Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We have been in turkey gear for a week or two now.  
Mason makes sure to use these shirts as a teaching device for his little brother. 

Riding around with Batman. 

Brody loves some food.  I continue to catch him with bags of whatever he grabs out of the pantry.  
Here he is helping himself to some homemade chex mix (but can you blame him?!).

Monkey see, monkey do.  
Another night where Mason fell asleep before we got home.  It is a chore waking him up.  Brody decided to lay down and have a little quiet time himself. 

But Brody did eventually wake Mason up....and he was NOT happy.  Poor guy.  At least his sticker from school is still on his head. 

Caught him in the act.  Stealing the veggie straws. 

This past Thursday I went with all of my girlfriends to Paulette's for dinner.  It was downtown dining week, so we decided to cash in on the great deal for some good food and much needed catching up.  As always, it was a blast. 

"The Wive's Club"

Friday we wore our jerseys to school...but it did not help with the outcome of the game.  

Saturday and Sunday we did a ton of things around the house like yard work and organizing the attic.    All those things you just hate love to do as homeowners.  

We also put up most of our Christmas decor.  I know I broke the cardinal rule, but Thanksgiving is late and we had nothing going on last weekend....and I just love knowing Christmas is around the corner. 

With the decorating always comes hot chocolate in our house.   

Turns out, I should not have let Brody put ornaments on the tree.  I think he thinks they are fair game.  Unfortunately, one of my favorite ornaments has already been broken...and he looks so proud. 

Hot chocolate makes Monday morning a little easier. 

Mason had his Thanksgiving Feast at school on Tuesday.  They both got in the spirit.
Brody and that "nakie" as he calls it.  (you would think he could come up with a better name)

I didn't realize until late last week that Mason was out of school today.  No one was going to be able to watch him for us.  I only had to work a half a day, but my schedule was booked all morning.  Thank goodness my bosses are so understanding.  

Mason came to work with me and I brought the iPad as a babysitter.  (No really, we have to limit his time on that thing.  He would stay on it all day if we let him.)  He was perfect.  He colored, wrote birthday cards, watched cartoons, and ironically ate lots of candy at a dental office.  He says he is ready to start working now.  

I also picked him up pancakes from McDonalds.  Im sure he thought this was the best day ever.  

After he put in a half day of work,  Mason was super excited Reese and the boys came over to play.
This included more hot cocoa with marshmallows.

And three little monkeys jumping on the couch.  =)

And working on our tackling form.

Mason has been very excited about decorating the tree in his room.  He and Reese got the job done this afternoon and topped it off with a star.  

We are excited about Thanksgiving break.  Lots of good food and family time...and of course some fun shopping.

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bye Bye Port

Well it has officially gotten cold here so we busted out the coats.  Bro Bro is not a fan of wearing a jacket. 

And when I said cold, I meant iced over.  Only the bridges and overpasses were affected but goodness, it took forever to get to work

John and I took off Friday so he could have a minor procedure done.  We took the boys to Gibson's for donuts before school.  

I think they liked it.  

  John was able to get his port-a-cath out.  We had been told that it is ideal to leave it in until you are cancer-free for two years.  Fortunately for John, he had RPLND surgery and it is very unlikely his cancer will return.  We asked his doctor at his last appointment if he could have it out, and he agreed that it should not be a problem.  

John is not a fan of the port.  I mean, they are heaven sent during chemo treatments.   We are so thankful he was able to have one.  But it is a constant reminder when he looks in the mirror of what he went through.  People notice it in the summer at the pool, and you can even see it through some of his shirts.  

This was his fourth surgery since this past December and hopefully the last!
It was a great day!

Saturday morning we had breakfast again together.  This time at Cracker Barrel.  We obviously love food in our house.  We worked on teaching Mason (with the crazy hair) how to play this fun game.  

But it's hard when your little bro (who needs a major haircut) steals some of the pegs. 

Which movie to watch?  Tough decision. 

I began not feeling too well Saturday after breakfast and by the time all the good football games were coming on, my head was in the toilet.  I'm assuming it was the stomach bug but whatever it was, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  I literally lost a day and a half of my life.  John locked me in the bedroom with Lysol.  I could've died and no one would have known... 

The boys went insane after being cooped up in the house all weekend. 

And I finally started feeling better. 

John took Mason to his friend's birthday party at the Fire Museum.  I had been looking forward to seeing it myself.  

Until next time...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Football and a Party

As always, we had Football Friday in our house.  Of course Brody doesn't look so happy.  (but I think he looks adorable)

But he will certainly smile with this hideous Mickey Mouse hat that he refuses to take off.  

Someone got to stay up a little later Friday night.  I think this was 9:00.  Ha.  Mason and Emma had just had enough.   (ps.  Those fingers of his will be the death of me!)

So we finally took both boys to an Ole Miss football game.  We played Presbyterian and it was at 11 o'clock in the morning.   I have never been so excited about an early game.  We have been getting home so late (or early in the morning).   We did no tailgating, just went straight to the game.  Brody didn't know what to think at first. 

John telling them what was going on before the game started.  

So excited, but not happy we didn't get to play in the Grove first. 

Thank goodness they had some room to play.  The game ended up being much more crowded then I thought, but they both fit in well cheering on the Rebs.  

Brody got a tad bored, but he was fine if we got him food.  Cotton candy, hot dogs, chips, etc.  It makes him happy.  

So fun but so exhausting.  They were sleeping hard.  When Mason woke up later that afternoon, he asked what we were eating for breakfast.  He didn't believe me that it was dinner time.  I made him open the blinds to peak outside so he would believe me.   

Well we did it again.  Those stickers are no joke. 

Sunday we had Anderson and Griffin's 2nd birthday party at the zoo.  So much fun.  

Who doesn't love animal face masks?!

This sweet boy found the cupcakes a tad early.  =)

Blowing out candles. 


Mason was so happy to see Reese. 

Sweet cousins running around like animals. 

All the kiddos enjoyed the sea lions.

I love this picture.  We are just missing a few kids.

I can't believe we are already celebrating their 2nd birthday.  Crazy how fast time flies.

Mason made the wall at school and boy was he was proud.  This is his best friend Palmer.  I just think its the cutest picture.

They have been talking a lot in school about our Veterans.  He was proud to stand by the flag this morning.