Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

I read another blog about fun things to do with your family over the summer.  The ideas were all great and John and I decided to try one out.  

Each member of our family will come up with 3 things each summer to do together.  Only one can cost any real money.  I want to write our Summer Bucket Lists down each year so we can remember what we did each year.  Some women that have been doing this with their family for years said as their kids got older, it was a way to still "be a kid" and memories they will cherish forever. I'm sure it will get more fun as the years go on.  (if we remember to do it each year!)

So with all that said, here is our 2014 Summer Bucket List! 

1. Walk the Herb Parsons Lake trails
2. Putt-putt
3. Movie night in the backyard

1. Pick strawberries at Shelby Farms
2. Go to a Redbirds game
3. Go fishing

1. Go to Reese's house
2. Go camping
3. Get on a train

We have already done a couple of mine (of course I picked them out weeks ago and it took John weeks to just pick out something).  There is a train in Collierville we will take Mason to.  I am hoping to knock out a couple more this weekend.  

Unfortunately, Brody is just along for the ride this year.  He would actually have to tell us what he wants to do!  He will still enjoy them all….as long as his brother is there, he is a happy camper.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Water-Filled Weekend

Our garden is still going strong.

I was finally able to put Brody into cute sandals.  He really likes tennis shoes, but I snuck these on. 

Watching the Ole Miss baseball game. 

Big Water Slide day at Mason's school.  He had been looking forward to it all week.  

Another Thursday night at the Germantown Farmer's Market.  John and Mason hitched a ride on the golf cart.  

Checking out the chickens. 

It is such a nice place to go after work on Thursdays with the fam.  Not to mention, we continue to run into so many people.  We found Emily and Jessica with their little guys.  

Ashley had a birthday Friday.  She is only 6 months older than me, but for those 6 months…it sounds so much older.  =)

Friday night, we went to Ben and Melissa's to watch the baseball game.  Unfortunately, it was postponed due to weather but we still got to spend some time with friends.  

Catey and Lawson. 

Kelly was there and my kids just loved playing with her…and terrorizing her dog.  =)

He was in Heaven. 

 Saturday morning, Brody and I went to Maggie's birthday party.  Mason went to my Mom's so he could swim with Brinkley.  Poor John had to meet the AC man at our rental property for a couple of hours.  

Brody is such a quiet little thing when around others.  

These two had so much fun together.  They ran in and out of that pool I don't know how many times.  They swam for HOURS.  Mason said he had "the funnest day ever".  

Case in point...
He passed out at five and could never wake back up.  He said his eyes just wouldn't open.  That is some hard playing.   

Saturday night we went to Live at the Garden to see Little Big Town.  My boss had tickets so we had dinner and enjoyed the concert with Daniel and Emily.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time.  

Not to mention, we ran into Lyndsey.  

These people are super talented. 

Fortunately, he was being good at he moment… (and excited to stand next to the cop car)

Sunday, we went to the Deibler's pool to swim.  We had such a good time!  The Captain (and his wife) never disappoint!  Mason reminded me of what it felt like growing up.  Being so ready to jump in the pool but my annoying Mom was lathering me up with sunscreen.  Not to mention, she was as slow as Christmas! Ha. 

Fish in the water.  

It took Brody a little while to really get comfortable in the water but by the end, he wanted to swim all by himself (and his puddle jumper).

Lunchtime = PBJs. 

I can't wait to take them to the beach this year. 

Loves him some sunglasses. 

 Such a good Dad.   
I feel like the boys are finally getting old enough to where we are enjoying every moment instead of just trying to get by.  I realize Brody is not even two yet and I will eat my words, but at least for that day, it was just a fun time.  

It certainly doesn't hurt to have helping hands.  =)

Turns out, Mason is pretty good at catching the football while jumping in the pool.  Such a little muti-tasker.  Here's an action shot of Melissa throwing him the ball.  

And he has perfected his cannon ball. 

Ms. Kelly made cupcakes.  

And we obviously enjoyed them...

The Captain let Mason dig up his garlic while we were there.  He held onto that thing until we got home.  Mrs. Terry told him you cut up garlic and put in spaghetti, so spaghetti it was for dinner.  He has eaten it the last two nights just because he is so proud of it.  A little trick I will remember for the future.  

Then we got home just in time for yard work...

 We had a super fun weekend in the sun.  I know two little boys who were worn out Monday morning.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

We started off Father's Day with one of John's favorite breakfasts.  We have been clean eating for a while now.  Only eating things from the ground and quality meat.  No sugars or wheat.  We definitely have cheat days because who can eat like that every single day in the world we live in.  

John loves him some waffles though, and there is none better than Mrs. Voss' recipe.  I also had to throw in her blueberry pancakes for the kiddos.   

Happy camper. 

I made this DIY project I found on Instagram.  My friend from work and I both labored over these things.  Ha.  Just kidding.  It took maybe 30 minutes.  

It is his favorite gift to date. 

We all got ready and began another big day.  We stopped by John's parents to visit with his Dad after his bike ride.  This is the only picture I got.  Just talking about grass.  =)

I found this gem at my parents' house.  

We decided to go to the Redbirds game which happened to be at 1:30 in the hot, hot sun.  We started on the bluff, but since it was a Sunday afternoon and not crowded…we found seats in the shade.  =)

Bad Mom forgot his hat, and ya know he has blue eyes…his Daddy and him just have the hardest time seeing in the sun.  (I realize blue eyes are more sensitive, but I think these two milk it!!!)

I went and bought him this Redbirds hat and it is so cute.  

Definitely sweating here. 

Can't go to the game and not play the fun games. 

Mason going down that scorching hot slide.  That was the first and last time he went down it. 

In the stolen seats eating ice cream.

So glad they came with us!  Dad doesn't get out too often.  He was SHOCKED by the price of the food and drinks.  The last thing we got was the bottomless popcorn.  He wanted to know why we didn't get the refillable bag of popcorn first.  

Rocky the Redbird.  Mason searched all over the park for him.  

I thought Brody would be scared of him, but it was the opposite.  He was star struck. 

Someone was catching flies on the way home.  He had a big weekend.  

Back to John.  We had our first checkup after surgery this past Thursday.  We actually hadn't met with our oncologist since we decided to get a second opinion and have the surgery.  I won't lie, I was super nervous.  But Dr. Weeks was so nice and told us he thought we made the right decision.  He told John it was his body, and if the best in the world said it needed to come out, it needed to come out.  

He did a very thorough exam, blood work, and chatted with us about all our follow-up appointments.  We also had a chest X-ray (recommended by Indiana University).  I was anxious to see the X-ray.  Dr. Weeks said he usually doesn't do chest X-rays, but he will continue to follow their protocol.  He said he will go along with whatever Indiana says because John's tumor was just so non-textbook.  The primary mass was so tiny, and it had metastasized so much.  There is just no way of knowing 100% if any cancer cells invaded the lungs, so we will keep a close eye on them at every checkup.  

The bottom line is this is not a cancer that usually comes back, and we are so grateful for that.  With that said, it is so assuring to have a clear X-ray and lab work.  We will see him again in 3 months for scans and another exam.  

We received all this wonderful news Thursday, so we decided to enjoy the weekend with our family.  It has been 6 months since this chapter in our life started, and I am thankful we are ready to leave it behind.  

I know how blessed we are that this only took 6 months of our life.  It could have been so much worse. But it was a horrible 6 months.  We would have not survived without our friends and family, prayers, and God.  People say when times get tough, your true friends shine.  I can honestly say every friend/family in our lives (and many, many others) shined.  

I knew when we got the original diagnosis, things would be okay…we just had to get there.  It just feels so, so good to be on the other side.  Finally.  And with a ton of people who love us.  

It was a great Father's Day!