Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow and Ice

We had snow in the forecast for Sunday night and then unfortunately, they changed it to ice.  Still, we did like our teachers asked and put our jammies on inside out in hopes of snow!

But we woke up Monday morning to ice.  Although it looks like snow, it was just ice.  We got a lot of freezing rain and sleet.  We would've rather had the snow!  Brody said all day, "build a noman (snowman)!"

I was off work and John worked from home.  He did come out of his office to eat and see the boys play.  

This whole picture is blurry but I still love it. 

The snice (snow and ice) felt a little more like snow at first since it was still coming down a little.
So the boys jumped...

Tasted it...

I dressed like I was in Alaska. 

Mason skated.

And threw sleet balls at his little brother...

Brody escaping. 

We came in to get warm and watch tv.  Brody enjoys it better on the coffee table. 

All that winter weather makes you sleep so hard. 

We went back out after Daddy was done working for another 5 minutes.  It was just too cold to stay out much longer.  

We got the 'ole boogie board out in hopes of sledding.  John really just pulled them around the front yard.  It was a solid sheet of ice at this point so it worked perfectly. 

You can see the ice in our driveway here (and John's foot on the "grass"). 

So fun.  
Rapael also enjoyed the ride.

Falling off. 

"Again, Daddy, again!!"

Brody's snot was freezing up but he said he wasn't cold and did not need to go inside. 

Seeing that everything was still covered in ice, my work and the schools were closed Tuesday.   We started to get cabin fever so I did take the boys out for an interesting Chickfila lunch.

Happy to be out of the house!

Lunch went well until we got in the play area.  Mason and Brody put their shoes next to each other's in one of the cubbies and went on to play.  I sat in there watching and was impressed by Brody being able to climb so high (although he was really just trying to keep up with his brother).

He kept going and going until I couldn't see him anymore.  Then all I heard was "Mommy, want down."  After Mason's many failed attempts to help him down, I had to get my big self up there and help him down.  Of course he was all smiles once I got up there.  Did I mention Chickfila was packed?!

So I decided it was time for us to leave.   I was not going to climb back up there again.  We went to put on our shoes and Mason's were no where to be found.  When we first got in there and I was taking off Brody's shoes, there was a grandmother there with her grandkids.  She even had me laughing at her comment to the boy, "How old am I going to be when you get those shoes on?!"

Turns out, I think he had a hard time getting his shoes on because they were my child's size 11 velcrow New Balances...not his size 15 lace up New Balances!  Needless to say, I had to carry Mason with only his socks on out to the car while holding Brody so he wouldn't slip on the ice.

We now have to buy new shoes.  =)

We still had ice this morning but the main roads were much better.  Mason's school happened to be the only school open today which was good for me because back to work I went.  I do love spending time with my boys, but I told my doctor that I was coming to work whether they would be there or not.  It is hard entertaining these wild boys while stuck inside all day!

The bad news is they are forecasting snow and freezing rain again on Friday.  We shall see...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day and a Birthday

Mason was excited about exchanging Valentine's cards this year.  Of course it took a lot of convincing for him to be okay with exchanging them with the girls in his class.  Who knew that boy/girl separation started so early?!

These were Mason's,  I forget to get a picture of Brody's.  Mason picked Skylanders and we did lip balm for his teachers.  

Of course I wanted Valentine's pictures but it was almost impossible.  Brody was not cooperating.  

We finally sat Emma up there and everyone's tears turned to laughs.  She jumped down every time. 

It really started aggravating Brody.  =)

They brought home wayyyy too much candy from their parties. 

And got a few treats when they woke up Saturday.

Someone sure does love his Cheetos.  (my kids do have matching sets of pjs I swear)

We went to Silver Caboose on the square for lunch.  Brody was still boycotting pictures here.

He was entertained by the trains in the restaurant.

Splitting an apple pie with his Daddy.

We grilled out and stayed in Saturday night.

My mom's birthday was today but we celebrated Sunday afternoon.  Thank goodness we did because we got iced in today.

Mason made her a homemade card.  He wrote Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse.  Then he saw the word "Chicks" on Brody's shirt (chicks dig superheroes) so he added that as a side note.

We ate too much and sang Happy Bday.

And attempted a good picture but it just wasn't happening.

But her favorite five year old cooperated for one.

And then we just started doing a photo shoot.

We had a fun day!  So glad we have our Mickey Mouse in our life.  I just don't know what we would do without her!!!