Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hotty Toddy

They will hate me one day for this...

Mason was so excited to get back to school after vacation.  He missed his friends and seemed quite worried he missed out on something. 

I decided to treat the boys one morning with donut holes from a local shop.  I figured they could eat them on the way to school.  Brody eats at Pat's so I wasn't banking on him eating much.

But they ate them all...almost 2 dozen.  That cannot be normal!

Time for our Ole Miss gear. 

A Mom and Mason selfie before school. 

John and I have always gone to work the same way, by taking the interstate.  It is just faster than driving through town.  Well now that the sun is taking longer to rise, it is pretty bright driving towards 385.  The poor old man I married just can't see.  He had to turn around two mornings in a row to go through town and now just avoids this area all together in the morning.  I have even had to send him a few updates of what it looked like when I drove that way....I have laughed about this for days now.  

We got to go to Ethan's 2nd birthday party.  The boys had a blast playing with all the bubbles and swimming. 

And eating cupcakes. 

We also had family pictures that Saturday.  I love this picture and Brody in the background.

Mason had College Football day at school.  It is very hard to explain to a 4 year old (almost 5) why everyone isn't a Rebel!!!  Smart fella.

We finally got to go to our first Ole Miss game this past weekend.  We played Memphis and had decided on bringing Mason.  He wore his new powder blue jersey and was ready to go.

We got there super early, but Mason did awesome.  He played, ate sweets, played some more, and ate many cupcakes. Who wouldn't love that?!

Our spot.

Hate little Brody couldn't come but it would have just been too much for him.  I'm thinking next year he will be ready for one.

These guys all had the same shirt on....Mason totally photobombed the picture.

Eating lunch with Mr. Ben.

He loved playing football with the big boys, but most importantly, flirting with Mrs. Melissa and her sister Kelley.  Anytime he lost sight of them, he was asking anyone and everyone where they were.

And he became 2nd in Command to the Captain so he got to wear the cape.  You can see the pure joy all over his face.

Listening to the band in the Grove.

Beautiful night for football.  (I totally stole this picture.)

(And this one.)
They wore the powder blue helmets in honor of Chucky Mullins.  People have been begging them to bring these back (they wore for years and years at one point in time) so it was very exciting when they came out with them on.  They looked awesome with that sea of red.

So.  Much.  Fun.

He made it all the way to the end.  What a trooper.

Sunday afternoon we all went to Huey's.  (Brody didn't want to be photographed.)  Mason wanted to try to get a toothpick on the ceiling.  And he also refused to take off his tattoo if you look closely.

I've been using my jigsaw to cut wood...watch out.

Sunday night my family got together for some chicken and more family time.  We had a big family reunion and a lot of people were in town.

Darlene and Brody.

It was also Mamaw's 95th birthday!  That's something to celebrate.  =)

And just a side note :  Don't leave your tattoo on too long...this will happen.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vacation Part 2

On to Part 2.
It has been a crazy week and hard to blog.

We brought Mason's kite to fly while at the beach.  He worked on coloring it all night and we were ready to go at the crack of dawn. 

Had to bring the coffee. 

Let's go fly a kite. 

I do think he thought there would be more to it, but we had fun.  
I love this picture. 

Brody was dying to take a turn.  He was quite proud of himself. 

Back to the pool. 

Ashley and Brinkley

Mason surfing on the boogie board. 

Wiped out at lunch.  Just so tired. 

Brody went to sleep and we headed down to the beach with the big kids. 

She was ready to go. 

The waves were crazy again.  We told them to turn their bodies against the waves when they hit....Brinlkey took the instructions well.  

So fun.

Mason's turn.

Pictures before dinner.

We went to Cobalt's this night.  It was great and also had a huge fish tank to look at.

Entertaining at dinner...

We took the kids to ride go-karts and the arcade that night.  You think they were excited!?!?

Ashley and Brinkley.


So fun.

Let the competitive side come out.

We lost John.  I walked all over and found him, by himself, playing basketball.

Morning entertainment.  Drawing Ninja Turtles so we can color.

Last day at the beach.  We weren't sure if we were happy or sad?!

Fun week with this guy.

Having as much fun together as they could!

This kid would play with water guns all day everyday if we let him.

The Three Amigos.

We had to stop for gas.  I was attempting to take a selfie with Brody and John creeped up in the background.  I could not stop laughing.

We took some pictures after dinner while the sun was setting.  It was beautiful.

Poor kid.  We wore him out!!!

We had such a great trip.  We never get to spend so much time with our boys because of work.  It is nice to be able to get that week every year to relax and enjoy each other.  And this year was extra special because The Fites/McGriffs were there.  I'm ready to go back next week!  =)