Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catch Up

I am going to have to backtrack to before Mason's birthday.  I just wanted to group all of his festivities in one post.  

Here we are for a Football Friday.  Brody sure does have his own little personality. 

Mason's friend from school had a birthday party that Friday night at Tom's Farm.  Our whole family was invited for a fun bonfire. 

It was a great place.  Tons of bonfires set up with tables.  We were far away from the groups around us that we never even noticed them.  We roasted hotdogs, s'mores, and chatted around the fire.  

Saturday morning we headed back to this wonderful town for another football game.  

It has been a fun season with these guys. 

We even found Colonel Reb. 

It is always fun playing Tennessee because we get to hang with all of our friends.  It was a beautiful day with awesome people. 

Fast forward to the next week.  Brody decided to wake up around 4am a couple of mornings this week.  Turns out his molars had begun erupting.  He woke us up at the crack of dawn and then fell asleep on the drive to Pat's....must be nice to sleep so peacefully.

Another Friday in the books with these Rebels.  

Brody was being a rebel for sure.  Ha.

We had an away game and John had to work in Arkansas all weekend.  We got to spend some quality time with Mickey Mouse.  I swear Mason chose a corn dog all by himself.  It was funny though seeing we were playing LSU.

This kid ate all weekend.

It got up to 85 degrees and hot.  Crazy for late in October.  We were finally able to try out the park by our house with sand.  The boys loved it.

But it wore us them plum out.

Mason decided to fasten himself in Brody's swing.  Only problem was he was stuck in there until someone helped him out.  How does that happen?!

A bunch of boys playing in the house.

 John would get home pretty late each night, but the boys were always so excited to see him.

Sunday afternoon, we went to the Germantown Farm Park for their fall festival.

They had turtle races.

 He loved picking them up.

Just checking out a pig walking around.


We met Reese and the boys there.  They all loved the corn maze.

Back for more races.  It was the highlight of the event.  And I loved it because it was in the shade.  =)

There were all kinds of animals there.

Trying out their new jammies.

John and I got tickets to see Once at the Orpheum last night.  It was a great show but it was nice to spend some one on one time with this guy since he's been working so much.

Trying to take a picture of the Supermen.  One was not having it.

But I finally got him to crack a smile.  He just couldn't hold it in any longer.

All the Christmas ads have come in and I can't get these guys' noses out of them.  I'm assuming they will have some long lists before Thanksgiving...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mason is FIVE

Mason turned five this past Thursday.  I don't know where the time has gone because it certainly doesn't feel like it has been FIVE years.  

He was super pumped when he woke up.  He immediately ran down stairs asking for his presents...he is just like his Momma.  

Birthday boy and little bro.  Brody was so excited this morning that he woke up at 3am.  Ugh.  Teething probs.

While we can (don't think this will work when we are in school), we like to take the boys for Gibson's the morning of their birthdays.  It's always a fun treat.  He was eating it up.

Mrs. Neugebauer sent us pictures throughout the day.  I think they made it special for him. =)

And Mason got to pick dinner for the family.  He picked Mellow Mushroom in East Memphis because it looks like a space ship.

Mom and Dad met us at our house after dinner to bring him his gift.  
 He got a big boy bike and thinks he is so big now.  He's already asking to take off the training wheels. 

Singing happy birthday.  

Putting together his Lego Batmobile.  It takes a team to put legos together!

We had his birthday party Sunday afternoon at Menagerie Farms.  It is a great spot for kids' parties.  They have a big farm with all kinds of animals and activities for the guests.  I think everyone had a great time. 

All the kids listening to the instructions. 

First event up was riding the ponies.  The birthday boy got to ride the entire time. 


The farm dog just loved Mamaw and her blanket.  

Anderson and Griffin loved riding the ponies...I think they need one of their own. =)


 Griffin waving to the crowd. 

Brody just chilled back and relaxed...not even holding on. 

He finally figured it out.  

Next up was feeding the fish in the pond.  

It was a ton of fish and honestly, it grosses me out....but the kids loved it. 

They dug for "gold" and then traded it in for toys.  

We all took a hayride around the farm. 

They let Mason off at the small pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect birthday pumpkin.  (it was getting chilly and he is so indecisive!)

Then we fed the goats.  

These animals were excited.  They kept sticking their big heads out of the fence. 

They had John, Mason, and myself race to see who could fill up a bowl with goat's milk the quickest.   The kicker was John and I were on the same team.  Mason was on the staffs' team.  Who do you think won?!  I couldn't get a thing out and it was disgusting.

Mason got us with the milk.  Gross. 

Time for cake.  

These cute things were hungry too.  

We were so happy Mamaw was able to come.  What a trooper after having surgery.  

The Grandpas.

You should've heard their conversations...

What a fun day for a sweet, yet silly, boy.

He is so smart these days.  I catch myself multiple times a week Googling info that comes out of his mouth to make sure he is right.  He also knows at least 20 more Spanish words than I.  He asks questions that I can't answer, but often wonder why I haven't thought to ask the question myself.

He loves superheros, ninja turtles, pizza (referencing TMNT again), puzzles, bubble gum, PB&Js, books, animals, making paper airplanes, the number 61 (always uses this number), his brother.

He doesn't like going to bed (although this kid NEEDS sleep...unlike his brother), pickles, "bad guys".

All in all, he is one pretty awesome five year old.