and family.  I could get used to weekend like that, especially the three days off!  Back to reality today, but glad its already Tuesday!

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

We have had a busy busy weekend.  Fortunately, it has all been good busy…things we have wanted to go do because they are fun.  Just living a normal life around here these days.  

We started painting the fort some last week and I had a couple of helpers.  I apologize that John's rear end is in the air.  I didn't even notice until I put it on Instagram but then immediately took it off.  Oops. 

Mason had his last day of 3K preschool Thursday.  It was a PJ day to go along with movies and pizza.  It is rather difficult finding PJs for a 4 year old that are "cool" to wear to school.  He wanted to wear his "basketball clothes".  Think he is getting big?!  We have just LOVED his teachers and class this year and will sure miss them.  No worries…summer school starts back this Thurs. and he is in the same class.  I don't think summer is as fun with working parents.  

Big brother was getting his picture made, so little bro walked right up after and posed.  And I will never miss a good opportunity for a picture!

Mason had a tball game Thursday night.  We were scheduled to bring snacks, and he was excited to see his friends again.  We had only been having him just wear the sling at this point.  His arm feels much better and he is able to get it out of the sling anyways to do whatever he pleases.  It has been 4 weeks but his doctor appt. isn't until this week.  Im assuming we will get a thumbs up.  I think he is ready to play again!

Brody has so much fun at the games playing.  He stole Mason's cap and wore it the rest of the night.  (and it fits better on his big noggin)

My mom took off Friday to stay home with Mason while he was out of school.  They went to My Big Backyard and he had so much fun!

When I picked him up after work, he zonked out by the time we got out of her neighborhood.  

We had a busy day planned for Saturday.  First, Mason and I went to Blake's parents house to swim for a few hours before our friends' cookout.  The Voss' had this awesome float and he had a blast.  We met Becca and Reese there and the kids had themselves a good time.  

We may have all gotten into a water gun fight. 

John kept Brody home with him so he could nap since we had a cookout that afternoon.  We met them at Catey and Will's house.  I just love hanging out with our friends and I love seeing them all play with our kiddos.  

The cook.  

Robert and Becca brought a slide and a kid's pool which made for some great entertainment.  Brody and one of the twins  (oops..bad aunt award) fighting on the slide.  It appears Brody was walking up the slide the wrong way...

So fun. 

Love their facial expressions.  

Time to eat. 

Mr. Ben was teaching them how to play corn hole. 

Love this picture. 

I'm going to break this up into two blogs.  Too many pictures.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week Recap

This blog is all over the place.  Just recapping the last week.  

Mason's class hung up their spring pictures.  I was totally impressed by his painting.  Most were just blobs of paint.  I hate to say it (because I don't want to be one of "those Moms"), but his was the best.  Hands down.  =)

He was finally was able to pick some fruits of labor.  Granted, the strawberries were tiny and there were only two, but they tasted great and Mason was super excited.  He savored every moment.  

We have a ton of tomatoes.  Maybe I can sell them?!  Ha. 

I believe John is feeling better….he let the boys climb all over him.  They had been missing out on him "carrying" them to their rooms before bed. 

This child, this child.  

We are using parts of the old swing set to make a big, wooden fort.  I am so excited and they boys are too.  It has come a looooong way since this picture!

Dad has been coming over to help and we are so thankful.  John and I aren't exactly "handy", but it has been fun!  Stay tuned...

This is what the boys do over and over again every night.  Brody slides down on his tummy into Mason's back.  They both laugh for a whole minute,  then Brody climbs up to do it again.  

Blowing off his eggs Saturday morning.  He thinks everything is too hot to eat right away.    

He also screams until we push him up closer to the big boys at the big table.  We have needed to replace the chairs because they have wheels on them and I don't want him to fall off.  Hopefully we can get some soon.  

Better not take my bacon.  He has really started using words here lately.  It sure has taken long enough!  He certainly knows "no" well.  But also Mama, Dada, Bubba, balloon, Emma, etc.  

They look like they love each other, but they annoyed each other all weekend!  

Saturday night we had dinner with my dental hygiene friends and their hubbys.  We had a blast and should do it more often!  Times have sure changed…we were all yawning at the dinner table by 10:00. No more staying out all night in downtown Memphis like in college.  

I decided to give Brody a haircut myself.  He hates going, so I hate going.  I sat there Sunday afternoon for a while and finally just tried it.  His hair is wavy so it wasn't too hard.  

And then he fell….he hit his head on our tile in the kitchen.  This picture looks MUCH more worse then it ended up looking.  It went down pretty quick and you can't even tell anything happened.  Crazy because that knot looks horrible!

Daddy to the rescue. 

Just pestering each other.  Brody climbed up in Mason's chair while he was eating…so Mason started pulling Brody's hair.  I guess this is only going to get worse.

To get out of the house, we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood.  Our neighbor had told us about a big open field that kids go to play pickup games of football, baseball, etc.  Mason was on a mission to find secret passageways.  

And we found one.  There is a trail that runs through the back of the neighborhood.  It was pretty cool.  

And then we found this huge field (and a duck).  I'm sure the kids will play here for years to come.  

We also saw deer.  Mason was impressed. 

Emma worked real hard on getting out while we were out walking.  She dug into the mud and had to have a bath.  Brody thought it was hilarious.  She did not. 

What does a dog do after a bath?!?!  Roll around in the pile of dirty clothes lying on the floor ready to be taken to the washing machine.  Brody also thought this was something he should participate in. 

Who knew the ice cream truck still comes around?!   Mason and his friends were jumping up and down waiting on him to come to them.  

Of course I had just given Brody a bath.  

Wearing their matching flip flops now that it is nice and sunny again!  Lets get through this week so we can enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend!