Monday, March 23, 2015

Ready for Spring

First day of Spring came and went with a little bit of warmth and a lot of rain.  I'm ready for a lot of sunshine. 

Big Friday night for us, a trip to Costco. 

Saturday we met Robert, Becca, and the kids at the zoo for a fun day.  

Mason wanted to take our picture.  Small kids make for a bad angle.  

Mason was suer excited to hang with Reese.  
She was trying to cover the Do Not Climb sign in this picture so I wouldn't get in trouble.  (They absolutely did not want to get up there because of that sign but I made them break the law anyways.)  Makes me laugh. 

Checking out the lions.  Don't they look thrilled.  

 Getting too big. 

These big ole animals still amaze me. 

These three are going to be fun together.  =)

John helped me hang this sign I put together.  Just a few pieces of wood and paint.  Let's hope it doesn't kill us in the middle of the night if it falls off the wall...

We went to Whaley's this afternoon for pizza.  The kids' menu is a make your own pizza.  We had a couple of happy boys.  

But Brody was hungry and NOT happy the waitress took his pizza back to cook.  Classic definition of being hangry. 

Then all three boys got a haircut.  This was a first for Brody.  NO CRYING.  He just sat there like a big boy.  

Ready for school this morning with their new matching (glow in the dark) bug shirts and slick haircuts.  

What a happy mess they are.  =)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend Getaway

Our 8 year wedding anniversary was this past Tuesday.  Crazy to think it has been 8 years.  That just sounds like a long time.  I can honestly say I have enjoyed every day with him.  

We had the best videographer at our wedding.  He always puts together a separate DVD to music with highlights of the day.  Mason really wanted to watch it once we started talking about our anniversary.  He really was so excited until we kissed....he thought that was just "so disgusting".  

Brody really enjoys his music.  He is very particular and can get really upset with you if you change a song he likes.  Here is the proof...

Mason had picture day last week.  He just looked so sweet.

Of course Brody had to jump in there. 

 About thirty minutes after I had dropped off Mason, I got a call from his teacher that he had gotten black marker all over his shirt.  (but really, who lets them play with markers before pictures?!)  So we did picture day the next day also...

We headed to Nashville this weekend to celebrate Ben's 30th birthday.  Since it was our anniversary last week, we decided to spend our money on this trip instead of gifts.  We had the best time.  

Melissa picked out great restaurants to eat at.  We went to City House Saturday night and it did not disappoint.  

We went to Broadway after for a few drinks and to hang out with the thousands of Kentucky fans there for the SEC basketball tournament.  

Sunday morning before heading home, we had brunch at The Southern.  It was delish!!

But it sure was nice to get home to the boys and the sun.  It had been weeks since we last saw the sun.  All the boys in the neighborhood stripped down to just their jeans.  No shoes, no shirts, no problem. 

We have found a love for fruits.  Especially the kind you get to bite into like apples and plums. 

Today is St. Patty's day.  Mason was pretty excited about his party at school.  I was supposed to wake up early to slice a ton of kiwis for his class....of course I accidentally overslept and ran around like a crazy woman all morning.  

Fortunately, these boys still love me even when I'm yelling to hurry up all morning.  He didn't even want to pinch me because that wouldn't be nice to his Mommy.  Of course I would dress the boys up in green and forget myself.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

#897421098 Snow Day

Last Wednesday came and Mason was doing a "snow dance" in hopes school would be out.  I was ready for this weather to be over but if we were actually going to get some snow instead of just ice, I was okay with it. 

Mickey Mouse made us a meatloaf just because and Mason wanted me to let her know he approved.  

Well it sleeted and then finally snowed.  John ended up going into work but I was off with the boys.  I got them all bundled up to meet the neighbors for some sledding. 

I just loved his little windbreaker. 

So excited. 

The problem was that the sun was not out and it was COLD.  Our neighbors wanted to walk to the hill.  Unfortunately, the walk was just too long for my boys in that kind of cold.  We don't have proper ski attire and their little hands got wet playing in the snow on the walk over. 

We met more friends at the hill to sled.  I think each of my boys went down one time (yes, Brody is in a plastic bin) and then both started crying they were cold and wanted to go home.  No lie, it took longer to bundle them up than sled.  

Thank goodness the other people we met drove, so they took us home instead of us walking!  

So much happier in the warm house. 

I asked them if they wanted to go back out in the cold and build a snowman...

Then I assured them we could do it later when the sun was out or not at all if they didn't want to. 

Mason and I built the snowman and Brody helped us decorate.  The afternoon was much more bearable.  Always thankful for the selfie stick. 

We ended the fun with snow cream.  I always forget how good this stuff is.  

And we saved some for John since he had never tried it before.  I assured him we only got the clean snow. 

John says he will kill me when he gets older.

Nighttime stories before bed.

This guy woke up at 6:15 in the morning on a Saturday.   Lovely.

We went to Sky Zone with the other Brower clan and then had lunch together.
Mason was pretty excited to be back.  (that is Brody in the back flopping around)

They played a little basketball.

Brody just jumped all over the place.  

Forced, fake smiles much?!

Getting' in his stance.

Saturday night we went to a local pizza place and the boys tried fried cheese sticks for the first time.  They thought it was the best thing ever.  Not to mention the bottled Sprite.

To keep the healthy food going, they had Spiderman donuts for breakfast.

Grandpa James came to visit for a few minutes.  Long enough to get in a game of dodgeball.

And Emma has had about enough of dodgeball....she stole some toys and didn't want anyone to grab them.

I tried to talk to Brody about peeing in the potty and even bribed him with a donut.  He tried really hard...

He wasn't successful but threw the biggest fit for that dang donut.  Mason suggested we let them split one.  Apparently, our kids run our house.  But jokes on them, John got a whole donut.

And I finally finished painting our kitchen cabinets.  I stained the island with gel stain and used milk paint for the other cabinets.  I love how it turned out.  Super easy but time consuming.

Whew.  That was a long post.