Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Day

Backing it up to Memorial Day Weekend.
 John was still in the Bahamas.
The boys and I were invited to a party a The Salentine's house.  Someone was excited about crawfish.

I brought Mom for backup and for company.  =)

My boss needed someone to help dog sit this little thing.   Emma could've done without her. 

The boys just loved playing with her. 

Most people go to the lake or the beach for the holiday weekend, but not us (this year).  We got our hands dirty and worked in the yard.  Never too young to start them.  (but really, this was about as much as they did...those bags didn't get much further than that)

Meanwhile, back in the Bahamas, John was having fun...

This is the one he caught. 

The water is gorgeous. 

The crew. 

John got back home Sunday night.  The boys were beyond thrilled.  I don't remember the same welcoming when I came home from the beach.  

But let me add, I made a big deal out of it.  We bought brownies to cook him, I reminded them 100 times he was coming home, and let them wait up for him.  But I still was a tad shocked I didn't get the same warm welcome. 

I even bought the little boogers toys when I went on my girls trip...all John brought home was this free hat they gave him.  Of course, they just loved it and wanted their pictures taken with him and his brownie.  Ha

I mean look at that smile. 

All joking aside, I was also very happy he was home.  We sure missed him and life is a little more boring without him.

We had a lazy day Monday.  No work + a rainy morning = lounging around.
There are two kids, two adults, and two dogs on this couch.

The sun finally came out and we put on our red, white, and blue.

All things went south when Brody got woken up from his nap.

With summer around the corner, it was time for watermelon with our neighbors.

John is never allowed to using "racing" to get this child to eat more dinner.  Mason won with three chicken nuggets in his mouth at once.  Ugh.  Maybe its a boy thing.

Another fun t-ball game in the books.

Look at our guy running from first to second.

Meanwhile, Brody took an interest in soccer.  Anything to keep his mind off those loud trains that drive by.  He is not a fan.

Mason got to spend a few days with Mickey Mouse until school started back.  First day of summer camp!  Poor Brody thought he was going too.

Half human/half monkey

John was disciplining Brody and honestly, I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  That child makes the funniest faces when he is trouble....and he knows it.  Here is John trying to keep it together...

First water slide day at school.

And we had a tball game after school.  It started to rain a little but the game was still on.  Brody had fun playing in the rain.

We went to Huey's afterwards where Brody's obsession of playing with the sugar packets backfired...

Mason came home begging for a chore.  Who knows who talked to him about that but I will take it.  John showed him how to feed Emma.

Growing up too fast.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Movin' On Up: Pre K Graduation

Mason had his preschool graduation Tuesday night.  It was a sweet ceremony and all the kids had been very excited about it.  I just can't believe the time has come.  

Almost a Kindergartner. 

  I was was a little worried about Brody being quiet the whole ceremony.  He really did great...except one moment.  When all the kids were walking in, he spotted Mason.  He stood up in the pew and screamed from the top of his lungs, "Bubba"!!  It was so loud.  Everyone erupted in laughter.  And this was Mason's face...
The picture is blurry because I was trying to sit Brody down.  Ha.

Getting his diploma and shaking Mrs. Laury's hand.  

The most important picture is blurry.  

Our 4k teacher, Mrs. Neaugebaur.  We've had a great year. 

His artwork hung in the fellowship hall....guess we need to go camping. 

Mason and his bud Teddy.  

We have loved Christ the King.
He has learned so much and made some great friends all the while teaching him about the Bible and having a relationship with God.  It is just so sad that all the kids are going to different schools.  All of us parents have gotten close as well as the kids.  I know Mason will make plenty of new friends but I just wish we could bring our CTK friends with us!

Mamaw and Darlene were able to come.  

Brody was having a tough time taking pictures.  He had more important things he needed to do.  Hate to inconvenience that kid.  =)

We are just so proud of this boy.  
He said he was just so excited he was graduating because that meant he didn't have to go to school ever again.  I had to break the news that he actually had to go the next day.  Ha  

But it was field day shirt day.  

We made our Last Day of PreK sign to compare to the first day.  He said he wanted to be a race car driver.  They showed us a video at his graduation where he said he wanted to be a ninja when he grows up.  Either way, he will put all his energy to good use.  Ha. 

It was PJ and pizza day at school. 

I can't believe how much older he looks!!

John keeps sending me pictures like this....oh where is he you ask?!  He's on a fishing tournament with work (for fun) on a yacht in the Bahamas.  And to make it worse, they are staying at a beautiful resort.  I may be a tad jealous.  

Mason was begging me yesterday to "head face" his Dad.  It took me a second but I finally realized he meant Face Time.  He sure loves his Daddy.  Now if only he could take us along on the next trip....

Mason's school was out today so Mom kept him and Brody.  Mason has been begging us to go to Krystals for the "little burgers", so Mom took them on a date for lunch.  He had three... 

Looks like she also splurged on a sugary drink.  Always spoilin' those boys.  =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend Fun

We have really been hating the rain around here.  It is never-ending these days.   Brody wore his 30A Dude shirt so we could all pretend we were at the beach. 

Mason was excited about another tball game.   ( I think these pictures are actually two games)

His future is just so bright. 

That's my kid in the back...just dancing and yelling to entertain his teammates before the game started.  

But he was able to get his game face on. 

Team work.  

We all cheered on the Grizz Friday night.  Emma was sad they lost. 

Our cousins came to play on Saturday.  These three have finally gotten to the point of all playing together and they had a great time. 

And of course who knows what these little spys did the whole time.  Can you tell how happy Mason was that Reese came over?!

We even managed to get the little guys down for a nap.  

Sunday morning donut stop before church....thats how early we get up.  There is no running around crazy to get ready for church....we are sitting around waiting for it to start.   This kid can eat doe donuts. 

Just your normal family selfie.

Here is Brody telling you how old he is.  This is his two.  

Quick story on Brody:

I woke up yesterday morning around 1am to an odd cry from Brody.  I went to his room and could not find him in his bed.  I had to turn the lights on and just didn't see him...but I could hear him crying.  Turns out, he was up against the wall under his toddler bed (which is super low to the ground).  I had to pull him out, giving him carpet burn and all and even had a hard time getting his head from under there.  I have NO IDEA how in the world he got there.  

Also, he is doing pretty well with the potty training.  He is great at Mrs. Pat's house but has not been so great at home.  He will cry and tell us "I go potty at Grandmom's house, not Mommy's house."  I think we turned a corner on Sunday night though.  Im hoping we will be there soon.