Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Fun Weekend

Mason had spirit day at school this past Friday.  He was definitely in the spirit.  

John and I had a date night Friday night.  We had a nice dinner and saw American Sniper which was very good.  We may have had to get a cup of coffee after dinner so we could stay awake for the 9:55 show.  

Saturday, we met Robert and Becca with the kiddos for lunch and then headed to the Children's Museum.  We desperately needed to get the boys out of the house!

They had such a good time.  They have updated the outdoor area and it is amazing.  

Just a shoppin'.  The boys like their fruit. 

And buyin'

Decisions. Decisions.  

I may have gotten stuck in this thing when I was a little girl.  
Mason got lost in it on Saturday. 
 Like mother, like son. 


This was the funnest zip-line/swing ever.  

Brody was not to sure about it. 

We did a little spinning.  

There was some laughing going on. 

"Hold on Brother!!!"

So fun. 

Mason fell face forward on the ground right after this was taken. 

Sunday I started staining furniture in our house.  I think it would have been a good idea to wear gloves.

And keep the kids away...

Brody has been under the weather since Monday.  He's had snot for days.  He couldn't breathe and woke up at 3am yesterday.  Of course he fell asleep on the way to Pat's house.  Poor thing was OUT.

 Mason made a "healthy house" at school that he was very proud of.  He made John and I eat quite a bit of it....nothing like warm fruit and veggies with icing.

Brody snuck away from the table and dipped into the candy boy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Yummy Candy

Both boys were in Mason's room playing when I noticed Brody smacking on some gum.  I had never given him any and I'm sure he was wondering why after he tasted it.  This was the look he gave me when I asked if he had gotten into the gum.  He kept saying, "yummy candy". 

Found a way to get Brody to smile in a picture.  Throw the dog in it.  Poor Emma. 

John's Christmas present came in.  Beer of the month club. 

Happy guy. 

Someone is really happy siting in the very back.  

These boys were good all weekend.  Happy in Costco trying out all the snacks. 

It was in the 60's and sunny this past weekend.  All the boys were out in the neighborhood and it was nice to get some fresh air.  Brody had a snotty nose so we bundled him up once the sun started setting. 

Early morning donuts are always fun....especially in mismatched pjs put on by Daddy.  I don't know how many times I have to repeat to stay in your chair when eating or Emma will get your food.  Here is a great example of a standoff. 

Sunday afternoon we headed to the Salentine's for a Packers playoff game party.  I'd say we are Green Bay fans now that we have all the gear and watch the games each week. 

Being silly. 

I hate I didn't get a picture before Mason opened the door, but Mason went to the bathroom and Brody sat outside the door waiting for him yelling, "Bubba".  He sure loves his big bro. 

Just a little Sunday Fight Night. 

Uncle Wayne came in town so our family/family friends all met at Wolf River Cafe for dinner.  Thank goodness I brought the selfie stick. =)

Mamaw's first selfie. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

"Where'd My Hair Go?!"

Little Bro playing with Big Bro's leggos while he was asleep.  

My parents got John a set of clippers for Christmas.  Mason needed a haircut but it was way too cold to take him after school.  I decided to at least trim up around his ears and neck.  It worked so well that I thought I was a hair stylist....

And I was totally wrong.  I accidentally shaved his head!!!!!!  Thank goodness he's a boy.  He asked where all his hair went. 


My Special Day was January 6th.  We love celebrating the day we became a family.  Since I was about three, we have celebrated and eaten crab legs (most of the time from Red Lobster).  It's always a wonderful day.  My parents have loved me unconditionally and have given me an amazing life.  It's crazy to think of the life I would've had without them and I will never forget it.  

They sent me these beautiful flowers to my work.  

And we stuffed our faces.  

A little funny.  I was talking a bit to Mason about it being my Special Day and us going to Mickey Mouse and Pops house.  We have briefly discussed adoption and I realize it is something hard for a five year old to wrap his head around.  But I still think its a story he should know and love. 

After telling him what day it was, I noticed he had tears in his eyes and looked so sad.  I asked him what was wrong and he started crying saying he did not want me to leave him.  He thought I was getting adopted by someone else....I assured him no one would want me now.  =)

I won't lie, Mason was not too happy about his haircut.  Although he says it wasn't a haircut....his Mommy just cut his hair.  I assured him we could get it to stick up in the air with some gel.  He has been very happy since we purchased the "jello".  

I may have messed up on the hair but I get extra points for going to the grocery store on my lunch break when it was about 10 degrees outside.  The things we do for our family.  You better believe I sent John this picture.  =)

Speaking of cold, Brody was not too happy about the weather....

He is such a character.  He was screaming for help with his legs hanging off the dining room table. 

Turned on Ninja Turtles...

Saturday was Blake's birthday and Jake planned a fun brunch with friends at Chiwawa.  

Had to get out the selfie stick for a group photo shot. 

Since the boys were having fun at the gparents' house, John and I ran to check out cars.  We were just "looking" and beginning the search.  But somehow we ended up buying a car and I never want to be a part of that again.  My cheeks were on FIRE.  That is a horrible process!!!

Sunday we headed over to Ben and Melissa's to watch Green Bay in the playoffs.  

John and I need to just go ahead and purchase some GB gear.