Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Browers Do Downtown

We didn't even do much this weekend but I still took too many pictures....as always.

Brody started potty training at Pat's last week.  He pooped in the potty on the first day.  So far, he is doing really well.  We went out to eat to celebrate the first successful day.  He picked pizza, so pizza it was. 

Saturday we decided to try a Redbirds game with the boys.  It started at 6 so we went down early for dinner before.  Mason was super excited when he found out we were going "downtown".  His friend from school really likes to eat at the Flying Fish downtown and he asked if we could go a million times.  It was like he thought we were going out of town or something.

Happy to be at infamous Flying Fish.

In true Brower fashion, we ended up being early for the game.  We stopped into The Peabody to see if the ducks were there and turns out, the whole world was there.  Apparently, the ducks walk down at 11am and get back on the elevator at 5pm.  Living in Memphis all my life, I still hadn't seen the whole production (that I can remember at least).  I was so surprised so many people were there.  They let the kids sit in the front so we got great seats. 

The duck master doing his thing.  Check out all the people. 

And there they are....the stars of the hour.   Brody kept quacking...

We finally got to the game and headed straight to the rides. Mason loves this one.  Brody couldn't keep his eyes off of him, but he did not want to go. 

A little obstacle course fun. 

We took our seats and our wild boys started asking for popcorn, ice cream, and cotton candy.  Not to mention Mason asking in the first inning how much longer until the game was over...

This $8 ice-cream calmed him down. 

We moved seats to an area with less people to let them move a little more and get their energy out.  John was ready for a beer here.  Ha. 

They actually ended up calming down and were great.  They had fireworks after the game and Mason was so happy. 

Brody was a tad scared if ya can't tell by his face here...

We had a fun, fun day but everyone was worn out Sunday.  Poor kid.

We have all recovered now.

I'm headed to the beach for a girl's trip for a few days.  I will miss these guys, but looking forward to some fun in the fun!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Update

Mason had homework last week.  He did very well and really didn't need my help.  I see a lot more homework in our future. 

These boys eat so different.  I realize it looks like we are starving Mason but truth is, he actually eats really well.  Brody on the other hand eats terrible.  He loves everything bad for you.  Last week Mason was thrilled we were having salmon while Brody spit it out...

John playing catch in our messy playroom.  Brody got all dramatic every time and acted like it hit him in the face.  It was hilarious. 

Somehow Mason managed to get marker all around his eye.  I texted the picture to my friend, who just happens to teach 2nd grade.  She assured me it wouldn't stop in Kindergarten.  Ha.

Mason is a monkey during his free time...I literally just walked by and saw this. 

No cavities and he even took X-rays. 

 I think John is the one who enjoys t-ball the most.  He can't wait to get out there to throw the ball.  

But Mason is really liking his team this year.  The coach is amazing and he loves playing with his friends.  

We have practice on Tuesdays and Fridays so right after Friday's practice, we headed straight to Kids Play for a birthday party.  There were a million kids there and they probably all fell asleep on the way home.  They played hard.  

 We had another birthday party Saturday morning for our neighbor friend Will.  Who doesn't love a bounce house?


Brody and the cute birthday boy. 

Saturday night we had a shower for Brad and Lyndsey.  It was absolutely beautiful and a very fun night.  We laughed all night long. 

We had tball practice today but Brody is a bit of a distraction.  All the kids in Mason's class call him "Baby Brody" and stop paying attention to the coach to watch what he is doing.  Fortunately, there is a playground so him and I hung out there. 

I don't think he minded one bit. 

This has been a long, random post.  

This picture popped up on my timeline a couple of days ago.  It seems like centuries ago but it has been a year since John was deemed cancer free.  

So many fun times we've had since then and so many more to come.  
(thank goodness, we have another busy week)  =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Sunny Weekend

T-ball practice has officially started.  We decided to sign Mason up with his school this year.  We are hoping for more fun this year instead of tears because he didn't get to the ball first... (and also no broken collar bone)

I will say, I am not too sure how much Mason will end up liking sports.  It may just not be his thing which is totally fine.  Or we may have not found the sport of his liking just yet.  We shall see how it all plays out.  We do know on thing, the child is super competitive.  But for now, he is definitely the class clown and much more concerned about making his teammates laugh.  And we love him just how he is.  

He has been asking for crawfish ever since I forgot to bring some from the shower we helped host.  A local restaurant has all you can eat crawfish on Tuesday nights so we went after practice. 

 This guy was much more into playing with them. 

Hooray for sunshine and shorts!

Enjoying some of Grandma Reba's chocolate pie.  We had to take a picture to send to Daddy since he missed out due to bowling.  =)

Mason and I sat outside on the prettiest night to watch the fire trucks drive by.  It was a false alarm but entertainment indeed. 

How can you say no to reading an extra book to these cuties in bed?!

Brody has discovered velcro. 

And the dog's love for bacon...

Saturday we headed to Oxford for the annual Grove Bowl.  It is always something fun to do as a family.  It was sunny and hot.  Sunscreen was needed. 

Just give him food and he is set. 

Popcorn was the real entertainment...

But not really, Brody loved watching the game.  He said Ole Miss every time we got a first down and clapped when everyone else did.  

When it was over, we let the boys run out their energy, since they had been sitting for a while, on campus.  I may have brought the selfie stick, but it really helps taking pictures.  John may get embarrassed but it's only for a second.  =)

Future Ole Miss grads. 

Since the boys were so good, we promised them ice cream on the square.  May as well keep the junk food theme going.   

We had a fun day in Oxford but it sure wore them out.  

Then we got photobombed at dinner by a cute little blonde boy. 

Sunday was a great day.  
Brody made it through sunday school without us getting paged.  I dread the "come to Brody's room" on the pager.  Can I get a hallelujah?!?

Since it was so pretty outside, we walked/rode bikes to the park Sunday afternoon.  

Busy busy weekend. 
I hope this rain clears and more pretty days are in the future!