Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brody's 2nd Birthday

So here I go again with a bajillion pictures.

We had Brody's birthday party at our house on Saturday and had a ton of fun.  My birthday is in December when it is always freezing.  I was so excited to have a summer baby to throw a fun party with water!

Decor on the fence where you entered. 

Sunscreen station. 

The kids ended up loving these water bottles and played with them for hours. 

We just did hot dogs, Chickfila chicken, snacks, and watermelon. Easy. Easy. 

In the downstairs bathroom. 

We rented a water slide for the big day.  This is when he first walked outside and saw it.  

They were so excited. Brody kept pointing and saying "slide".

The water slide was great entertainment.  The kids just had the best time.  No fighting or arguing, just a lot of sliding.  The weather has been crazy this July.  It was almost cold the weekend before, but it definitely got hot on Saturday.  

Mickey Mouse being the sunscreen natzi. 

LOVING it.  (remember how clear and pretty this water is...)

Our neighbor, Kelly, was the first adult to take one for the team and go down with the little ones.  Brody's face is priceless in all these pictures.  He had the best time. 


And check out these cool guys. 

We put up a couple of tents to help with shade.  

Time to eat. 

Reese taking Brody down. 

We did cupcakes and popsicles....both melted quickly!

Who knew he would love the spotlight.  Time to sing Happy Birthday. 

Caught stealing icing before we sang.  He just couldn't resist. 

So cute. 

He blew it out the moment I sat it down. 

Turns out, cupcakes are messy in the heat.  =)

Sweet girls. 

I just can't NOT post these pictures.  Their faces are priceless.
This is John and Brody. 

Sweet Ethan.  

I tried to get Mamaw to slide but she forgot to bring her suit. 

I mean I'm still laughing as I post these picture.  Robert was throwing them the ball.  

Looks like Reese caught it. 

I think Mason forgot that you should open your eyes when trying to catch. 

Cute little Mable. 

Boogie board. 

This one cracks me up too.  Brinkley flying down the slide. 

Watermelon break. 

Jake and Blake brought SB and John Tucker.  

Uncle Robert taking Brody down. 

Poor Davis wasn't into it.  His Daddy even Lion Kinged him. 

I love these two pictures of Brad.  Here he is going in...

He's totally under water in this one. 

Brody looks TINY in this one.  Big boy going down all by himself.  (this was right after he woke up from a nap, so paci was still a must)

John took Ethan down, but he wasn't having it either.  He screamed "Help me" before they went down.  =(

Playing in the fort. 

Melissa and I went down normal...

And then face first which was a terrible idea.  I completely lost my top and didn't realize it...

Lyndsey looks like she was going 100 miles an hour.  =)

Holding hands sliding. 

How in the world did Mason get in that position?!  

Brody was just living the life in Aunt Becca's arms holding a bucket of pretzels. 

Blake and John Tucker.  

Family slide.  So glad we did this. 

So.  Much.  Fun.  

The boys just never stopped.  They can hang with the big boys for sure!  Didn't even need a nap!

Me and Brody. 

Reese and Sarah Blake. 

Love some baby drool. 

Emily and Brody.  (obviously this kid just wanted to go down all day...he conned them all into taking him!)

Baby laughs. 

And kisses. 

Becca and two of her kiddos.  

Jake and John Tucker. 

Check out the water at the end of the day.  Nasty!  I couldn't believe it.  Not to mention, our yard was a mud pit.  But it was totally worth it.  

This is one spoiled bday boy.  Melissa is swinging him while he is watching Disney Jr. on my phone. Someone was worn out. 

We did open gifts later.  He got his very own Ole Miss jersey. 

On a side note, Brody's actual birthday was yesterday.  Mason woke up so excited because he was ready to go to his party.  I reminded him we had a party on Saturday, but he went on to tell me, "Well, it wasn't his birthday then.  He needs a party today." 

We had the best time.  Thank you so much to our friends and family who came out in the hot sun to celebrate the sweetest, little 2 year old I know.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives Brody and I cannot wait to see how much you learn and grown in the years to come!